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November 27, 2016 - Symmetrical Defiance Live

Symmetrical DefiancePresent were, EVD, Just Joe, Nathan, and, R.J.. The band Symmetrical Defiance was there in the first portion of the program. They played a couple of sets of their songs live in our Performance Room. It sounded great, again, thanks to Nathan for running the sound. Then the band was interviewed. They are a cool band, they were here on R.J.'s recommendation. The previous Wednesday, November 23rd, had marked the 13th Anniversary of Just Joe's first appearance on LE, so we celebrated that this night. Azkath put together a highlight reel of The Best Of Just Joe's moments over the years, it was two hours long, everyone present tonight got to watch it, and, given all that's happened to him over the last 13 years, only a small portion of which was represented here, no one could believe he was still alive. We're still working on that, though. You will be able to see this video for yourself soon on our youtube channel. Just Joe has always been afraid of jellybeans. What a strange thing to be afraid of, like that guy from the band Rabid who's afraid of stickers, people can be so strange, I love jellybeans! They fed him jellybeans. at first he was whining, but, at the end of the night, he wasn't sure how he felt about them. There were segments of Movie Time, a TV program was recommended as well... At the end was also a Tribute to 2003.

- Fire Eater Wizard


November 28, 2010 - Just Joe's Anniversary!

Since Just Joe missed his 7th Anniversary show last week (it was on Tuesday, November 23rd, two days after that LE, and five days before this one), it was celebrated again, much more fully, on this night. Happy 7th Anniversary, Just Joe! Just Joe said he had missed his Anniversary show because someone had ridden their bicycle in front of his car, and when he stopped (because he didn't want to damage his car), they had chloroformed him, and locked him in the trunk of his own car. He could still hear his show from his car stereo, he just couldn't get to it. He said he thought the perpetrator was Kal, a regular in our chat room. EVD was there for the first two or three hours, Little Gorgar and Adam were there for about the same time, and Ria was there for a while in the middle of the program. The clip of Just Joe's first ever appearance on LE was played once again this week, since he was actually there this time, and the one other clip that had been played last week was played again as well, but this week many, many more clips were played, they were played all night long, featuring the highlights of Just Joe's 7 years here. These clips were from Best Of The Last Exit For The Lost CD's. There was lots of Movie Time, as there hadn't been one the week before, so there was two weeks worth of it now, interspersed all throughout the night, with EVD, Little Gorgar, Adam, and, Ria participating in some of them. Just Joe, however, who should have had lots of material for this, being as how he had two weeks worth of movie watching to talk about, said that, while he was certain he had seen lots of movies in that time, he couldn't remember a single one of them to talk about, proving that, while he is not quite as worthless as Dave, he sure isn't worth much!
-Fire Eater Wizard