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Letter V Bands - March 20, 2022


On this strange night we feature bands that start with the letter V. One at the beginning and end of each set. New stuff for the most part in between and chaos breaks out in the studio...


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Therapy? - Knives
Therapy? - Screamager
Voïvod - Brain Scan
Zeal And Ardor - Death To The Holy

Venom - Blackened Are The Priests
Tuskar - Into The Sea
Diluted - Church Of Latter Day Stank
Heart.Attack - Wings Of Judgement
Vio-Lence - Screaming Always

Vicious Rumors - R.L.H.
Thrown - Fast Forward
Saklas - Mastering The Chaos Meditation
Lunar Tombfields - As The Spirit Wanes, The Form Appears
Venom Prison - Nemesis

Votum - Stranger Than Fiction
Watain - Serimosa
Tunic - Apprehension
E-L-R - Seeds
Vile Rites - Laid Across The Altars Of Time

Vltimas - Last Ones Alive Win Nothing
Witchpit - The Weight Of Death
Jesus Wept - Dispossession
Gomorran - Hopeless Endeavor
Venus Principle - Rebel Drones (Video Edit)

Vektor - Black Future
The Sea Shall Not Have Them - Lower The Sky
Cromagnum - Born Free
Chrmr - Spells
Vivienne Cure - Fireflies

Virgin Steele - And Hecate Smiled
Order Of Nosferat - Bloodlust Nightmares Raging Wild
Messora - Closer (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
Hiddent - Manifest Liminal Return
Vultus - Mors Ab Alto

Venomous Maximus - Give Up The Witch
Senzar - Unforgiven Twilight
Sickomania - Saint Psycho
Kiriakos Gp - Crusader
Vorga - Last Transmission

Virulence - Painting
Undeath - Rise From The Grave
First Fragment - Soif Brulante
Worm Quartet - Take The Fire Back Promeheus Has Left The Building
Vital Spirit - Withering Fire

Victory - Into The Darkness
Shades Of Black - Bubble Guts
Shannon Rowley - Into The Heart Of Hearts
Murder Van - Hatchet Wound
Witch Hammer - From A Suicide Man To God

Virgin Black - Whispers Of Dead Sisters
8kakacas - Mutante
Caveat - Infinite
Bunker 66 - Pandemonial Storms
Verikalpa - Raivokansa

Vindicator - Vindicator
Kreationist - Colloque Sentimental
Syk - The Hollow Mother
Deserted Fear - Voices Of Fire
Vessel - Misguided

Void Moon - Through The Gateway
Crisix - Speak Your Truth
Curse Of Denial - A Fractured Soul
Cult Of Luna - Blood Upon Stone
Vreid - Speak Goddamnit

Voltaire - Ex Lover's Lover
Ghost Toast - Let Me Be No Nearer
Genöcide - Stillborn

Voïvod - We Are Not Alone

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