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June 5, 2016 - Take 2 Live in Studio

Take Two and NathanSo this week we had Take Two back in studio to perform. They had planned on having a new CD by now, but things did not work out like they wanted. Regardless, they came and they played. Check them out on Facebook

This was also the 22nd Anniversary of Me, Azkath, doing The Last Exit for the Lost. Well, not exactly, it would have been June 3rd, and it wasn't The Last Exit back then, it was The Metal Cage. June 2nd is the first night I was on the air, and I've been on almost every week since (only missing a handful over the 22 year period.) When I came in, the show was on Fridays, I moved it to Saturday not to overlap The Metallic Onslaught. Instead of a Tribute to any year this night, I played about 2 hours of bands that have been in studio with us over the years, some playing live. I also snuck in some material from our Best of Cd's. 



Fates Warning "Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen"
Candlemass "Sleeping Giant"
Death "Denial of Life"

Suicidal Angels "Image of the Serpent"
Unparalleled Hight "WWIII"
The Schoenberg Automation "Lost City of Embers"
Jinjer "Words of Wisdom"

** Take Two Live in Studio **
Never Enough
Rise Above

A New Dawn "Veil of Charity"
Saosin "Ideology is Theft"
3 Kisses "Love is a Grave"
Nervosa "Intolerance Means War"

** Take Two Live in Studio **
Small Town, Small World

Discharge "Rape and Pillage"
Crisix "Strange"
Dirigiri "Death by Hands of an Angel"
Mausoleum Gate "Demon Soul"

Take Two "Lost in Love"
Cootie Shot "Doing Kermit / Hoj Tpoj - Live in Studio"
Crappy and Shoebox "My Girl's a Vegatable - Live in Studio"
Genitor "Cheer Up, It's the End of the World - Live in Studio"
Future 86 "Suddenly - Live in Studio"

Mastermind "Broken"
If Man is Five "Water - Live in Studio"
Others "Not a Word - Live in Studio"
Missing Marcus "So Much for Goodbye - Live in Studio"

Divinity Destroyed "Sweet Heresy"
Ana Kefr "Takeover"
Zadoc... And the Nightmare "Another Way - Live in Studio"
The Lobster Quadrille "Rusty - Live"

The Plankboys "Under the Influence"
New Animal "Give It"
Armageddon Monks "Severed"
Chasing Valor "Victorious"

InRed "Paparazzi - Live in Studio"
Idols of Perversity "Not for You"
Rabid "Disciples of Death - Live in Studio"
Angels Beneath Me "A New Dream"

Psyche Corporation "Raise the Dead"
Pleasure Void "Bell Jar"
Fluttr Effect "Transmission"
Scholar "Locke Syndrome"

The Fabulous Dung Beatles "Austin 3x16"
Fox 45 "Necromancing the Stone"
Clarke Ashton Smith "To Howard Phillips Lovecraft"
Carnifex "Drown Me in Blood"
Patrick Rennick and Stephen Whatley "Death Star Prison Blues"

Jon Stickley Trio "Darth Radar"
Even the Dead Love a Parade "Humane"
Feared "World Eater"
Hesitation Wounds "New Abuse"

Spire "Starcycle"
Combichrist "Skullcrusher"
Worm Quartet "I'm Gonna Procreate"
Third Ion "Lessons Burned"
Nails "Savage Intolerance"

Fall of Man "Suddenly"
Iron Imperium "Dead Ahead"
Cilver "Headstone"
Eric Steel "Rescue Me"

Hitman "Dead on Arrival"
Heathen "Mercy is No Virtue"
Sickhoose "SRJ"
Skrew "Picasso Trigger"

Skold "All Dies"