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March 26, 2017 - Justin's Birthday and Undead Messengers Live in Studio

0326170423.jpgUndead Messengers from Corning, NY, return to play live with their most recent line up. It was also Justin's birthday. We played some cool music for him, and celebrated his birthday Last Exit style... Toni from RADII came by, and brought some more Magnetic Eye Records stuff for us to play... Oh and at the end of the night, Peter from the Salt Creek Show came in and reminded us it was National Joe Day. Um. We forgot. Just Joe was NOT happy. He almost always misses National Joe Day, but he was there, and we forgot about it. He blamed Justin for having his birthday celebration on the same weekend and swore revenge...




Onslaught "In Search of Sanity"
Holy Terror "A Fool's Gold / Terminal Humor"

A New Dawn "Composition of Life"
Wednesday 13 "What the Night Brings"
The Wizards "Odinist"
Fuck You Pay Me "Ammosexual"
Xerosun "Anatomy of a Lie"
Avatarium "Into the Fire / Into the Storm"

Elephant Tree "Lament"
Slayer "The Antichrist"
Bad Brains "I against I"
Ironweed "Awaken"
Titanium "World of Contradictions"
Summoner "The Prophecy"
Steve Goodie "I Wanna Eat a Big Piece of Cheese"

Undead Messengers Live
* Reaping
* Worth Dying For
* Venom
* Haunting You
* Supernova
* Falling

Birth A.D. "Kill Everybody"
Tristania "Angina"
Therion "Wine of Aluqah"
Superchief "Cross Town Traffic"
TV's Kyle "There's No Link Between All of This (and Cheese)"

Warbringer "Shellfire"
Equilibrium "Rise Again"
Lacuna Coil "Soul into Hades"
Redwest "The Dreamcatcher"
Order of Chaos "The Anthem of Pain"
I Am Become Death "Jumping Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane"

D.R.I. "Stupid, Stupid War Live / I'd Rather be Sleeping Live / Reaganomics / I.D.K.Y. / As Seen on TV"
Sabbat "The Best of Enemies"
Overkill "Thanx for Nothin'"

Spazzare "Want to Go"
Tina Guo "Battle of Zharafin"
Slagduster "Profane Puppet"
Hyborian "Dead Lies Dreaming"
Ordoxe "Your Sorrow, My Sorrow"

Domkraft "Red Lead"
Critical Solution "The Village"
Daredevil Squadron "Last Resort"
Jordablod "Chants for the Black One"
Radii "Lucifer's the Light"

Meka Nism "Mouth of God - Live"
Varja "Erode the Will"
The Ruins of Beverast "Surtur Barbaar Maritime"
Valgrind "New Born Deceit"

Akuma "Ingolstadt"
The Monolith Deathcult "Seven Months of Mysticism"
Netherbird "Brazen Splendor"
Sawthis "Start a New Game"
Time Walk "Time Heals Nothing"

Illimitable Dolor "Comet Dies or Shines"
Skeletons in the Piano "The Blood Beyond"
Low Flying Hawks "White Temple"
Me and That Man "Shaman Blues"
Sabbath Assembly "Angels Trumpets"

Onslaught "Welcome to Dying"

The Movie