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June 30, 2019 - Final 25th Anniversary Show


This was the final of 5 25th Anniversary Shows. Eon, MIA for a while, made it, Toni returned, Rick stopped in...  It was a good night... We played new stuff, anniversary releases, and lots of local music from bands who came by the show over the years...

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Napalm Death "Discordance / I Abstain"
Rotting Christ "Spiritus Sancti"
VoiVod "Tribal Convictions"

Sorrow of Batavia "A Hollow So Vapid"
Ana Kefr "In the House of Distorted Mirrors"
Divinity Destroyed "Haven"
High Council "Superuser - Live in Studio"

(god-rot) "And You are Dead"
Queensryche "Surgical Strike"
Zadoc and the Nightmare "Save Your Tears - Live"
Big Brave "Muted Shifting of Space"

Bent Peg "Trap Door"
Creeper "Testing Me"
Mercyful Fate "Doomed by the Living Dead"
Heilung "Elddansurin"
Worm Quartet "Great Idea for a Song"

Dead Rites "Forsaken II - Live in Studio"
Code 10-56 "Fucking a Squirrel - Live in Studio"
Spazzare "Self Immolated - Live in Studio"
Never the Voiceless "Someday I Die - Live in Studio"
Dredneks "Circus Peanuts - Live in Studio"

Panic "Black Feather Shake"
Born in Winter "Paper and Roses"
Casket Robbery "From Hell"
Crimson Glory "Starchamber"
Danzig "Her Black Wings"

Abalienation "Frantic Fits of Depression"
Others "Under the Sunset"
RADII "The Time the Whole World Bled"
Wormwood "I Bottenlos Avja"

Psyche Corporation "Osiris"
Kings X "Over My Head"
Mammoth Storm "Shores of the Dead"
Deicide "Carnage in the Temple of the Damned"

Zero Mean "The Ouroboros - Live in Studio"
Kyuss "Conan Troutman"
Crypt Sermon "Key of Solomon"
Anthrax "Milk (Ode to Billy)"

Worm Quartet "My Job Gave me a Poncho / Adventures in Nostril Swallowing (A Tribute to Plants that Suck) / Spatula - Live / R2D2 Lives in My Butt / Recursively Anatomically Correct / Inner Voice"
Devo Spice "My Atari"
The Great Luke Ski "My Parents Bought Me an Intellivision"

Titanium Black "Cracks of Light"
Granny 4 Barrel "Nitro Sexy"
Hammerfall "The Dragon Lies Bleeding"  
Blind Guardian "Theater of Pain"
Queensryche "I Only Dream in Infrared"

Helmet "In the Meantime"
Varathron "Shayton"
Metalium "Fight"
Hypocrisy "Disconnected Magnetic Corridors"
King's X "Sumerland"

Marduk "Fistfucking God's Planet"
Danzig "Devil's Plaything"
Deicide "Deicide"
VoiVod "Brain Scan"
Queensryche "Screaming in Digital / I will Remember"

Opeth "To Bid You Farewell"