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November 27, 2016 - Symmetrical Defiance Live

Symmetrical DefiancePresent were, EVD, Just Joe, Nathan, and, R.J.. The band Symmetrical Defiance was there in the first portion of the program. They played a couple of sets of their songs live in our Performance Room. It sounded great, again, thanks to Nathan for running the sound. Then the band was interviewed. They are a cool band, they were here on R.J.'s recommendation. The previous Wednesday, November 23rd, had marked the 13th Anniversary of Just Joe's first appearance on LE, so we celebrated that this night. Azkath put together a highlight reel of The Best Of Just Joe's moments over the years, it was two hours long, everyone present tonight got to watch it, and, given all that's happened to him over the last 13 years, only a small portion of which was represented here, no one could believe he was still alive. We're still working on that, though. You will be able to see this video for yourself soon on our youtube channel. Just Joe has always been afraid of jellybeans. What a strange thing to be afraid of, like that guy from the band Rabid who's afraid of stickers, people can be so strange, I love jellybeans! They fed him jellybeans. at first he was whining, but, at the end of the night, he wasn't sure how he felt about them. There were segments of Movie Time, a TV program was recommended as well... At the end was also a Tribute to 2003.

- Fire Eater Wizard


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Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas "The Wreck of the SS Needle"

Vornth "Traveller of the Dark"
Testament "Apocalyptic City (Re-recorded 2016)"
Balance Interruption "Not Survived to the Sentencing"
Tainted Nation "Fight"

Punx Harmonic "Treason Within"
Mooncry "Defamed Pride"
Burning Point "The Time has Come"
Wormlight "Pitch Black Hatred"

Symmetrical Defiance Live
* Machine of Defiance
* Chrysalis
* Fate of the Blackened World
* Waiting in the Shadows

Asphyx "Forerunners of the Apocalypse"

Symmetrical Defiance Live
*. Waste
*. Alliance

Civil War "A Tale that Never Should be Told"
Beating Dead Meat "No Compromise"
Burning Point "The Time has Come"
Glare of the Sun "Extinction"

Kreator "Gods of Violence"

Lancer "Mastery"
Live Bombs "Sports isn't News"
Temple of Demigod "The Awakening of a Mighty One"
The Loom of Time "The Pinnacle of Hypocrisy" **cut**

EVD and Just Joe** 2003 Tribute **
Moonspell "From Lowering Skies"
Never the Sunshine "Superstar"
Anima Nera "Too Young for Black Metal"
Anathema "Pulled Under at 2000 Meters a Second"

Overkill "Thanks for Nothing"
Laibach "WAT"
Atom and His Package "Does Anyone Else in this Room"
Avenged Sevenfold "Reminissions"
Balzac "Beware of Darkness"
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets "Shoggoth's Away"

Die Apokalypischen Reiter "We Will Never Die"
Dream into Dust "Wrong Side of the Glass"
Erotic "Ribbons of Mercy"
Faith and the Muse "Relic Song"
Faun "Andro"

The Gathering "These Good People"
Gemini Five "You Spin Me Round"
Graveworm "Renaissance in Blood"
The Great Luke Ski "Stealing Like a Hobbit"
Children of Bodom "Triple Corpse Hammerblow"

Cradle of Filth "Better to Reign in Hell"
Dark Lunacy "Through the Non-Time"
Green Carnation "Crushed to Dust"
Hammers of Misfortune "A Room and a Riddle"

How Like a Winter "All the Seasons of Madness"
Iron Maiden "Paschendale"
Kekal "Artifacts of Modern Insanity"
King Diamond "Darkness"

Diamond Head "Our Time is Now"
Atila "Mr. Skeltal"
Wastewalker "Fleshwounds"
Chronicles of Israfel "Spirit Carousel"
Cirque Du So What? "Abortions and Guns"
Cadaveria "Dominion of Pain"

Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas "Cygnus"


The Movie