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June 9, 2019 - Second 25th Anniversary Show


This was the second of our 5 25th Anniversary Shows. Just Joe's hugging music made a return, sausage was slapped, and lots of new and old music was played, and some old best of clips from the distant past...

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Skyclad "Thinking Allowed"
Phantom Blue "Going Mad"
Olathia "Martyr"

Bruce Dickinson "Sacred Cowboys"
Pigmaster "American Truck Stop"
Chernaa "Alice Syndrome"
Last Crack "Icicle"

Annihilator "Back to the Palace"
Toxpack "Kampfer"
Godplow "One Percenter"
Rage "Supersonic Hydromatic"

Gaahls Wyrd "Ghosts Invited"
Within "3 Days and 3 Nights at the Technoclub / Left for the Rats"
Axioma "Cult of Moloch"
Bloody Hammers "Now the Screaming Starts"
King Diamond "Moonlight"

Entombed "Left Hand Path"
Phantom Blue "Frantic Zone"
Cycle Sluts from Hell "Conqueress"
Iron Maidens "Wasted Years"
An Isolated Mind "Afraid of Dissonance"

Destruction "Born to Perish"
If Man is Five "Post Cranial Debris"
Abhor "Legione Occulta"
Pleasure Void "Perfect Mess"
Bad Religion "American Jesus"

Demenzia Mortis "Deus Mortem"
Faerie Ring "Bite the Ash"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Hallucinational"
99 Cent Special "Dying For"
Psyche Corporation "Raise the Dead (Variation)"

Skelator "Cast Iron"
Bruce Dickinson "Change of Heart"
Skyclad "The Ilk of Human Blindness / Tunnel Visionaries / A Word to the Wise"
Enthroned "Hosanna Satana"

Lethargy "Intro / Tainted"
BCT "Douchebag #2"
Slave One "Sated"
Sulaco "Chosen"

Worm Quartet "Dear God"
Aeon Winds "Dawn of the Untamed Moon"
Pennywise "Might be a Dream"
Sax Myle "White Trash / Coffee Black"
Manegarm "Drakeld"

Manegarm "Tvenne Drommar"
One Eyed Doll "Committed"
Chrome Waves "Predatory Animals"
Punch Drunk Monkeys "Mr. Softy"
Under Subsidence "Believe"

Grand Magus "Untamed"
Therion "Thor"
Rage "Don't Fear the Winter"
Seasons of the Wolf "Transmission"
A. C. "Well, You Know Mean Gene..."
Soilwork "In a Close Encounter"

Abigail "Bitterness... Tears"
Insanity "Death After Death"
Brenda's Never Been "Cunt Face"
Gehenna "The Killing Kind"

The Fabulous Dung Beatles "Austin 3x16"
Seance "Who Will Not Be Dead"
Memoriam "Undefeated"
Assassin "Fight (To Stop the Tyranny)"

Cootie Shot "Doing Kermit / Hoj Tpoj - Live on the Last Exit"
Milk Toast "Ball of Hate"
Phantom Blue "Out of Control"
Skyclad "It wasn't Meant to End this Way"

Bruce Dickinson "Tears of the Dragon"