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June 2, 2019 - 25th Anniversary of Azkath running the Show

EveryoneFriday, June 3rd, 1994 was the first show on WVBR that Seriah Azkath hosted in any way. It was still called The Metal Cage back then, and Mary, who was also a host at the time, hosted part of the show. Azkath's first full show was June 10th, 1994. The first Saturday show, and when the name likely changed to The Last Exit for the Lost was January 20, 1996. In this and the next few shows, we have on some old guests and co-hosts, play old clips from the show, and music from bands that were on the show or played on the show regualrly. We also start the show with a Tribute to Matt Noldy, who had passed away a few hours before air time. Matt had been the vocalist and drummer for Tomorrow's Dream, later turned Never the Sunshine. He was a friend of the show, and Tomorrow's Dream was the first band Azkath ever interviewed on WVBR.

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Tomorrow's Dream "Dying Young"
Monster Magnet "Look to Your Orb for the Warning"
Never the Sunshine "Show Me How / Follow the Circle Down"

99 Cent Special "OK? Aren't Wee?
Holy Tide "Chains of Enoch"
Possessed "The Eyes of Horror"
Lethargy "Lost in This Existence"

Montanka "Fire Burns"
Sentinel Beast "Dogs of War"
Golgotha "INRI / Crucified"
Warlock "Hellbound"
Doro "Terrorvision"

Ascend the Hollow "Vessels"
Creeper "Say High"
Saint Chaos "Nothing is Forever"
Rogga Johansson "When the Otherwise Opens"

Bent Peg "Trap Door"
Genitor "Heart Like Concrete - Live in Studio"
Temple Kuludra "Grey Apparition"
One Step Beyond "Rising Above"
Lizzy Borden "Save Me"

Chronoform "Veil"
Vicious Rumors "Ride (Into the Sun)"
Eterne "The Crawling Chaos"
Excuse "Blade of the Antichrist"
Ellefson "Hammer (Comes Down)"

Diamond Tyr "Walls of Pain"
Sweet Oblivion "True Colors"
Holocausto "Simbolos Da Discordia"
Angkor Wat "Ordinary Madness"

Darkthrone "Old Star"
Faith No More "Surprise You're Dead"
Heavy Temple "Key and Bone"
Shumaun "Nafsi Ammara"

Punch Drunk Monkeys "Don't Ask Me"
Brave "Race to the End"
Rome "Celine in Jerusalem"
Nevalra "Admidst the Ivory Dragon"
Crappy the Clown "My Girl's a Vegetable"

Idols of Perversity "Bob Redwood Sucks"
The Plank Boys "Vulgar"
Boiler "Bingo"
Windbreed "Balance of the Endless Walk"
... And Here I Lie "In Coldness"

Runescarred "This is Mine"
In Flames "Colony"
Celtic Frost "Mesmerized"
Coroner "When Angels Die"
Sodom "Remember the Fallen"

Irata "Weightless"
Military Wife "Affliction"
Sacred Few "Last Chance"
Gamma Ray "Land of the Free"

Zero Mean "Kiss It Black"
Anisa Murphy "Hole in My Head"
Abrahma "Lucidly Adrift"
Destruction "Cracked Brain"

Lethargy "Humor Me"
Tomorrow's Dream "Trip"