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February 17, 2019 - DeadRider Live


Great Music, new and Old, DeadrideR live in studio, and the long awaited return of GorGar!

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Hypocrisy "The Gathering / Roswell 47"
Sisters of Suffocation "Humans are Broken"
Manowar "Defender"

Black Flag "TV Party"
Candlemass "Astrololus The Great Octopus"
King Diamond "Dressed in White"
The Undying "Ceremony of Ash"
MOD "Satan's Cronies"

Ashen Horde "Profound Darkness"
Racer X "Moonage Daydream"
Korpiklani " "¥l ¥l Feat.Trollfest"
Troll "Saler av Sten"

West of Hell "The Dark Turn"
Amon Amarth "The Dragons' Flight Across the Waves"
Drawn into Descent "... Embrace Me"
Ozzy Osbourne "Shot in the Dark - Live"

Trouble "Black Shapes of Doom"
Teleport "Beholder of the Silent Sea"
Iron Maiden "Sanctuary"
Sangue "Eerie Murmuring / Infinity Abysma"

DeadrideR Live in Studio
• Black of the Night
• Premonitions of War
• Heavy Metal Deadride
• Lay Down and Die
• Through the Trenches
• Dead City (Violent Force Cover)

Chastain "When the Battle's Over"
Children of Bodom "Red Light, In My Eyes Part 1"
Blood Feast "Menancing Thunder"
Inculter "Shepherd of Evil"
Armagedda "Unholy Sacrifice"

DeadrideR Live in Studio
• Fallen Skies
• Iron Angel
• Dead Power Attack
• Start a Fight
• Brain Washed

Skyclad "Penny Dreadful / Bury Me"
Sabbat "Children of Hell"
Seer "Seven Stars, Seven Stones"
Death "Killing Spree"
Aephanemer "Sisyphus' Bliss"
Nile "The Black Hand of Set"

DeadrideR Interview

Seax "Winds of Atomic Death"
Pagan Altar "Night Rider"
Kaleikr "Of Unbearable Longing"
Dokken "Dream Warriors"

Blind Guardian "Guardian of the Blind"
Phobonoid "La Caduta Di Phobos"
Black Sabbath "Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Games)"
Lita Ford "Boiling Point"
The Riven "Edge of Time"

Acid Reign "All I See"
Luzbel "Hijos Del Metal"
Detest "Bound"
Vortex "(Rolling) To the War"
Hypocrisy "Slippin' Away"

Pentagram "Run My Course"
Einstrurzende Neubauten "Selbstportrait mit Kater"
Trouble "Psychotic Reaction"
Mortician "Incinerated"
Necrophagia "Terminal Vision"
Rotting Christ "Hallowed be Thy Name"

Diamond Tyr "Holy War"
Cellar Darling "The Spell"
Power Salad "My Cat is Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner (Me First and the Gimme Gimme's Style)"
Choose "33"
Tranquilatwist "Collapse"

Birth A.D. "Cause Problems"
Mahavatar "Cult"
Check Engine "Counted"
King Diamond "Haunted"

Manowar "Black Wind, Fire, and Steel"



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