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December 28, 2014 - Tribute to the Past Show

This was the last LE of 2014. Present were, Tim, Rick from "The Metallic Onslaught", and, Olivia and Tim, from the band Undead Messengers. It was a Tribute To The Past Show, all old school music. Often Azkath would have everyone try to guess in what year each song in the set he had just played had come out to see who would come the closest. He also played a new game where he played two songs, and they would have to guess which one was an old school song, and which was new, if everyone guessed right, Azkath would have failed. Olivia and I were the only ones who got it right, girl power at work! The band's Tim brought pieces of Randy's corpse, which he made into jerky, Randy exploded last week during our We Love Satan Show, and was eating them again, which is probably the reason he is still alive after being thrown off the balcony last week, he is a zombie. There were segments of Movie Time, and, of course the last hour was an Old School Hour, because they all were tonight! Tim was disappointed that no glam was played, and I agree with him. And so thus went the final LE of this year...

-Fire Eater Wizard


Gamma Ray "Tribute to the Past" (1993)
Destruction "Bestial Invasion" (1988)
Samael "Born Under Saturn" (1996)
¡TchKunG! "Solidarity" (1996)
Oliver Magnum "Sister Cybele" (1989)
Omen "Teeth of the Hydra" (1989)
Deathwish "Demon Preacher" (1989)
Transcending Bizarre "x_xx_X" (2003)
Obsession "Scarred for Life" (1986)
Forbidden "Step by Step" (1990)
Exhumer "Fallen Saint" (1986)
Iron Maiden "From Here to Eternity" (1992)
Acid Bath "Paegan Love Song" (1996)
Anthrax "All the Wars" (1982)
Anthrax "Discharge" (1990)
Armored Saint "Can U Deliver" (1984)
Malteze "Blessed are the Strong" (1990)
Sabbat "For Those Who Died" (1988)
Skyclad "The Sky Beneath My Feet" (1991)
Satan "Trial by Fire" (1983)
Sound Barrier "Gladiator" (1986)
Savage Grace "Trial by Fire" (1986)
Znowhite "War Machine" (1988)
Eluveitie "The Song of Life" (2006)
Vital Remains "Dechristianize" (2003)
Corrosion of Conformity "Holier (1985) / Great Purification (1991)"
Hypocrisy "Roswell 47" (1996)
Bolt Thrower "This Time It's War" (1992)
Crisis "Wretched" (1996)
Warrior "Fighting for the Earth" (1985)
Judas Priest "Heavy Duty / Defenders of the Faith" (1984)
Leige Lord "Fear Itself" (1988)
Careless "The Gods Themselves" (2011)
Grip Inc. "Toque De Muerto / Savage Seas / Hostage to Heaven" (1994)
Slayer "Silent Scream" (1988)
Sepultura "Stronger than Hate" (1989)
Whiplash "The Burning of Atlanta" (1987)
Biohazard "Punishment" (1992)
Pro Pain "Pound for Pound" (1992)
Lawnmower Deth "Got No Legs? Don't Come Crawling to Me!" (1991)
Wench "Mercy" (1987)
Detente "Shattered Illusions" (1986)
Sentinel Beast "Dogs of War" (1986)
Vain "Beat the Bullet" (1989)
Hanoi Rocks "Until I Get You" (1983)
Krokus "Midnight Maniac" (1984)
Savatage "Chance" (1994)
My Dying Bride "The Forever People" (1992)
Paradise Lost "Eternal" (1991)
Lazarus "Edge of Forever" (1992)
Blind Illusion "Scream of the Banshee" (1985)
Holy Terror "Judas Reward" (1988)
Heathen "Set Me Free" (1987)
Heretic "Whitechapel" (1986)
TNT "Tor with the Hammer"  (1984)
Anathema "Sleepless" (1993)
Fields of the Nephilim "The Last Exit for the Lost" (1988)