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March 21, 2020 - A Tribute to the Past within Itself...

Playlist 1997

This was a pre-recorded show that was meant to air when we went to see Nuclear Assault in April. Due to the pandemic, that of course has been cancelled, as well as live in studio shows for now. For this show, I delved into the past, and grabbed a playlist from 1997, for which I don't have a copy of said show. I replicated it for the most part, had to add a little at the end, but it was kind of a Tribute to the Past, which was also, back in 1997, a Tribute to the Past Show, so it kind of nested. I thought it was an interesting experiment... Enjoy!


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Warrior Soul "Intro / Interzone"
Warlock "All We Are"
Exciter "Break Down the Walls"

WWIII "Time For Terror"
Racer X "Heart Of A Lion"
Realm "Eleanor Rigby"
Reverend "Scattered Wits"
Wrath "R.I.P (Ripped Into Pieces)"

Nitro "Cat Scratch Fever" (Ted Nugent Cover)
Omen "Escape to Nowhere"
Lizzy Borden "Give 'Em The Axe - Live"
Ratt "Round And Round / You're In Love"

Sodom "Nuclear Winter"
Voivod "Killing Technology"
Carnivore "God Is Dead"
Testament "The Burning Times"
Extreme Noise Terror "Jesus On My Side"

Misery Index "Crotchpit"
Lucid Nation "Dad"
Slayer "No Remorse (I Wanna Die (feat. Atari Teenage Riot)"
Sepultura "Slaves of Pain"
Bolt Thrower "World Eater"

Obituary "Slowly We Rot"
Paradise Lost "Eternal"
Cathedral "Equilibrium"
Trial Of The Bow "As Night Falls"

Warrior "Fighting For The Earth"
Mordred "Shatter"
Sanctuary "Battle Angels"
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force "I'll See the Light, Tonight"
Mystik "Here Today Gone Tomorrow"

Hades "The Cross"
Queensryche "The Lady Wore Black"
Black Sabbath "The Wizard"
Scorpions "No One Like You"
Helix "Rock You"

Black 'N Blue "Strange Things"
TNT "Break The Ice"
Fates Warning "Silent Cries"
Crimson Glory "Mayday / Queen of the Masquerade"

Boiler "Hit the Ground"
Deicide "Dead But Dreaming"
Massacre "Inhuman Condition"
Foetus "Dead Christian"
Savatage "Beyond The Doors Of The Dark"

Dream Theater "Pull Me Under"
King Diamond "The Lake"
Diamond Tyr "The Restless One"
Savatage "24 Hours Ago - Live"

Icon "On Your Feet"
Trial Of The Bow "The Promise"
Gomorra "Bury The Dead"
Extreme Noise Terror "Chaos Perverse"
Living Sacrifice "Reborn Empowered"

Filthboy "Pure Deceit"
454 Big Block "Brand New Day"
Demonspeed "Fifth Of Satan"
Crushed "A Burned Out Place"
The Joykiller "The Doorway"

Exxplorer "Prelusion / Run For Tomorrow"
Faith No More "Chinese Arithmetic"
Last Chapter "2 Feet Tall"
Vendetta "Brain Damage"

Killer Dwarfs "We Stand Alone"
Ice Water Mansion "The Swing"
Rage "Without a Trace"
Motley Crue "On With the Show"

Pretty Maids "Future World"
Shok Paris "On Your Feet"
Dirty Looks "Get Off"
Pyogenesis "Still Burn In Fire"

The Gathering "StoneGarden"
The Sisters Of Mercy "Temple of Love (Extended Version)"
Crimson Glory "Lost Reflection"

Sensorium "Comeback"
Fields Of The Nephilim "Darkcell"
Waiting For God "Remember"
Chants of Maledicta "Mournfulness"
Love Spirals Downwards "Last Classic"

My Dying Bride "Grace Unhearing"
Miranda Sex Garden "A Fairytale About Slavery"