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May 14, 2000 - Tribute to the Past Show / Last Show from Linden Ave.


When we showed up to do our show on May 13th, we found out that our building was condemned, as you can see from the above pic. This wasn't that big of a shock really, as the building hasn't been in the best of shape for many years. Also, not surprising was a note below it for WVBR personal to continue as usual. So, while doing the show on that night we had to pack up our entire CD collection, Record Collection, and miscellaneous other things. This was not a small task and took most of the night, hence the reason that the show came off a little more disjointed than normal that night. It was pretty chaotic, but we had to have everything out by Sunday night. It was about a month before we moved into the new building on Mitchell St. I tried to fix up this recording as best I could. Filled in most of the gaps and cleaned the sound up. Enjoy this piece of history. We did it as a Tribuet to the Past Show, another of our regular themes, as we used those shows to focus on older music. 


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(R) - Requested

TNT "Seven Seas / Just Like God"
Reverend "Remission"
Chastain "The Mountain Whispers"
Hades "On to Illiad - Live"
Agent Steel "Taken by Force"
Fudge Tunnel "Cat Scratch Fever"
Grim Reaper "Final Scream"
Mr. Downstairs "100 DV"
Boiler "Cram"
Borknagar "Icon Dreams"
Pyogenesis "These Roads"
Mystik "Silent Anger"
Kataklysm "The Renaissance"
Vader "Inhuman - Disaster Mix"
Mordred "Esse Quam Videri"
Mindless Self Indulgence "I Hate Jimmy Page / Audio Bio"
Heathen "Prisoners of Fate"
Venom "Man, Myth, and Magic"
The Crown "Vengeance"
Judas Priest "The Sentinal"
Rage "The Blow in a Row"
Raven "On and On - Live / To Be Broken"
Alice Cooper "Brutal Planet"
Em Sinfonia "Lost Hope Bellows" (R)
The Gathering "Subzero"
Pandemia "Intro / Stiffness"
Immortal "The Darkness that Embrace Me"
Devestation "Tomorrow We Die"
Earth Crisis "Loss of Humanity / Slither"
Accept "Midnight Mover"
Slayer "South of Heaven" (R)
Manowar "Blood of the Kings - Live"
White Skull "Asgard"
Kings X "Fish Bowl Man"
Miranda Sex Garden "Ardera Sempre"
Jag Panzer "Tragedy of MacBeth"
Skinny Puppy "Knowhere"
Therion "Deggial"
Motley Crue "Come on and Dance"
Gothic Sex "Wild Child"
Anacrusis "I Love the World"
The Sisters of Mercy "Nine While Nine"
Dead Silent Slumber "Raising the Suicide Chalice"
Cradle of Filth "Sleepless"
King Diamond "The Portrait"
Venom "All there is Fear"
Paradise Lost "Dead Emotion"
Miranda Sex Garden "Peep Show"
Scraping Foetus off the Wheel "Anything (Viva!)"
The Dead Kennedy's "Kill the Poor" (R)
LeFay "When Gargoyles Fly"
Mortification "Scrolls of the Megilloth"
Angiza - Tracks 1 & 2
Skinny Puppy "Worlock" (R)
My Dying Bride "Sear Me III"
Therion "Sea Winds"
Gravedigger "Pendragon"
Hanzel und Gretyl "O Gemini 31"
Rage "Supersonic Hydromatic"
Stratovarious "Phoenix"
Luca Turilli "Warrior's Pride"
Heathen "Breaking the Silence"
TNT "Knights of the Thunder"