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June 23, 2019 - Fourth 25th Anniversary Show

Last ExitThis anniversary show saw a visit from Pez, who was host of The Metal Cage (previous name for The Last Exit) when Seriah started. It also saw the return of James, a regular co-host, and The Sloth.

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Miranda Sex Garden "Peep Show"
Sacred Reich "Awakening"
Pro-Pain "Gunya Down"

Creeper "Have Every Moment Pulse"
Hatriot "Daze into Darkness"
The Holeum "Geometric Dance"
Trouble "Tragedy Man"

Hangman's Heart "Mary Elizabeth / Old Blue Promise - Live"
Reign in Blood "Dawn of a Dying Soul"
Faith No More "From Out of Nowhere"

Therapy? "Stop It You're Killing Me"
Acid Bath "Cassie Eats Cockroaches"
Kamikaze Zombie "The Dark Eyes of London"
Slayer "Captor of Sin"
Ana Kefr "Takeover"

Dormitory Effect "What Have I Done"
Mercyful Fate "Shadows"
E-An-Na "Apele Inghetate"
Scorpions "Coming Home - Live"

Missing Marcus "So Much for Goodbye - Live"
Boatman's Toll "Nothing Means Nothing"
White Lion "Lady of the Valley"
Eternal Storm "Detachment"
Sun Descends "Day Rat"

Polyethylene "Manu Mou ta Kleftopoula"
Angels Beneath Me "The Art is Suicide"
Fluttreffect "Hollywood is Porn"
A'Rebours "The Wicked One"

Desultory "Life Shatters"
Throne "Construction of the Gods"
Armageddon Monks "Severed"
By the Spirits "Secret Trees"
Psyche Corporation "Minor Demon"

Excel "Tapping into the Emotional Void"
Total Hate "Death Raid Apocalypse"
VoiVod "Cockroaches"
In for the Kill "Chaos"
Coffee Inc. "Fuck the Leaders"
Dufus "Anouk"

Crappy and Shoebox "Smell My Nipple, Win a Prize / Crappy's Ho Down - Live in Studio"
Monster Magnet "Powertrip"
Superstition "Highly Attuned Beasts of the Dark"
Scholar "Locke Syndrome"

Epoch of Unlight "Silver Mistress"
Serpent of Gnosis "Fragile Vessel of Serenity"
Centinex "For Centuries Untold"
Hagzissa "Searing Effigy"

Loki the Grump "Brand New Me"
Anathema "Alternative 4"
Firespawn "Abominate"
WASP "Skinwalker"

If Man is Five "Hemorrhage"
Sacrilege "Lies"
Worm Quartet "Archie's Got a STD"

Trouble "Mr. White / Breathe..."