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February 3, 2019 - DramaScream Live in Studio


Some Anniversaries, some New Stuff, and an awesome live performance from Endicott, NY based DramaScream...

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Leeway "Mark of the Squealer"
Allegaeon "Stellar Tidal Disruption"
Ceremony of Silence "Ceremony of 1000 Stars"

Wrathchild America "No Deposit, No Return / What's Your Pleasure"
Bavmorda "Cauldron of Corpses"
Lucifer's Friend "Prince of Darkness"

Silver Bullet "She Holds the Greatest Promise"
Nasty Savage "XXX / Eromantic Vertigo"
Eluveitie "Ategnatos"

DramaScream Live in Studio
• Pieces
• Sweet Revenge
• Nameless Garden
• Built to Follow
• Masochist

Impaled Nazarene "Mortification Blood Red Razor Blade"
Aera "Profetien"
Einstrurzende Neubauten "Blume"
Frenzy "Velocity"
Feral Light "Spirit Inanimate"

DramaScream Live in Studio
• Turn
• Phrenic
• Circle
• Sanity Ties
• Who Waits

Cathedral "Ride"
Eva Can't "Febbraio"
Grave Digger "Keep on Rockin'"
Eggs of Gomorrh "Prophetyphus"
Savage Thrust "Infected"
Ellende "Die Wege"

DramaScream Interview

DramaScream "Circle"
Steeler "Stand Tall"
Iron Griffin "Reign of Thunder"
Fates Warning "Life in Still Water - Live"
Overruled "Run for Your Life"
Tesla "Party's Over"

Desecravity "Bloodthirsty Brutes"
Keel "The Right to Rock"
Morgion "In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry)"
Metal Church "By the Numbers"

Exodus "Fabulous Disaster"
Scorpions "We'll Burn the Sky - Live"
UFO "Light's Out - Live"
Viking "Do or Die"

Ratt "Round and Round"
The Rods "I'm Gonna Rock"
Overkill "Rotten to the Core - Live"
King Diamond "I'm Not a Stranger / Spirits"

Dark Sky Choir "I am the Fire"
Oz "Turn the Cross Upside Down"
Nightrage "The Damned"
Riot "The Man"
Behemoth "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel"

Black Sabbath "Danger Zone / I Witness"
Doombringer "Briceia Chants the Spells"
NME "Louder than Hell"

Millbastards "Dalai Lama Hot Dog"
Ministry "Crumbs"
Girlschool "Are You Ready?"
Edguy "Falling Down"
Accept "This One's for You"

Dismal Euphony "Python Zero"
Dark Funeral "The Dawn No More Rises"
Desecrator "Breathe Change"
Heaven's Gates "Hot Fever"
Absu "Swords and Leather"

Legion of the Damned "Slaves of the Southern Cross"
Leeway "Be Loud"
Impaled Nazarene "Body-Mind-Soul"
Korpiklani "Kalja"
Hecate Enthroned "Revelations in Autumn Flame"
Fallujah "Ultraviolet"
Black Fast "Husk"

Ne Obliviscaris "Urn: Part II - As Embers Dance in Our Eyes"



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