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October 4, 2015 - Meka Nism and Blood Punch

OEDThis was a rare pre-recorded show. The whole crew went to see One-Eyed Doll in Clifton Park, NY, and so there was a lot of music and just Azkath hosting. However, included in this show was also the interview with Meka Nism as well as the writer of the movie Bloodpunch.

Check the interviews section for the One-Eyed Doll interview from this night and the full live show as well!



Queensryche "Hellfire"
Fates Warning "A Pleasant Shade of Grey Part VII"
Monster Magnet "When the Planes Fall from the Sky"
Baron "Sleepless"
Myrkur "Onde Born"
The Physcists "Call of the Underworld"
Dark Moor "Abduction"
Bury the Memory "Viewpoint"
Kylesa "Crusher"
Wisdom in Chains "Violent Americans"
Mindless Self Indulgence "Girls on Film"
Parkway Drive "Dying to Believe"
Walking Corpse Syndrome "Apocalypse"
Meka Nism "The Shift / Interview / Mouth of God / Interview / Phoenix"
Author and Punisher "The Barge"
Bleach Everything "Sons of Hecate"
Artch "Where I Go"
Wild Dogs "Streets of Berlin"
Osiris "Mass Termination"
The Boneless Ones "Rock and Roll Slob"
Def Leppard "Answer to the Master"
Diamond Head "It's Electric"
Ivory Tower "Raise Some Hell"
Dio "Medley - Rock 'n Roll Children / Long Live Rock n' Roll / Man on the Silver Mountain - Live"
Wrathchild "Armed to Deliver"
Midas Touch "When the Boot Comes Down"
Mucky Pup "Laughing In Your Face"
N.J.B. (Night Jamming Band) "Bring Me a Hero"
Victory "Red Alert"
Sound Barrier "Speed of Light"
Rumble Militia "Dead End Kids"
Venom "Leave Me in Hell"
Vendetta "On the Road"
Anomalie "Between Reality and the World Bey"
Black Grail "La Ciudadela de Shiva"
The Negation "A Prayer for the Ones I Will Have to Kill"
Resuscitation "Eviscerated Divinity"
Eddie Guzelian Interview (Writer of Blood Punch)
Dino Mike "Urban Dictionary"
Voices of the Dead "Hanging the Hermit"
A:S:A-rchestra "Winter Rain"
Der Blaue Reiter "Requiem for a Dying World"
Evi Vine "Give Your Heart to the Hawks"
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets "Chapter VI - Cultists on Board"
WASP "Slaves of the New World Order"
Space Merchants "Evil Itch"
Clamfight "Bathosphere"
Pigs "Amateur Hour in Dick City"
Corrections House "Run Through the Night"
Morgoth "Traitor"
Ne Obliviscaris "All the Scarlet Tears"
Sticky Biscuits "Sock Puppet"
Pat Travers " I Am Alive"
Self Spiller "Therefore I Worship"
Satyricon "Mother North - Live"
The Ghost Next Door "Dead Things"
Madman's Espirit "A Gaunt Tree"
Keep of Kalessin "Universal Core"
One-Eyed Doll "Stillness"
Wiseblood "The Fudge Punch"
Psychotica "Stop"
Tripping Horse "Frightened Out of Heaven"