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January 18, 2015 - Wulfie's Birthday Show

2014 01 18 LEMO Randys Birthday

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Craft of Unknown Origin "Chasing the Trickster"
Napalm Death "Metaphorically Screw You"
Aethyr "The Gnostic Mass"
Caelestia "Malleus Maleficarum "The Secret Cult""
One-Eyed Doll "Black in the Rye"
Divahar "Call of the Fire"
Acherontas "Ma IoN (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)"
Ne Obliviscaris "Pyrrhic"
Lich King "Hot for Teacher"
Undead Messengers "Never Fall - Live"
The Passion of Our Souls "Everything"
The Agonist "Faceless Messenger"
Iron Lamb "Backstabber"
One-Way Mirror "Neglected Skies"
Lord Dying "The Clearing at the End of the Path"
W.A.S.P. "Blind in Texas" (R)
Krokus "Smelly Nelly" (R)
Aktor "I Was the Son of God"
Air Raid "Madness"
Night Demon "Screams in the Night"
Kampfar "Mylder"
Simus "Soulmaker"
Mourning Mist "Freefall"
A2aThoT "Blanket"
Year of the Locust "The Bottom"
Solefald "The Germanic Entity"
Pigeon Lake "Confrontation"
Sarpanitum "Glorification Upon the Powdered Bones of the Sundered Dead"
the great Luke Ski "The Twilight Zone"
Murderdolls "Die My Bride"
High on Fire "Snakes for the Divine"
Black Sabbath "Thrill of It All"
W.A.S.P. "The Headless Children"
Manowar "Revelation (Death's Angel)"
Xthirt13n "A Taste of the Light"
Sodom "Sacred Warpath"
Saskwatch "Left Me to Die"
The Autumn League "Lament"
Earthen Grave "Stargazer (Live)"
Undead Messengers "Venom" Live 12-20-14
The German Panzer "Hail and Kill"
Cauldron of Hate "Wind of Doom"
Dead Happy "Banana Blood Bath"
Entheogen "Jupiter"
Crisis "Captain Howdy"
Idols of Perversity "Not for You"
If Man is Five "This Reality"
Jingo De Lunch "Cowboy Song"
Warlock "All We Are"
Chastain "The 7th of Never"
L7 "Let's Lynch the Landlord"
Sentinel Beast "Phantom of the Opera"
Hellion "Backstabber"
Phantom Blue "Frantic Zone"
Bitch "Riding in Thunder"
ZnoWhite "Rest in Peace"
Detente "Widow's Walk"
Fear of God "Worms"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Present were, Just Joe, EVD, Rick and Randy from "The Metallic Onslaught", Dave, of The Finger Lakes Metal Fest, and, Olivia and Tim, from the band Undead Messengers. Dave told us about his new project he is putting together, Metal Meat Magazine, which will be devoted to new and obscure metal bands all around the world, it sounds very cool. A couple of live tracks from Undead Messengers were played, they rock. It was both Randy's and Tim's Birthdays, I'm not sure what dates exactly, but sometime within the past week, Randy had turned forty nine, and Tim had turned twenty seven. Happy Birthday, guys. So of course this was a Big Birthday Bash Show. The upstairs production room was filled almost all the way up to the ceiling with balloons, the lights would be turned out, and people would have to spend a talk break in there. First was Just Joe. Whoever was in The Balloon Room could talk to everyone else. Just Joe reported that it was kind of creepy in there. Next, Olivia and Tim went in. Olivia could be heard whimpering, and then they both were screaming, saying there was something slithering around in there besides balloons. Next, EVD and Rick. They, too, said that there was something slithering around in there, as well as some gooey, sticky stuff, which Olivia and Tim may have been responsible for. Then it was Randy's turn. He was told he would be alone in there, but that was a lie. First he also said there was something slithering around, and then he found out that Just Joe was also in there with him, and scared him and almost gave him a heart attack. Just Joe began touching Randy in inappropriate ways, and then, as if that wasn't bad enough, Azkath put on Just Joe's Porn Theme Music, which turns him into Porno Joe, who wanted to give Randy a very special Birthday experience. Randy could be heard screaming. Once they were out of The Balloon Room, Just Joe had no memory of being Porno Joe, he never does once his Theme Music stops. And we found out that poor Just Joe had been trapped in a room where, before Randy realized he was there, Randy had farted, several times, which is enough to kill someone. Now it was time to give Randy and Tim their Birthday spankings, starting with Randy. Just Joe and Azkath got into a brawling fight over who would have the privilege of giving Randy his spankings with a big stick. Just Joe won the brawl. He gave Randy his spankings, but Just Joe can't count very well, and is easily distracted, very easily distracted, so he kept starting over, again and again and again. Then they all reminded Just Joe how much he had suffered trapped in an enclosed room with Randy's lethal gas, didn't he want to punish him for that? Remember how it tasted? Just Joe went wild on Randy with the stick. Then Just Joe gave Tim his spankings, having to start over lots of times again. Then Olivia said no one was allowed to spank Tim but her, so she did it. Just Joe also screeched, err, I mean, sang "Happy Birthday To You" while he was administering his spankings, which was quite something, as it always is. Azkath told Just Joe he had one more Birthday present for Randy. He hypnotized Just Joe and told him that, no matter what anyone said, he would not be able to see Randy, then he sent Just Joe up to The Balloon Room. While Just Joe was shut in there, waiting for them to tell him what to do, Randy began growling and popping balloons. Just Joe freaked out. They asked him what was going on, and he screeched that he didn't know, that he wanted out. They sent Tim up to help, but Tim wasn't much help, he reported that Just Joe had passed out. EVD was dispatched to remedy that. He "my crotch, your faced" Just Joe. That woke him up in a hurry. It also broke him. He came running back down completely traumatized, screaming and crying. Every time he saw EVD he did that more, and louder. And whenever they would bring it up. Olivia tried to comfort him, and he slobbered and blubbered all over her. Then she gave him noogies, because he was on Tim's lap, and, again, no one gets to do that but her. Randy got to pick a set of songs for his Birthday. Azkath hypnotized Just Joe and told him that he could now see Randy again, and now he could remember that Randy had been in The Balloon Room with him. But then he kept remembering the EVD part and getting hysterical again. There was a segment of Movie Time, with Just Joe still too traumatized to participate much. The last hour was The Old School Hour, but not just any Old School Hour, it was an all female fronted bands Old School Hour...