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November 15, 2015 - Undead Messengers Live in Studio

Undead MessengersPresent were, EVD, Nathan, Justin, who was sick and didn't sound well at all, Justin, The Person Formerly Known As Crappy The Clown, who, this night, actually was Crappy The Clown, and, the band Undead Messengers. Undead Messengers performed a long set of a lot of songs live in The Performance Room. They rocked, and it sounded awesome, as Nathan despite being a Bronie, is a great sound person. The Old School Hour was a little earlier than 2:00, because the band would be performing then. This week, for The Old School Hour, and also later in the night, Azkath had brought in a lot of vinyl records, which were played, and everyone there told how they first got into metal. There was a Connect-A-Set, with all songs that involved members of the band Fields Of The Nephilum, in other projects. There was no Cover Set this night, just one cover of an Ozzy Osborne song. There were segments of Movie Time. Azkath discussed a book that he had just read...

- Fire Eater Wizard


Turbid North "Red Giant"
Suppressive Fire "Nazi Face Melter"
Caelestia "Secret Rite (feat Markus Freiwald from Sodom)"

Queensryche "Toxic Remedy"
Black is Green "Beezlebub"
The Moor "Antikythera"
Against the Plagues "All Flesh had Corrupted"
An Ocean of Void "Enigma"

Fearless Iranians from Hell "Die for Allah / Peace Through Power / Holy War"
White Pigs "Death Way"

Black Sabbath "Trashed"
Y&T "Mean Streak"
Dokken "Breaking the Chains"
Fastway "All Fired Up"

Axe "Rock and Roll Party in the Streets"
Avalon "Live or Die"
Revenant "Distant Eyes"
D.O.A. "Marijuana Motherfucker / Order"

Never the Voiceless "Faithless"
Dark the Suns "All Ends in Silence"
Eternal of Sweden "Ruins"
EvilEye "Bad Sinner"
Discharge "New World Order"

Firespawn "Lucifer has Spoken"
Phantasma "Enter Dreamscape"
Shallow Ground "Brace for Impact"
Vorna "Itseton"

Undead Messengers Live
* The Reaping
* Never Fall
* Shipwrecked
* Haunting You
* Venom
* Worth Dying For
* Masters of Our Future / Supernova

NFD "When the Sun Dies"
The Eden House "Fire for You"
Last Rites "Race a Train"
Rubicon "Cut Down"
The Nefilim "Penetration"

Blood of the Wolf "With Iron Weapons and Will"
Bastard Grave "Doomed to Stay"
Vorna "Itseton"
Bode Preto "Deep Reality"
Culture Killer "Exterminate Filth"

The Damned "Dead Beat Dance"
Helmet "Unsung"
Black Flag "I've Heard it Before / American Waste"
Murphy's Law "Quality of Life"
Only Living Witness "Some Will Never Know"

Epidemic "Over the Mountain"
Spilth "Stickyman"
Circle of Dust "Dissolved"
Melts "227"
Cathedral "Solitude (Inebriation Mix)"

Shirine "Create or Destroy"
Godplow "Fry"
Black Tape for a Blue Girl "Across A Thousand Blades"
Psyche Corporation "Annabel Lee"
Doll Skin "So Much Nothing"

Thy Catafalque "Alföldi Kozmosz"
Chastain "We Bleed Metal"
Night Viper "Faces in the Mirror"
Vanlade "As Above, So Below"

Thor "T.H.O.R."