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September 11, 2016 - EVD's 11th Anniversary!

EVD, Justin, Crappy

This LE fell on the exact date of EVD's eleventh year Anniversary, September eleventh 2005 (his eleventh Anniversary, on the eleventh, and, isn't THAT a fitting date for him!?). Happy eleventh Anniversary, EVD! Present were, EVD (good thing!), Justin a.k.a. Twelve Inch, although, we decided that, when he is absent, he loses an inch for each absence, and he had been absent for two weeks in a row, so he's down to ten inches, although, if he's extra good, he could gain them back, Just Joe, James, and, The Person Formerly Known As Crappy The Clown, who tonight was going by Mr. Oddz. As a treat for Justin, Azkath did a whole Old School Hour in vinyl. Rick from "The Metallic Onslaught", dropped by to tell us how The Finger Lakes Metal Fest Part Two went, it went very well. Funny stories, news items, were read. They kept sicking Just Joe on James, having him mercilessly keep poking and tickling him. EVD, being the Evil Villainous Dude, even telling him that there was a bellybutton lint bunny and toys hidden in his navel. There were segments of Movie Time, TV programs, and, Internet series were talked about as well. 

- Fire Eater Wizard


The Agonist "The Man Who Fell to Earth"
Thy Catafalque "Mezolit"
Obituary "Loathe"

Saboter "Assassins"
Evil Invaders "Raising Hell"
Varix "Victims"
Sikth "Under the Weeping Moon"

Vultures Vengeance "A Curse from the Obsidian Realm"
Night Legion "Night Legion"
Foul Body Autopsy "21st Century Fascism"
Mist of Misery "Absence"

** Vinyl Tribute **0911160131a.jpg
Grim Reaper "Lust for Freedom"
Vicious Rumors "Worlds and Machines / The Crest"
Sacred Reich "Surf Nicaragua"
Blood Feast "Face Fate"

Uncle Slam "Weirdo Man"
Oliver Magnum "Evilution"
The Great Kat "Satan goes to Church"
Mercyful Fate "Desecration of Souls"
Mean Streak "Warning"

Lizzy Borden "Me Against the World"
Iron Maiden "I've got the Fire - Live"
Stone "Get Stoned"
Fearless Iranians from Hell "Die for Allah"
Sodom "Deathlike Silence"

Incubus "Voices from the Grave"
Hades "Face the Fat Reality"
Impelliteri "Tonight I Fly"
Hittman "Behind the Lines"
Queensryche "Screaming in Digital / I Will Remember"

Sacrifice "Forward to Termination / Terror Strikes"
School of Violence "Reign of the Clown"
Dr. Know "War Theater"
The Accused "Scared of the Dark"
SGM "Acid Rain"

Animosity "Get Off My Back"
Numskull "The End / Ritually Abused"
Rogue Male "All Over You"
Mortal Sin "Voyage of the Disturbed"
Obsession "Taking Your Chances"

Blessed Death "Pray for Death"
Vendetta "War"
Holy Terror "Mortal Fear"
Nasty Savage "Unchained Angel"
Omen "Escape to Nowhere"


Sacred Steel "Hail the Godz of War"
Wyruz "Limitations"
Rotten UK "Their Dreams"
Kyng "Pristine Warning"
Shadecrown "Ghostlike Existence "

Existence "All is on Fire"
Hannes Grossman "To Sow the Seeds of Earth"
Stepfather Fred "Libertine"
One-Eyed Doll "Be My Friend (2013 Version)"

HP Lovecraft "The Hound"
Type "O" Negative "I Know You're Fucking Someone Else - Live"

Re-Armed "Ivory Towers"
Virvum "Earthwork"
Hiretsukan "Barrel Roll"
Poured Out "Remember Me"
Brutally Deceased "The Disclosure (In the Circle of...)"
Soulwound "Altars of Skin"

High Spirits "Take Me Home"