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January 29, 2017 - Take Two Live

Take Two

Present were, EVD, and, Nathan. The band Take Two performed a set of several songs live in The Performance Room, after which they were interviewed, and updated us on all the latest goings on with them, and introduced us to their new band member. they are cool. You can find them on Facebook. Nathan was given a present for doing such a good job running the sound, as he always does. His gift was an old VHS Camcorder. Nathan likes old equipment, he was playing with it all the rest of his time there. Nathan still has that teen werewolf look going on. At 5:00, an H.P. Lovecraft story, "Pickman's Model", was played in it's entirety, it ran about a half hour. There were segments of Movie Time...

-Fire Eater Wizard


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Hittman "Breakout"
Fields of the Nefilim "The Watchman"
Within the Ruins "Death of the Rockstar"
Black Sites "Dead Languages"
Ximbalba "Diablo"

Battalions "A Coward's Manifesto"
Havok "Hang Em High"
Wormwood "The Universe is Dying"
Doctor Livingstone "Dancing with Horses"
Brought by Pain "Ending"

Kreator "World War Now"
Sepultura "Mass Hypnosis"
Obituary "Sentence Day"
Warbringer "Silhouettes"

Take Two Live in Studio
* Lost in Love
* Daydreaming
* Never Enough
* Hearts Will Remain
* Survivors

The Great Old Ones "When the Stars Align"
Ellman Miller White "Allergen X"

Iron Reagan "More War"
Memoriam "Reduced to Ashes"
Oracles "There Will be Blood"
Nails "You Will Never Be One of Us"
Eshtadur "Cornered at the Earth"
Galactic Empire "Cantina Band"

Didingr "Surtr"
The Vicious Head Society "Psychedelic Torture Trip"
Brainwashed "Heavy Metal Deadride"
Lunar Shadow "They That Walk the Night"
Lethe "My Doom"

Saltillo "The Locus Priory"
Oxymor "Trouble Dedale"
Overkill "Rotten to the Core / Bastard Nation"
Schoolyard Heroes "Cemetery Girls"

Savage Grace "Destination Unknown"
Savatage "24 Hours Ago / I Believe / Ghost in the Ruins"
Shok Paris "Tokyo Rose"

Shotgun Messiah "Living Without You / Monkey Needs"
Skold "Remember"
Skid Row "Big Guns - Live"
Tigertailz "Livin' Without You"

Skin Chamber "Mind Grinder"
Skinny Puppy "Hardset Head"
Skrew "Picasso Trigger"
Slave One "Hybrid Strain"
Forward Now "Coward White Man"

Radii "Monstrance Clock"
Me and that Man "My Church is Black"
Azrael "Fall to Pieces"
Aversion's Crown "Prismatic Abyss"
Power Trip "Executioner's Tax"
Asofy "Infinite"

Sunless "Gathering at the Skull's Eye"
H.P. Lovecraft "Pickman's Model"

Dream Theater "A Change of Seasons"
Hittman "Test of Time"



The Movie