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May 26, 2019 - What happened to Azkath? Melodic Terror Live...

Melodic Terror

A Strange Night. Azkath was missing. Joe claimed to have him tied up in his basement with the help of Fidget. Kevin said things. No one understood. Joe did the first set, Fidget did the next two. They were LONG sets. Azkath showed up. He was remarkably calm considering what happened. He took things back over. Pointed out that it was Kevin's last night on the show after, I think, 3 years. He was graduating and moving to NYC. On one of his first visits, Kevin was abused by Porno Joe. Seriah decided that he should meet Porno Joe again, but with weapons. Kevin knocked Joe out and shoved a trumpet stand... Well, nevermind. It was also Ruth's last night, at least till she comes back to visit, and Matt's last show till August. Ruth, also graduating, plans on making regular visits. Matt is still in school, so he will be back. Melodic Terror made their second appearance on The Last Exit, they are dark Rock from the near Ithaca area. Played mostly new songs for us. 

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The Agonist "Business Suits and Combat Boots"
Meka-Nism "Mekamorphisis"
Sickhoose "TIA"
Iwrestledabearonce "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Balrog Boogie"

At the Gates "At the Gates"
Doom "Agree to Differ"
Grotesque "Church of the Pentagram"
Okkultist "Sniff the Blood"
Today is the Day "This Machine Kills Fascists"
Ufomammut "Braindome"
Undersmile "Myra"

The Runaways "Cherry Bomb"
Rudimentary Peni "The Only Child"
Noisem "Downer Hound"
Murdryck "Black Plague Eclipse"
Motorhead w/ Wendy O Williams "Stand By Your Man"
Gruesome "Twisted Prayers"
Firtan "Tag Verweil"
Monolith "Coward"

Flotsam and Jetsam "NE Terror"
Helloween "Twilight of the Gods"
Misþyrming "Og Er Haustið Líður Undir Lok"
The Meads of Asphodel "I'm Running Out of Time"
Olathia "Torn Apart"
Awakien "Moment of Truth"

Melodic Terror Live in Studio
* The Trial
* Mr Flyswatter
* For Jody
* God's Finger
* Burning souls
* I am your Drug

Thirdface "Take It Back"
Ashbringer "Shrine of Loss"
WASP "Damnation Alley / Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)"

Melodic Terror Interview

Zig Zags "They'll Never Take Us Alive"
Vader "Grand Deceiver"
My Dying Bride "The Forever People"
Savatage "Warriors"
Kavara "Death Sentence"

Birdflesh "Crazy Train Decapitation"
Morgoth "The Art of Sinking"
Disorder "Ending is Near"
Rage "Shadow Out of Time / Beyond the Wall of Sleep"
Iced Earth "A Question of Heaven"

Sarinvomit "The Glorious Might of Decca"
Glassing "Lobe"
Meuchelmord "Grabenkampf"
Underwing "We Lie Awake"
Pantera "We'll Meet Again"

Scardust "Eyes of Agony (Sands of Time - Act II)"
Nocturnus "Precession of the Equinoxes"
Concrete Winds "Primitive Force"
Killing Joke "Requiem"
Statue "Up and Down"
Discharge "The Possibility of Life's Destruction"

Saint Chaos "Nothing is Forever"
Nocturnes Mist "War Machine"
Arphrodite "Pandora's Box Unleashed"
Half Live "Killing Words"
Fixation "You Feel Nothing"
Krypos "Cold Blood"

Hellscream "Weight of the World"
Tristengrav "Becoming"
Tanith "Under the Stars"
Tengger Cavelry "Unite"

Morbid Angel "The Ancient Ones"

The Movie