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June 16, 2019 - The Third 25th Anniversary Show with Take Two Performing

Take Two

This was the 3rd 25th Anniversary Show for The Last Exit for the Lost. It was a quiet show, Corning, NY Rock band Take Two performed live in studio, and Keith from Sanjuro Fields stopped in. It was a fun show, we played some stuff from way back and talked about how The Last Exit was connected with The End Records early on...

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Forced Entry "Bone Cracking Fever"
Suicidal Tendencies "Join the Army"
Nuclear Assault "Wake Up"

Carnifex "No Light Can Save Us"
Divinity Destroyed "Sweet Heresy"
High Council "Stormchaser"
Exciter "Rising of the Dead"

Ecliptic Vision "Anthropophage"
Life Sex Death "Blue Velvet Moon / We're Here Now / Jawhol Asshole"
Skid Row "Get the Fuck Out"

Sanjuro Fields "Under the Floor"
Mastermind "Broken"
Worm Quartet "Call Me Jennifer and Steal My Stapler"
Check Engine "Nothing"
New Animal "Hollow"
Creeper "Testing Me"
Punch Drunk Monkeys "Don't Ask Me"

Take Two Live in studio
• Hearts Will Remain
• Shots and Scars
• Nothing to Lose
• Fall
• Red Eye
• Daydream
• Burner

Varg "Asatru"
Agent Steel "Taken by Force"
Potential Threat SF "Spitfire"
Iron Angel "Vicious"
GumoManiacs "Poltergeist Possession"
Theater of Tragedy "Machine (VNV Nation Mix)"

Take Two Interview

Armageddon Monks "Pope Action Shotgun"
Granny 4 Barrel "Nitro Sexy"
Trojan "Only the Strong Survive"
Anticosm "Scorched Earth"

Odes of Ecstacy "Faithless"
Coma "Ropes"
Type O Negative "Der Untermensch"
Sanjuro Fields "River's Edge - Live"
Dracula Jones "Room with a View"
The Lobster Quadrille "Slayer of the Lord of Death / Weary - Live"

Suicidal Tendencies "War Inside My Head"
Nuclear Assault "F#"
Life Sex Death "Tank"
Tank "Echoes of a Distant Battle"

The Gathering "Subzero"
Ratt "Lay It Down"
Megadeth "The Skull Beneath the Skin"
Geistaz' Ika "Nar Solen Bloder Red"

Admortem "Yog Sothoth"
Half Life "Killing Words"
Lion "Can't Stop the Rain"
Anthrax "Poison My Eyes"
Blast from Oblivion "Under the Horns"

Abalienation "Kill Thy Father, Rape Thy Mother"
Others "Not a Word - Live in Studio"
Candlemass "Solitude"
Paradise Lost "Forever Failure"
Gates of Ishtar "The Silence"

Bent Peg "Fun Drab"
Timo Tolkki's Avalon "Now and Forever"
Faith No More "Be Aggressive"
The Witching "Got Me Running"
Forced Entry "We're Dicks"

The Plankboys "Drinking Song from the Tomb"
Budgie "Rape of the Locks"
Worm Quartet "Mommy's Broken (David Tanny Megamix)"
Devo Spice "Autocomplete"

The Great Luke Ski "The Chainsaw Juggler"


The Movie