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Dealer's Choice Show with Peaches and Crime - October 18, 2014

Slide1 750For this show I was joined by EVD, and Peaches and Crime, a neo-Vaudeville band who performed live in studio. Pictures below by Tiffany Williams and Seriah Azkath. Also below is the video of their performance.




Miranda Sex Garden "Ardera Sempre"
Love Club "Corpses in the Sand"
Ghoultown "Drink with the Living Dead"
Bent Peg "Squash the Junebug"
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum "Sleep is Wrong"
The Gathering "Travel"

Peaches and Crime Live in Studio

Hit by a Bus "Fil"
Peaches and Crime "Herschel Ganev"
Belly "Dusted"

Peaches and Crime Live in Studio

Peaches and Crime "Bringing Hell to Brooklyn"
Tranquilatwist "Bruise My Soul"
Lush "When I Die"


The Movie