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2012 Show Archive

May 20, 2012 - Kal and Just Joe

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Phantom "Dead or Alive"
Municipal Waste "New Dead Masters"
At War "Want You Dead"
Birth A.D. "Equal Opportunity"
L.A. Guns "Hollywood Forever"
High on Fire "Samsara / Spiritual Rites"
Kill Devil Hill "Gates of Hell"
Crazy Lixx "Riot Avenue"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball"
The Agonist "Anxious Darwinians"
Sonata Arctica "Losing My Insanity"
Pretty Maids "Future World - Live"
Fates Warning "Down to the Wire"
Prong "Eternal Heat"
Miss Lava "Ride"
Brainwashed "Bringing Out of Death"
Ever Circling Wolves "Beast of Flesh and Iron / A Desperate Frolic"
Wig Wam "Tides Can Turn"
NOFX "My Stepdad's a Cop and My Stepmom's a Domme"
White Skull "Bottled Mind"
Firewind "Edge of a Dream"
Nok "Wearing Thin" (R)
Inmania "From Hell"
Burden My Surrender "The Liars (We Had It coming)"
Hung "Infernal Redeemer"
Diatribes "I Hate Me"
Great White "Feelin' So Much Better"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Of Kali Ma Calibre"
Divot "Manual"
Photoreal "Night Awaits"
Psyche Corporation "Pound of Flesh"
Marduk "Gospel of the Worm"
Shadows Fall "The Unknown"
** Russian Roullette Set **
Big Dumb Face "Blood Red Head on Fire"
Atom and his Package "Does Anyone Else in this Room Want to Marry His or Her Grandmother?"
Kalmah "Heritance of Berjia"
Doomriders "Jealous God"
Mind at Large "Long God Day"
White Lion "Lady of the Valley"
Hangman's Heart "The Blame"
Docker's Guild "Darwin's Tears"
Sledge Leather "One Glimpse"
Gun Barrel "Books of Life"
Pantera "Fucking Hostile"
Armed with Valor "We Used a Band-Aid"
TesseracT "Perfection"
Shadowside "My Disrupted Reality"
The Great Commision "Weight of the World"
The Cory Smoot Experiment "When Worlds Collide"
Spiders and Snakes "Public Enemy Number One"
Zruda "Techno Prisoners"
Unisonic "Unisonic"
Diabalus in Musica "Sceneries of Hope"
Cirque Du So What? "An Evening with Several People in an Apartment"
Jeff Scott Soto "Damage Control"
Tripping Horse "Cocaine"
Furyon "Disappear Again"
Baroness "Take My Bones Away"
Prong "Revenge... Best Served Cold"
Napalm Death "Errors in the Signals"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Justice for Saint Mary"
** Old School Hour **
Dio "Hide in the Rainbow"
Exciter "Stand Up and Fight"
Sanctuary "Die for My Sins" (R)
Possessed "Eyes of Horror" (R)
Miranda Sex Garden "Peep Show"
Ice Age "Making My Mark"
Obituary "Find the Arise" (R)
Immaculate Mary "Out in the Cold"
White Noyze "Mirror, Mirror"
Ivory Tower "Break the Chains"
Deathwish "Wall of Lies"
Overkill "There's No Tomorrow"
Oliver Magnum "Silent Scream"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Kal was there, after a couple of months absence. He was dressed very weirdly, as usual. Just Joe was asked if he had been responsible for Kal's absence. He denied it, not very convincingly. Azkath accused Just Joe of trying to build an apocalypse machine. Again, Just Joe denied it, again, not very convincingly. Due to the results of Russian Roulette, Just Joe had to get completely naked, and run to the P&C, and back again. He got halfway there, then came running back, screaming that there were monsters, lots of monsters. They told him there were no monsters, they had been watching him the whole time, and they hadn't seen any monsters. They told him he was just trying to get out of going to the P&C naked, but it wasn't going to work. They sent him back out. He came back, and now they believed him, they saw the monsters, and they were banging on the building, trying to get in. And Just Joe was covered in a substance that did not look like blood. The monsters seemed to be, well, hot for Just Joe. Just Joe asked Azkath and Kal for help. And the help that they gave him was to throw him outside to the monsters, where a lot of monsters had their way with him. Just Joe was quite upset with Azkath and Kal. They told him that he had wanted them to get the monsters to go away, and they clearly were not going to do that, 'til they got what they wanted, Just Joe, they were gone now, weren't they, so it had worked. Besides, they said it looked like he had enjoyed some of it... Just Joe said that that was beside the point, and part of the problem. Just Joe began howling in distress. But he got to hear a rare, obscure Dio track, which he had actually never heard before, so that made him feel a little better. He told them, next time, to find a way to make the monsters go away that didn't involve them all over, and in, him. There were a few segments of Movie time, one of which Mark Anbinder, a long time WVBR personality, participated in. Just Joe had actually seen six movies, more than anybody else, including Azkath. That was a first. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...

May 27, 2012 - Tribute to the Past Show

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05-27-12 LE Pseudo-Russian Roulette from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.

This was a Tribute to the Past Show...

Skyclad "Thinking Allowed"
Crisis "Nomad"
Kreator "Flag of Hate"
In Flames "Dead God in Me"
Cro-Mags "We Gotta Know"
DRI "Suit and Tie Guy"
Cycle Sluts from Hell "I Wish You Were a Beer"
Phantom Blue "Going Mad"
Not Fragile "High Into Heaven"
Nuclear Assault "After the Holocaust"
Twilight Kingdom "Shadow Troops"
Lotus Project "Storm"
Punch Drunk Monkeys "Are You Gonna Eat That?"
Castle Bravo "Iceman"
Nocturnus "Lake of Fire"
Destruction "Invincible Force" (R)
Sodom "Nuclear Winter" (R)
Zno White "A Soldier's Creed"
Napalm Death "I Abstain"
Hung "Eos / Desert of Sad"
Fear Factory "Difference Engine"
Kreator "From Flood Into Fire"
The Bunny the Bear "All Birds"
Prong "Eternal Heat"
Possessed "The Exorcist"
Blind Illusion "Blood Shower"
Primus "Too Many Puppies"
Pantera "Proud to Be Loud"
Exhorder "Desecrator"
Pantera "This Love"
Heretic "White Chapel"
Metal Church "The Dark"
Heretic "Heretic"
Metal Church "Badlands"
Reverend "Ritual"
Sabbat "A Cautionary Tale"
Skyclad "A Badtime Story / Still Spinning Shrapnel"
The Clan Destined "More Than War"
Paradise Lost "Deadly Inner Sense / Gothic / Embraced / One Second / The Glorious End"
Cradle of Filth "To Eve the Art of Witchcraft / Desire in Violent Overture / Serpent Tongue / Nyphetamine (Jezabel Deva Fix) / Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) - Elder Version)"
Pyogenesis "Still Burn in Fire / It's on Me / Africa"
Savatage "By the Grace of the Witch / 24 Hours Ago / When the Crowds are Gone / The Hourglass" 

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
This was a Tribute To The Past Show, but it was done differently than they are usually done. It was also a pseudo Russian Roulette Show, also done differently than usual... Present were, Rick and Ken from The Metallic Onslaught, Adam and Nikki, the worst co-host in the world Dave, will wonders never cease, Raven, Chris, who is currently in the band Castle Bravo, before that, he was in the band Lotus Project, and, before that, he was in the band Twilight Kingdom, and, he was also in the band Punch Drunk Monkeys. He is also the master of Handy The Hand Puppet Of Doom, so Handy was present, too. For the Russian Roulette part, everyone would be asked a question from whoever gave the best answer... Azkath would name something, and the one who had given the best answer would get to decide who it would happen to, and who would get to administer it. Results... Raven got to break records over Rick's head, and then she got to break a couple on Adam as well, Azkath told her to. Adam got to break a DVD player over Dave's head, and then he got to give Ken some shots with it too, again, Azkath told him to. Dave got to throw Nikki's guest into a pile of mousetraps. Handy got put down Adam's pants. As for the Tribute To The Past Part... Azkath played sets of songs showing the progression of an artist's career, or a band's evolution, or one artist who had been in many bands, or a band's incarnations. The first of these sets was one with all of the bands Chris has been/is in, fittingly. After the Russian Roulette part was over, everyone was asked a bunch more of those questions. Handy got to read the show listings, and had a field day with the fact that one of them was Def Leppard, Poison, and, Lita Ford, one I would love to attend! There was one segment of Movie Time, with everyone participating.

June 3, 2012 - Ire Clad's CD Debut

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06-03-12 LE Ire Clad from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.

This Show debuts Ire Clad's new CD!

Skyclad "The Sky Beneath My Feet"
Kreator "Death to the World"
The Agonist "Ideomotor"
Ire Clad "Overture in Hell Minor / Saint of Lies"
Chaosweaver "Malestrom of Black Light"
Sexcrement "Well Hungover"
Chasing Valor "Victorious"
Ire Clad "Little Middle Man"
Vintersorg "Myren"
Mortillery "Outbreak"
Ereb Altor "Boatman's Call"
Ire Clad "Hazard"
Nile "The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased"
Ruler "We Rule the Night"
Slayer "Dead Skin Mask" (R)
Our Flaws Remain "Cruel Summer"
Ire Clad "In Your Face"
Vesperian Sorrow "Casting Dawn into Shadows"
Elisium "Safety Dance"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Black Box Messiah"
Baroness "Take My Bones Away"
Ire Clad "Empower"
Spider Rockets "Scream"
Burden My Surrender "Rip and Tear"
For Today "Fearless"
Grand Magus "Valhalla Rising"
Ire Clad "Force It Down"
Snew "Release the Beast"
Napalm Death "Suffer the Children"
Malice "Sinister Double"
Ire Clad "Sidestep"
Tony Goldmark "Auditions"
Axxis "Stayin Alive"
Gypsyhawk "Hedgeking"
Ire Clad "Dead Alive"
Tony Goldmark "More Auditions"
Soulfallen "Ghosts"
Cirque Du So What? "Tech Support"
Ire Clad "Forevermore"
Tony Goldmark "The Further Adventures Of Johnny Explosion"
Divinity Destroyed "Void"
Dyonisis "Inside Out"
Psyche Corporation "Still Alive"
Europe "The Final Countdown"
Schoolyard Heroes "Sincerely Yours, Jonathan Harker
NOFX "You're Worng"
The Agonist "Trophy Kill"
The Commander-In-Chief "Great Expectations"
Awaken "Beneath the Surface"
Ulver "I Can See the Light"
Eben Brooks "Hey There, Cthulhu"
Lykaion "Passion Kills"
Znowhite "Too Late / War Machine"
Cyclone Temple "Words are Just Words / Hate Makes Hate"
Rough Cutt "Cutt Your Heart Out"
Metal Sword "Take Off"
Glacier "Devil in Disguise"
Bullet La Volta "Ceiling Life"
Dirty Looks "It's a Bitch"
Skyclad "Something to Cling To"

So this night, 3/4th of Ire Clad visit the show, bringing with them their brand new CD. Later Raven teaches Joe to surf, and we learn that Eric from Ire Clad really wanted to be hit in the head with as much stuff as possible. It was... interesting...

June 10, 2012 - A New Turn for the Show - Paranormal Conversations

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Eric (from Ire Clad), Kal, and Azkath spend the night talking about various alternative scientific theories and paranormal subjects, from Ancient Civilizations, UFO's, DMT, Critical Thinking, and much, much more...

Persephone "My Prayer / Immersion"
The Misfits "Unexplained"
Rage "Without a Trace"
Borgne "Only the Dead Can Be Heard"
Diemonds "Loud n' Nasty"
Power Theory "A Fist in the Face of God"
Our Flaws Remain "Humanside"
Ihsahn "The Paranoid"
Opium Symphony "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Benediction "The Vision in the Shroud" (R)
Chaosweaver "The Great Cosmic Serpent"
Ire Clad "Hazard"
Catamenia "Born to Be My Baby"
L.A. Guns "Eel Pie"
The Cory Smoot Experiment "Religion is Fiction"
The Agonist "The Mass of the Earth"
Anarchangel "Trojan Horse"
Dawnbringer "My Destiny is Death"
Hour of 13 "Rite of Samhain"
Brume d'Automne "L'Esprit du Courant"
Prong "State of Rebellion"
Carach Angren "Lingering In An Imprint Haunting"
Mortillery "Voracious Undead"
Ruler "No Hope"
Ire Clad "(In My Head) Forevermore"
Baroness "Take My Bones Away"
Circus Maximus "Namaste"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball"
Pretty Maids "Yellow Rain - Live"
The Last Hangmen "Crash Course Dying"
Sexcrement "Trucker Bombed"
TesseracT "Origin"
Tank "Don't Dream in the Dark"
Psyche Corporation "End of the World"
Kreator "Your Heaven, My Hell"
Diemonds "Left for Dead"
Cyclophonia "Screams in the Night"
Vesperian Sorrow "Eye of the Clocktower"
Grand Magus "Sword of the Ocean"
Chasing Valor "Victorious"
Snew "I Got a Rocket"
Gareth Thomas "Destructor"
Soulfallen "Cold Beneath the Sun"
Spider Rockets "Better When It's Loud"
** Old School Hour **
Phantom "Under the Gun"
The Boneless Ones "Give It To You"
Evil Twin "Down"
Quiet Riot "Metal Health - Live"
The Gathering "Third Chance"
The God Machine "Painless"
Fields of the Nephilim "Psychonaut Lib 111"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Present were, Kal, and, Eric, the bass player for the band Ire Clad. He promoted his band's upcoming CD release show, which would be the following Saturday, lots of tracks from that CD were played. They rock. Tonight's program was a departure from the usual LE... All night long, Azkath, Eric, and, Kal had extended in depth discussions about such topics as, ancient civilizations, UFOs, aliens, ghosts, the electric universe, the binary star theory, the origins of the human race, and the origins of the universe, mythology, altered consciences, and different TV and radio programs, and authors and books that are good resources to check out if you are interested in these things, well, mostly good resources, some of the TV shows, more entertaining than informative, but lots of really good resources. It was a very deep night, with a lot of information that was very thought provoking, some of which can make your brain hurt as you try to unravel it. Very interesting. The last hour, interspersed with the conversation, was The Old School Hour...

June 17, 2012 - Just Joe Molests Pete from Ire Clad

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06-17-12 LE - Joe Gets Hypnotized from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.

Ire Clad "Overture in Hell Minor / Saint of Lies"
L.A. Guns "You Better Not Love Me"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Mass Rapture"
Faith or Fear "Deep Down"
Ihsahn "Something Out There"
Mortillery "Countless Suicide"
Ephel Duath "Black Prism"
Mortal Agony "No Place to Hide"
The Agonist "Predator and Prayer"
Ulver "Everybody's Been Burned"
Baroness "March to the Sea"
The Black Dahlia Murder "What a Horrible Night to Have A Curse" (R)
Circus Grenade "The Lost Ostrich Assassination"
1000 Shades of Cold "It's a God Damned Suicide"
Kreator "Until Our Paths Cross Again"
Chasing Valor "Victorious"
Zruda "Techno Prisoners"
Opium Symphony "Like Pennies You Had Me Wishing in the End"
Worm Quartet "The Internet is a Big Warm Hug for the World"
Spider Rockets "Twilight Zone"
Binah "Absorption into the Unearthly"
Dark Day Sunday "Halfway to Godz"
12 oz Muzzle "Gravity" (R)
Crazy Lixx "Riot Avenue"
Offending "Modern Enslavement"
Lions Lions "Carry On"
Prong "Revenge... Best Served Cold"
Millbastards "Tranny - Live" (R)
Anathema "The Beginning and the End"
Apocalyptica "Harmageddon"
Castle Bravo "One In A Million"
The Browning "Burn This World"
Just A Memory "For the Love of Pity"
Baroness "Take My Bones Away"
Trixter "Tattoos and Misery"
Sabaton "Burn Your Crosses"
Napalm Death "Orders of Magnitude"
Diemonds "Mystery"
The Ghost Inside "This is What I Know About Sacrifice"
Dr. Acula "Robot People from Hell"
Jorn "A Thousand Cuts"
Grand Magus "Valhalla Rising"
American Dog "Off the Chain"
Disillusion "The Black Sea"
Braindance "Resilience"
Pandora's Toybox "Back Home To the Gallows"
Stolen Babies "Tablescrap"
Firewater "Some Kind Of Kindness"
Daniele Liverani "Nervous Forces"
Bring Me the Horizon "Crucify Me"
Crotchduster "Crotchopus"
** Old School Hour **
Vio-Lence "Phobophobia"
Kreator "Flag of Hate"
Obituary "Turned Inside Out"
Sepultura "Stronger than Hate"
Brats "Leave My Soul Alone"
King Diamond "Dressed in White"
Blood for Blood "Eulogy for a Dream"
Ramallah "Shock and Awe"
Ram-Zet "I'm Not Dead"
Minor Threat "Screaming at a Wall"
Holy Terror "A Fools Gold / Terminal Humor"
Helloween "How Many Tears"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; 
Pete, from the band Ire Clad, was there, his band had just played their CD release show. Raven, and Just Joe were also there. They told Just Joe that, a few weeks ago, when he thought his house had disappeared, just the house, nothing in it, that Raven had hypnotized him to believe that, that was why it was suddenly back, after he had moved into a new house. Just Joe does not believe he can be hypnotized. So they tried to prove it to him by having Raven hypnotize him now. She hypnotized him to dance when Azkath played a certain song, and, while he was doing that, he molested Pete, rubbing against him. Then she made him think he was a stripper, and he gave Pete a naked lap dance. Before Pete left, they told him he could give Just Joe a chop. He did, and everyone else there did, too, in the same place, to increase the pain. Raven and Foul Mouth Girl got to each play a set of music. Pete also got to throw Just Joe down the stairs, where, when Just Joe screamed, he got attacked by a moth, and so now he has found something else he is afraid of. Azkath made Just Joe run naked to The P&C and back. The last time Just Joe had done that, he had been sexually brutalized by monsters. Azkath was clearly hoping that would happen again, as he had found it highly entertaining, but, no such luck for him this time, and good luck for Just Joe, no monsters. There were several segments of Movie Time, with everyone except Just Joe contributing, despite two weeks absence, he apparently didn't spend any of that time watching movies. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...

June 24, 2012 - More Paranormal Talks...

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My Dying Bride "The Crown of Sympathy"
Pyogensis "Like Tears (In the Dust)"
Paradise Lost "Shattered"
Morbid Angel "Blessed are the Sick / Leading the Rats"
Anathema "Shroud of False / Fragile Dreams"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Aurora"
Grand Magus "Storm King / Silver Moon"
Baroness "March to the Sea"
Just a Memory "Soldiers - Live"
Hangman's Heart "The Blame - Live"
Gorjira "Pain is a Master"
Insane Ian "Some Zombie by George Romero"
Our Flaws Remain "The Worst in Me"
Revenant Dead "Decay Dance"
Ritual of Odds "Nightmare on Elm Street"
Shotgun Messiah "SexDrugsRockN'Roll"
Skid Row "Big Guns"
The Sisters of Mercy "Dominion / Ozymandias"
Braindance "Relentless"
Iron Maiden "Murders in the Rue Morgue"
Ire Clad "Little Middle Man"
Morgoth "Cursed / Body count / Resistance - Live"
Morbid Saint "Crying for Death"
Kremathorium "Witness of God"
Less than 4 "Soft Situations"
Mnemic "I've Been You"
Ihsahn "Departure"
Nile "Natural Liberation Of Fear Through The Ritual Deception Of Death"
Ana Kefr "The Blackening"
Chaosweaver "Malstrom of Black Light"
Kill Devil Hill "Voodoo Doll"
Diemonds "Take on The Night"
The Agonist "Everybody Wants You (Dead)"
I Saw the Deep "He Who Saw The Deep"
Venejer "The Haunting"
Worm Quartet "The Internet is a Big Warm Hug for the World"
Mass Murder Agenda "Drawning Flies"
Rumplestiltskin Grinder "Get Out of My Grave / Gigantic Graveyard"
Kreator "Civilization Collapse"
Opium Symphony "Blame It on the Radio"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Kali Ma Calibre"
** Old School Hour **
Death Angel "Mistress of Pain"
Solstice "Depression"
Carcass "Cadavaric Incubator of Endoparasites"
Napalm Death "Circle of Hypocrisy"
Mercyful Fate "Black Masses - Live"
Grave "You'll Never See"
GBH "No One Cares"
Suicidal Tendencies "I Shot the Devil" (R)
Slayer "Threshold" (R)
Incubus "Serpent Temptation"
Unleashed "Dead Forever"
Omen "Battle Cry"
Vicious Rumors"In Fire"
Bathory "For All Those Who Died"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
The first almost an hour of this LE was part of a prerecorded program, because the hosts went to a 2CW Wrestling show, which they talked about when they got back, at almost 1:00, the wrestling show had been great. Present were, Rick and Randy of The Metallic Onslaught, Renee/Akiri, and, Eric, the bass player from the band Ire Clad. Rick and Akiri each got to play a set of music, well, with Akiri being forbidden to play some things she wanted to, like Warrant. Awww, c'mon, I wanted to hear the Warrant, too! There were some technical difficulties, problems with the transmitter, which caused the signal to dissolve into static several times. Rick, Randy, and, Akiri, left around 4:00. After that, Azkath and Eric discussed some paranormal topics, the Dogan tribe in Africa, ancient artifacts, chem trails, and, the planet's cycles, whether they may be responsible for global warming. There were a couple segments of Movie Time, with everybody participating. The last hour was The Old School Hour.

July 1, 2012 - Joe gets Spanked

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Trouble "Come Touch the Sky / 'Scuse Me"
Careless "The Gods Themselves"
Static People "Toxic Overload"
Ire Clad "Hazard"
Glass Cloud "White Flag"
One Step from Falling "Blood Clot"
Single Bullet Theory "Edge of Broken"
Upon Wings "The Dream"
Oceans of Insects "Infernal Machine"
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder "Cold Haunting Death"
Mortillery "Voracious Undead"
Diemonds "Loud 'n Nasty"
Cyclophonia "Screams in the Night"
Bonded by Blood "I Can't Hear You / Shephards of Rot"
Pyramada "Madmen"
Megadeth "Whose Life (Is it Anyways?)"
Rammstein "Du Hast" (R)
GWAR "Sick of You" (R)
Lillian Axe "Babylon"
Metal Church "Date with Poverty"
Megadeth "The Conjuring"
White Zombie "More Human than Human"
Overkill "In Union We Stand"
Skold "All Dies"
Beltane "Death to Tyranny"
Fates Demise "Sins of a Past Life"
Specyphi "Give Myself to You"
Apple Maggot Quarantine Area "Mutant Cats from Hell"
TV's Kyle "Sweepstakes (feat DarkNES)"
Lillian Axe "Dream of a Lifetime"
American Dog "2012 AD / Poison Smile"
Kill Devil Hill "We're All Gonna Die"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Mass Rapture"
To the Deep "What the Sun Created"
Asphyx "Of Days When the Blades Turn Blunt"
Baroness "March to the Sea / Take My Bones Away"
Huntress "Night Rape"
I Saw the Deep "Map of Piri Re'is"
Gorjira "The Axe"
Deicide "Carnage in the Temple of the Damned" (R)
Alestorm "Captain Morgan's Revenge" (R)
Daitribe "I Hate Me"
Rocking Corpses "Intro - Up from the Grave"
Dethlehem "No Reward Among Legends"
Corrosive Carcass "Born in a Casket"
Countess "At the Hot Gates I Stand"
Million Dollar Reload "It Ain't Over"
Tornado "Hate Worldwide"
Love Stricken Demise "Celebrity High"
One-Eyed Doll "Footsteps of a Clown"
Tranquilatwist "Bruise My Soul"
Witchcraft "If Crimson was Your Colour"
** Old School Hour **
GWAR "Meat Sandwich" (R)
Rage "Make My Day"
Not Fragile "Down in the Streets"
The God Machine "Ego"
Kittie "Never Again" (R)
Tank "Shellshock"
Exciter "Rising of the Dead"
Helloween "Cry for Freedom"
Diamond Tyr "Crossing Over"
Crimson Glory "Edge of Forever"
Trouble "Mr. White / Breathe..."

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Just Joe was there, as was Eric the bass player from the band Ire Clad, and Renee/Akiri. Azkath told Just Joe he, Just Joe, that is, was going to sing "Happy Birthday" to me, since it was my birthday, but that it was going to be done in a special way this time. While Just Joe was singing, Akiri would be caning his ass. So he did, and she did. And, actually, there was not all that much difference from usual. I mean, it was obvious his shrieks were from pain, but he always shrieks when he sings, now he was just doing it quite a bit more forcefully. Then Azkath played a song for me. Thank you so much, guys, you made my birthday, I mean, it is the most special gift of all to be serenaded by Just Joe! Akiri got to play a set of music. There were some more discussions of the paranormal, topics like pseudo sceptics, ancient maps, showing ancient cities, some of which are now being discovered, and ancient wrecks recently found in The Baltic seas, which look like The Millennium Falcon from "Star Wars". There were a couple of segments of Movie time, with almost everyone participating. Azkath reviewed a book by David Hatcher Childress, about ancient lost cities, and how the continents used to look much different. The last hour was The Old School Hour...

July 8, 2012 - Chasing Valor

Listen to the Show

Agalloch "Faustian Echoes"
Moonloop "Atlantis Rising"
Mourning Beloveth "The Burning Man"
Oz "Turn the Cross Upside Down"
Shining "The Madness and the Damage Done"
Hellcannon "Harbinger of War"
Sanjuro Fields "From a Blue Glass / We are the Avalanche"
Mahavatar "Cult" (R)
Coven "Kiss Me with Blood"
Black Flag "Six Pack" (R)
Sanjuro Fields "Rudy Can't Fail - Live"
Kimberly Freeman "Dance While I'm Drowning"
Dust Bolt "Into Madness"
Crotchduster "Mammal Sauce Blanche (Randomatik Blast RMX)"
Chasing Valor "Victorious"
Baroness "Take My Bones Away"
Sanjuro Fields "How the Day Breaks"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Black Box Messiah"
Kreator "The Few, The Proud, The Broken"
Oceans of Insects "The Next Fall"
Insane Ian "Some Zombie by George Romero"
Check Engine "The Stream"
In Flames "Artifacts of the Black Rain"
As Blood Runs Black "Hester Prynne"
Our Flaws Remain "Through and Through"
Static People "The Late Projectionist"
Check Engine "Long Way Down"
One Step from Falling "Insignia"
Saint Diablo "Blood on the Bathroom Floor"
Careless "Against Stupidity"
The Clan Destined "More Than War"
Ire Clad "Empowher"
Rage "Invisible Horizons - Live Acoustic"
Slow Burning Car "Adama"
Vulture Industries "The Crumbling Realm"
Nekrogoblikon "Bears"
Insane Ian "Hey Birthday Boy"
NOFX "New Happy Birthday Song?"
Bonded by Blood "Crawling in the Shadows"
Grand Magus "Iron Hand"
Monsterworks "All Sun Dies"
Unconsecrated "Exhumated Profaned Flesh"
The Contortionist "Dreaming Schematics"
Joe Stump "White Knuckle Mayhem"
Mortillery "Without Weapons"
The Agonist "You're Coming With Me"
Nile "The Gods Who Light Up the Sky at the Gates of Sethu"
Saxon "Princess of the Night"
Vinnie Moore "Morning Star"
Rumble Militia "Bang Til Death"
Adam Bomb "I Want My Heavy Metal"
Black 'n Blue "Strange Things"
Harem Scarem "No Justice"
Raven "The Pack is Back" (R)
Incubus "Voices from the Grave"
Helloween "Gorgar"
Morbid Saint "Burned at the Stake"
Crimson Glory "Cydonia"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Keith, from the band Sanjuro Fields, was their for about the first couple of hours. He promoted an upcoming concert his band would be performing at, and his band's music was played. They rock. Then Tim and Dave, two members of the band Chasing Valor, which used to be the band Check Engine, but have now reformed with the same members but a new name, and a new sound, more straight up rock then Check Engine, which was more metal, but both versions are awesome, were there for a couple hours. They had just come from playing at a concert, which they talked about, as well as the goings on with the band, Music from both versions of the band was played. In the last portion of the night, there was a special surprise guest, someone who hasn't been there in nine months. Gorgar! He picked some of the music for the last hour, The Old School Hour. And Azkath and Gorgar discussed some out of the mainstream topics, like the structure that has been found in the Baltic Sea that looks like the Millennium Falcon from "Star Wars", and evidence that the government has been lying about the Oklahoma City bombing, and evidence of ancient cities. Their were a couple segments of Movie Time, with everyone participating, except Gorgar, because he got there afterwards...

July 15, 2012 - Eric gets Tazed

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07-15-12 LE Eric Gets Tazed from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.

The God Machine "Purity"
Fear of God "Love's Death"
Fields of the Nephilim "Psychonaut Lib III"
Napalm Death "Errors in the Signals"
Mortillery "Sacrifice"
Baroness "Back Where I Belong"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball"
Huntress "Snow Witch"
Superdrive "Blistering"
Bone Jar "Evolution"
Moonspell "Versus"
Upon Wings "The Dream"
Careless "Song 9"
Spider Rockets "Twilight Zone" (R)
Static People "Save the Worst"
TV's Kyle "Strickly Speaking"
Nechochwen "He Ya Ho Na"
Diemonds "Trick or Treat"
Ihsahn "The Paranoid"
Just a Memory "No Turning Back - Live"
The Agonist "Dead Ocean"
Laibach "WAT"
Psyche Corporation "Lock"
Catamenia "The Day the Sun Faded Away"
Jeff Loomis "The Ultimatum"
Pyramada "Wild Child"
Chaosweaver "Ragnarok Sunset"
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder "Dripping with Venom"
A Hero a Fake "Dead and Gone"
Oz "Burning Leather"
Van Canto "Bed of Nails"
Sledge Leather "Fast Forgiveness / The Lost Forgiveness / Sisyphus"
Blood of the Black Owl "Wind Eye"
S.O.D. "Kill Yourself"
Cultfinder "Black Thrashing Terror"
Christian Martucci "Burial Song"
Engorgement "Ejaculation Over Defiled Human Remains"
Amity in Fame "Goodnight and Shut Up"
Eye of Solitude "A Note to Say Farewell"
Firebird "Play the Fool"
Gentlemans Pistols "Widow Maker"
King of Asgard "The Dispossessed"
Roxie 77 "One More Day"
** Old School Hour Plus **
Evil Dead "Blaphemy Divine"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Velvet Embrancer"
Dead Kennedy's "Buzzbomb"
The Vestibules "Bulbous Bouffant"
Metal Church "Gods of Second Chance - Live"
Crimson Glory (with Todd La Torre) "Angels of War"
Crimson Glory "Touch the Sun"
Parish "Set the Night on Fire"
Queensryche "Surgical Strike"
Lucian Blaque "So Goes the Sun"
Heir Apparent "Crossing the Border"
Savatage "Skull Session"
King Diamond "Sleepless Nights / Bye Bye Missy"
Malteze "Too Late"
Exhorder "The Law" (R)
Ironchrist "Mechanized Emotions"
Agony "Deadly Legacy"
Savage Grace "Into the Fire"
M.O.D. "Don't Feed the Bears"
Omen "Escape to Nowhere"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Just Joe was back after a weeks absence, still refusing to say where he is every other week, he just changes the subject, or ignores the question when asked. Also there were, Eric the bass player for the band Ire Clad, Raven, someone new, Heather, and, Chris of the band Castle Bravo, and formerly of the bands, The Lotus Project, and, Twilight Kingdom. Chris is also the master of Handy The Hand Puppet Of Doom, so Handy put in appearances as well. They tased Eric. Now Eric just can not be hurt, or made to bleed. He has had kendo sticks, baking sheets, surf boards, all broken over him, and nothing phases him at all. Raven tased him in the ass, and the arm, and, as it had been feared, no reaction. Then Eric took the taser and tased himself(!), in the chest. Barely any reaction. We have come to the conclusion that Eric just is not human, he must be the undead, a zombie. There were some discussions of out of the mainstream topics, like the way our government calculates collateral damage from drone strikes, beings, monsters, that always seem to have one thing in common, glowing, piercing red eyes, and Coral Castle, in Florida, which no one has been able to figure out how it was built, out of materials too heavy and precisely put together to be done by any available technologies we currently know about. There were two segments of Movie Time, with almost everyone participating, Just Joe had actually seen movies, and even remembered what one was without having written it down, which he got very excited about. Instead of the last hour being The Old School Hour, like usual, it was started almost an hour earlier this time, because everyone was in an old school mood, Just Joe helped make some of the song selections for it...

July 22, 2012 - More Fringe Conversations

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Chaosweaver "A Red Dawn Rises / Wings of Chaos"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Voodoo Mon Amour"
Mortillery "Outbreak"
Striker "Land of the Lost"
Baroness "Eula"
Heretic "The Divine Inquisition / Tomorrow's Plague"
Monuments "Doxa"
Dew-Scented "Thrown to the Lions"
Vision of Disorder "Loveless"
Goatwhore "Death to the Architects of Heaven"
Careless "Against Stupidity"
Psyche Corporation "Lee Lee the Wondergirl"
Isahn "Something Out There"
Rumplestiltskin Grinder "Desert Goblins"
Night Terrain "Distant Echoes"
Queensryche (with Todd LaTorre) "Queen of the Reich"
Crimson Glory "(with Todd LaTorre) "Queen of the Masqurade"
Sledge Leather "Torch / The Guy Upstairs Lied"
Nuze "Cracked Eye Socket"
The Agonist "Everybody Wants You (Dead)"
Testament "Native Blood"
Stealing Axion "Mirage of Hope"
Twilight Fauna "Old Ones Arise"
Periphery "Ragnorok"
Y&T "Mean Streak - Live"
Muckraker "The Iron Heel"
Just a Memory "Runaway - Live"
Hangman's Heart "Will It Bleed - Live"
Static People "Just Sink Down"
Moore "Scarred for Life"
Ire Clad "Sidestep"
Andra Dare "Fury"
Power Theory "Edge of Knives"
Sarah Jezebel Deva "Lies Define Us"
Eben Brooks "Hey There, Cthulhu"
Banshee "Taming the Beast / We Want You"
Aska "Valkyries"
Dushan Petrossi's Iron Mask "High in the Sky"
The Path of Dark Salvation "The Path of Dark Salvation"
Psyche Corporation "Lock / Still Alive"
Our Flaws Remain "Little Whore"
Chrysalide "I Do Not Divert Eyes"
For the Fallen Dreams "Until It Runs Out"
Vorpal Nomad "Last Hero on Earth"
White Pulp "Blackout"
Your Memorial "Change the World" 
Strana Officina "Boogeyman"
** Old School Hour **
Leatherwolf "Thunder"
Iron Maiden "Flight of Icarus"
Skyclad "Halo of Flies"
Crimson Glory "Edge of Forever"
Diamond Tyr "Holy Wars"
Last Chapter "2 Feet Tall" (R)
Scarlet Bride "Play to Win"
Saint Chaos "Hellfire"
Skyclad "A Badtime Story"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
The worst co-host in the world, Dave, actually put in an appearance, it's only been two months! Well, the last time it was ten months, so it is an improvement. He brought a girl with him, Jess. They were there for like between one and two hours. He said he would be back next week, but it is the worst co-host in the world we are talking about here, so you can't believe that 'til you see/hear it! Eric, the bass player for the band Ire Clad, was there for the whole program. He and Azkath discussed lots of out of the mainstream and paranormal topics all throughout the night like, the man who shot a bunch of people at the "Batman" movie premiere, reincarnation, the moon, mars, how they might have came to be the way they are, the Georgia guide stones, channeling, alternate dimensions and alternate realities, the recently found (or not), Higgs Boson particle, the damaged nuclear reactor in Japan. It was a night of lots of very deep and thought provoking discussions. See, we are not only about violence, stupidity, and silliness, we do that very well, but we can also be very deep, intelligent, and informative! Bet you never would have guessed that, but it is very true! There was a segment of Movie Time, with everyone participating. The last hour was the Old School Hour...
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