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Big Hair - Live at PJ's Pig Roast - August 1993

Big HairBig Hair were from Rochester, NY. They had a pretty hard to describe sound, that included Primus, Punk, a Fiddle, and just some general strangeness. PJ's Pig Roast was an event that occured, I believe, just outside of Rochester. I don't know how many years it went on for, but I seem to remember a lot of pretty awesome local bands performing. This was Big Hair's performance from 1993. Big Hair was Tom on Guitars, Obadiah on Fiddle, Andrew on Drums, and That Tod Guy on Bass and Vocals. Putting this up now in memory of Tod, who passed away on February 20, 2015. 



March 1, 2015 - Tribute to Todd Wirschem and Leonard Nimoy

IMAG0087ToddThis show was dedicated to the memory of Todd Wirschem, otherwise known as That Tod Guy or Tod Schmod. Todd was a talented musician, heading the band Big Hair back in the 90's. He also played with Grimskunk, Girdle (with Bill from Mastodon and Erik Burke), Brain Tree, and Ludivco Treatment, to name just a few. I've always found the Rochester music scene to be so full of talent, and Todd was definitely a part of that impression. Back in the day he had his own label called Pokin Records. We play a bunch of Big Hair material in this week's show, as well as some Girdle. Pretty awesome stuff. Thanks go out to Spoth for sending along some of it. Todd died from natural causes on February 20, 2015. He was 44.

I will be adding some Big Hair material to The Old School Reclamation Project soon. I have also linked here a video of Big Hair, from someone else's YouTube. Decent for the time, but the vocals are hard to hear. 

color nimoy headshotWe also commemorate the passing of Leonard Nimoy, who died on February 27, 2015 at the age of 83. Through the years we have often had fun playing some of his and Shatner's music, including tormenting Zoltan the Avenger with it ages ago. We play a few of those fun songs this night in memory of a great actor. Besides Star Trek, I always loved him in In Search of... and Fringe...

In studio we were joined this week by EVD, Eric of Ire Clad, Rob of Thirteen South, Mr. Linda (who we strongly suspect is in some way related to Crappy the Clown), and Tim Binder. We discuss movies, some documentaries, Net Neutrality, the new Odd Couple, that dress, and stupid politicians. Lots of new music to play, and of course the traditional Old School Hour at the end.