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April 3, 2016 - National Joe Day

LEThis was a fun night, lots of awesome music was played, we did an old school tribute set to 2003 (the year Just Joe first appeared on the Last Exit), as well as a cover set near the end of the show... Yeah...  Oh, and it was National Joe Day, well not really, because Just Joe can never make it on National Joe Day because his daughter was born on that day. Yes. Seriously. And for some reason, he didn't name her Joe, or anything like Joe. Weird. Anyway, we moved our celebration out a week. We discussed how the previous week, no bunnies were sacrifcied on Easter, which apparently caused Hell to freeze over. It was, after all, cold and snowy outside. We determined we needed a Virgin sacrifice. So... we invited Porno Joe back... By invite, I mean I (Azkath) long ago left a post hypnotic suggestion in Joe's head that we was a porn star filming a movie whenever he hears porn music. So the music played, Porno Joe returned, and we told him Kevin was his co-star. Kevin was not what you would call, pleased. It was funny to the rest of us. Our plan was to have Porno Joe kill Kevin, probably with embarassment, and make things right. It didn't work. Later we showed Joe what he did, and why Kevin was afraid of him. Joe was puzzled why he doesn't remember. Oh, yeah, also way back when I implanted the suggestion that there is no way he can be hypnotized. I can tell him over and over I was hypnotizing him, but he doesn't believe it.  Luckily, he also doesn't read these. Anyway, as the night progressed we learned Joe often doesn't know where he has been or what he has been doing. That part is probably not my fault. I mean, it could be, I do mess with his brain and hit him in the head a lot. Nah, probably not it. Anyways, a fun time was had by all. Except maybe Kevin. He needed a couple weeks to recover...



Fleurety "En Skikkelse I Horisonten"
Moonsorrow "Ruttolehto incl. Päivättömän Päivän Kansa"

Éohum "The Apathetic Plague"
Sinistro "Reliquia"
Intronaut "Fault Lines"

West Berlin "Hell is Black"
Lillian Axe "Voices in my Walls"
Blood Ceremony "Lord of Misrule"
Lucifer's Hammer "The Hammer of the Gods"
Discharge "Hatebomb"

Mantar "Era Borealis"
Them "Dead of Night"
Enthean "Tones of Desecration"
Seventh Xul "Sitra Ahra"
Phil Johnson and The Roadside Attraction "The Legend of Ms. Garcia"

** OLD SCHOOL HOUR 2003 **
Avec Tristesse "A View of the End"
Balzac "Day the Earth Caught Fire"
Hypercenter "Drenched in Blood"
Mindfield "Gallery in Black"

Schoolyard Heroes "Attack of the Puppet People"
Moonspell "From Lowering Skies"
Lullacry "Crucify My Heart"
The Gathering "These Good People"

Zakas "El Chupacabra"
The Witching "Let Us Drown"
Superdrive "Blistering"
Torsos from Space "Japanese Porn"

Sulaco "Cry Me a River"
Star of Ash "Beautiful as Torment"
Necrodeath "Last Tone(s) of Death"
Never the Sunshine "Show Me How / Follow the Circle Down"

Grand Magus "Varangian"
Cardinal's Folly "Goats on the Left"
Savatage "Beyond the Doors of the Dark"
Volker "Bitch"
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus "Immaculate Deconception"

La Chinga "Mother of all Snakeheads"
Walls of Jericho "Illusion of Safety"
God Syndrome "Fire"
Possessed "Fallen Angel"
Rotting Christ "The Four Horsemen"

Voice of Addiction "Modern Day Meltdown"
Rabid "Fuel Injected Vengeance"
Old Man "Words"
Spit Nickels "Life will Kill You"
Morbid Saint "Burned at the Stake"
Child Bite "The Great Ego Flood"

Metal Church "Reset"
The New Roses "Dead Man's Voice"
Architects of Chaoz "When Murder Comes to Town"
Soto "Suckerpunch"

Abbath "Riding on the Wind"
Maax "Dethroned Emperor"
Adrenaline O.D. "We Will Rock You"
Ludichrist "Last Train to Clarkesville"
Mesmerize "The Needle Lies"

Vindicator "Humanarchy"
Metal Witch "Believe in the Power of Rock"
Mama's Boys "Letting Go - Live"
Dangerous Toys "Scared - Live"

Beastmaker "Eyes are Watching"
Wyrd "Death of the Sun"
Alien "Cosmic Fantasy"
Bengal Tigers "Break and Bend"
Bad Brains "Secret 77"

Pictures of Pain "World Demise"

The Movie