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November 1, 2020 - Halloween Show with Special Guest Mark Dickinson

Mark Joe AzkathThis is our Halloween Show, but more than that, it is a tribute to Mark Dickinson, a local musician who has been in bands since the late 80's, and done quite a lot of interesting stuff. He has some great stories and we explore many of the bands he has played in. Plus, on top of that, plenty of new music, and we have an extra hour this week since we air live during the time change...

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Helloween "Halloween"

Raxx "Farewell to England / Feel the Fire"
Ambassadors Of The Sun "From the Shadows"
Amboog-A-Lard "The Wounded"
The Accused "Scared Of The Dark"

Akademy Shred "Black and Blue / Speed Freak"
Apathy Noir "The Sunken Plac"
Beast Within The Sound "The Crown"
Devo Spice "PC Halloween"

The PCB's "PCB's"
BleakHeart "Heed The Haunt"
Cryptae "Concrete Inferno"
Dark Buddha Rising "Nagathma"
Mikey Mason "Santa Goes Trick or Treating"

Overthrow "Keep Warm / Impeach the Government / Why All The Fuss? / Bring'em Down"
Daughter Chaos "The Burning One"
Deathorchestra "Crystal Mountain"
Stephen Lynch "Halloween"

Abalienation "Side Tracked / Extinction / Tic Tic Boom / Frantic Fits of Depression / Waste / Same Old Song / Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte / Don't Pay The Poll Tax"
Detachment "Work Horse"
Determinated "Determinated"
Ebe404 "The Fox Eats Its Young"
The Misfits "Halloween"

Devastation Masters "Drive By At Jimbos / Johnny Comes Marching Home"
Epica "Abyss Of Time - Countdown To Singularity"
Evildead "Word Of God"
Dino-Mike "Halloween Night"

Marquis DeBlood "Elanor Rigby / The Cold Within"
Fates Warning "Now Comes The Rain"
Final Prophecy "Through Eyes Of Fire"
Finntroll "Mask"

TFA "Speed Metal Hell / TFA / King Scepter"
Fortress Under Siege "Lords Of Death"
Heretical Sect "The Depths Of Weeping Infinity"
Humanity Is Cancer "Cancer Is Humanity"

Spanker "Lord of the Board / Board of Education"
Infera Bruo "Mining Shadows For Unlight"
Killer Be Killed "Dream Gone Bad"
Devo Spice "Trick or Treatin'"

Lugosi's Morphine "The Year Without Halloween / Narcoleptic Necrophiliac"
Lord Fist "Wings Drawn in Our Minds"
Lykantropi "Axis of Margaret"
Lyonen "Breaking The Silence"

Bloodsuckingfreaks "Radarmen From The Moon / Floral Park Cemetery / The Legend of Hell House / The Ghost of Tom O'Conner / Chanting of the Priests"
Maladie "Source Doloris"
Mark J Gidden "Disaffected"
Mindmaze "Dreamwalker"

Hollow Bodies "Blood Feast / Infected Lust"
Mollo Rilla "Punk Song"
Mortal Sin "Lebanon - Live"
Necrophobic "Devils Spawn Attack"

Others "Thirteen / Heart of Darkness (Tales of Dracula)"
Ôros Kaù "Exorcisme Du Sel"
Perceived "Darkening"
Pyramaze "Trascendence Feat. Brittney Slayes"

Marquis DeBlood "Kiss of Blood / Fresh Blood / He Wraps the Drapery of His Couch about Him and Lies Down to Pleasant Dreams / The Hearse"
Ramchat "Matka Zem"
Raped Ape "Hypothermia"

Raven Black "Hear Me Cry"
Made Out of Babies "Bunny Boots"
Red Cain "Demons"
Replicant "Unbeing"
Rise To The Sky "Death Will Join Us"

Ruff Majik "Shrug Of The Year"
Born in Winter "Paper and Roses"

Hallows Eve "Hallows Eve (Including Routine)"