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Dealer's Choice Show - June 6, 2015 with Peaches and Crime

Peaches and Crime, well three of them, join us and perform acoustic.

Peaches and Crime


Evi Vine "Give Your Heart to the Hawks"
The Gentle Storm "The Storm"
Stever "Blackguard"
Peaches and Crime "Never Came Back"
Fields of the Nephilim "Love Under Will"
Nocturne "Happy"
The Lobster Quadrille "Rusty - Live"
Peaches and Crime Live in Studio
Bastard Tango
Mrs. Colt Revolver
Peaches and Crime "Hershel Ganev"
Peaches and Crime Live in Studio
O Wandering Eye
Self Made Man
Shanghai Baby
Amy Hendrickson and the Prime Directive "The Hydra"
The Magick Way "A Curva Di Sterno"
The Luxenbourg Signal "Dying Star"
Peaches and Crime "Saturday Man"
Psyche Corporation "Annabel Lee"
Current 93 "The Inmost Light"
Peaches and Crime "Bringing Hell to Brooklyn"
Tanya Donelly "My Life as a Ghost"