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Nov 22, 2020 - Just Joe's 17th Anniversary Show

Just Joe's AnniversaryThis is Just Joe's 17th Anniversary on The Last Exit. We have a fun selection of events for him to participate in, we play some music relevant to his time on the show, and of course, plenty of new stuff! Joe survives once again, more or less...


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Fates Warning - The Destination Onward
Killing Joke - Extremities
Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - Monolith

Macabre - Now It's Time To Pay
Accuser - Phantom Graves
Amorphis - My Kantele
Arawn - Mozkomor
Black Heart Blisters - Let Them Die In Vain

Dio - Don't Talk To Strangers (live)
Children Of Technology - Written Destiny
Corrupted Saint - Forced to the Gallows
Cult Burial - Abyss
Final Nation - Holy Reaper

Witherfall - The Last Scar
Warfect - Hail Caesar
Völur - Dead Moon
The Commander-In-Chief - Battle for the Mind
The Commander-In-Chief - Moonlight Sonata

Summoner - The Interloper (Live)
The Deviant - Son Of Dawn
The Kids - Go Back to Canberra - explicit
The Pocket Gods - Music From Crap Cartoons
New Animal - Cortland

Deathblow - Nefarious Ends
Serpents - Requiem
Sacrocurse (Mex) - Man Became Cursed
Passengers in Panic - No Ghosts
Armageddon Monks - Pope Action Shotgun

Necrodeath - Succubus Rises
Loudblast - The promethean fire
Lords Of Black - Into The Black
Katla. - Sálarsvefn
Def Leppard - Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)

Bas Rotten - Dissociation
Cellar Vessel - In A Regal Age Ran I
Dead End America - Dead White Hands
E.N.D. - Blinded by Avarice
Cinderella - Push, Push

Great Cold Emptiness - The Erotic Waltz
Iced Earth - Written On The Walls (Remixed & Remastered 2020)
Junior Bruce - Anti-God
Junkpile Jimmy - The End of the Empire
Veil Of Anguish - Summer Dying Fast (Cradle of Filth Cover)

HJELVIK - Helgrinda
Imha Tarikat - Sturm Der Erlösung
Fortíð - Supressed Opposition
Fractal Generator - Chaosphere
Fluttr Effect - Hollywood Is Porn

Mikaela - Death Dance
Sarcator - The Hour Of Torment
Sinful Lust - Chemical To Chemical
Forbidden - Follow Me

Forward Now - Slow Like Sadness
Harlott - Idol Minded
Garmarna - Sven I Rosengård
Horsehunter - Witchery (Live)

Shores of Null - Shores Of Null - Beyond the Shores (on Death and Dying)

Vendetta - Conversation
To Kill Achilles - Oh God, I've Never Felt This Low
Toxikull - Cursed and Punished
TV's Kyle - The-Swarm
Valravn (Finland) - Evoke The Fire
Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire

Fates Warning - Alone We Walk


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