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January 19, 2014 - Meka-Nism Interview

034Present were, Eric, Tim, and The Person Formerly Known As Crappy The Clown, sorry, Prince, and who will someday be known as that again. At 2:00, the band Meka-nism called in for an extensive interview, bracketed by songs from their EP. They are very cool, is their website. There were two segments of Movie Time. Last week, which had been The Tornado Show, where everyone present got to pick their favorite songs all night, so the final hour was not The Old School Hour, as it usually is. This week, the last two hours were all old school music, and old school stuff that had rarely, if ever, in some cases, been played here before. Very cool...

-Fire Eater Wizard

Below you can find some pictures of what was to be the new WVBR studio. Azkath was given a tour during the week and took pictures. I thought I would include these here so you can sort of see a before and after type of thing...


Van Canto "To the Mountains"
Skull Fist "You're Gonna Pay"
Bodyfarm "The Frozen Halls"

Mustasch "Thank You for the Demon"
Theatre Nocturne "The Sordid Reflection"
Truckfighters "Mind Control"
Warfather "The Shifting Poles"
Psychostick "Obey the Beard"

Skeletons "The Dead Circus"
Barishi "A Place that Swallows Rivers"
Souldrinker "Damn the Machine"
Tempel "Rising from the Abyss"
Omnizide "Dead Planet"
Gypsy Chief Goliath "Bursting the Avenue"

GWAR "Eat Steel"
The Smoking Hearts "Apefight"
Nekromanteion "Yo Pecador"
Dr. Know "Into the Void"
Entartung "Faith on the Scaffold"

Meka Nism "Bring Back the Sun / Interview / Dance at the End of the World"

The Unguided "Inception"
Relief in Sleep "Godspeed"
Down Among the Dead Men "The Doomsday Manuscript"
False Prophet "Forgotten Souls"
Nechbeyth "Ruination Conquest"

Punch Drunk Monkeys "Mr. Softy"
Rychus Syn "In What We Trust"
Silence of the Old Man "Tiempo De Miseria"
Until Dawn "Strings of the Damned"
Lionheart "I Am Forever"
Revenge "Crazy Nights"

Setiva "Scandalous"
The Haunted "Eye of the Storm"
The Binges "Not My Idea of a Good Time"
Iced Earth "Among the Living Dead"
Miserable Failure "One More Reason to Set This World on Fire"
Ring of Fire "Where Angels Play"

Ebony Tears "Moonlight"
Nihilist "Infected"
Pestilence "Stigmatized"
Drop Hammer "After the Fall"
King Missile "Socks"

Sinergy "Last Escape"
Reverend "Another Form of Greed"
Anvil "Concrete Jungle"
Riot "Sign of the Crimson Storm"
Steeler "Cold Day in Hell"

Edge of Sanity "Elegy"
Steel Prophet "Tragic Flaws"
Quick Fever "In the End"
Obsession "Killer Elite"

Antichrisis "Carry Me Down"
Olemus "Dead Heart Goddess"
Savatage "Strange Reality"
Overkill "There's No Tomorrow"
Nuclear Symphony "Mimmo the Bull

Nuclear Assault "Justice"
Think of Misery "Conversion by Violence"
Taipan "Breakout"
Pettypew "Blue Sky"
User Ne "...and ape Ar"

Virgin Steele "Through the Ring of Fire"
The Gathering "Travel"