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Dealer's Choice Show with Shoebox of Worm Quartet - January 24, 2015


Shoebox from Worm Quartet co-hosts the show with Azkath and EVD. For most of the show, he picks the music, and we mostly explore comedy music, much of which comes from his friends. Many of these artists can also be found on You can find more on Worm Quartet at his website.


Peaches and Crime "Bringing Hell to Brooklyn"
Dyonisis "Arachne's Song"
Faun "Zwei Falken"
Fields of the Nephilim "Submission"
Worm Quartet "The Ballad of Dr. Stopp"
The Great Luke Ski "Fake Adult"
Ookla the Mok "Mwahaha / Mister Mxyzptlk"
Worm Quartet "Frank's Not in the Band Anymore"
Devo Spice "Autocomplete"
Servotron "I Sing! The Body Cybernetic"
Garden Fresh "Water"
Schaffer the Darklord "Tomgirl"
Positude "Feed the Children"
Worm Quartet "Fueled by Angst"
Tony Goldmark "Burn"
Power Salad "My Cat is Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner"
Worm Quartet "Math is Bullshit"
Tim Minchin "If I Didn't Have You"
Carla Ulbrich "If I Had the Copyright"
Worm Quartet "My Apologies"
Power Salad "A Question and an Observation"
Peaches and Crime "Hershel Ganev"