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April 10, 2016 - Justin's Birthday

Justin's BirthdayOne of our newest co-hosts, Justin, celebrated his 22nd birthday around this time. So, we set up the Wheel of Doom, and had him spin for...  Well, his doom. I think he liked it too much... We also did a Tribute to 1994, the year Justin was born.



Slayer "The Antichrist"
Amorphis "The Four Wise Ones"
Sinnery "Built to Kill"
True Black Dawn "The Light Goes Out"
Astrakhan "Turgid Waters"
Attala "Haze"
Cauchemar "Main de Gloire"
Circle of Indifference "From this I Depart"
Destruction "Under Attack"
Rabid "Shoot from the Hip"
Somnus Aeturnus "Insecure Pawn"
Stortregn "Crimson Depths"
Teloch "Obliteration"
King Diamond "Abigail"
H.P. Lovecraft "Hallowe'en"
The Dread Crew of Oddwood "Expedition on Heavy Submarine"
Backdawn "I Shall Burn Your Empire"
Rabid "Dream Ripper"
Discharge "Hatebomb"
Apocalyptica "Path"
Mountain Grave "The Final Dimensions of Blight"
Orden Ogan "A Reason to Give"
Prag 83 "The Devil's Heart"
Peekaboo Primate "Ha Ha"
Vetten Aparat "Winter Darkness"
Boris and Merzbow "Farewell / Planet of the Cows"
Nemesea "Let It Burn"
Ensiferum "By the Dividing Stream / From Afar"
Ihsahn "Until I Too Dissolve"
** OLD SCHOOL HOUR 1994 **
Bruce Dickinson "Sacred Cowboys"
Bad Religion "Stranger than Fiction"
Bile "You're a Fucking Loser"
Obituary "Final Thoughts"
Therapy? "Knives / Screamager"
King Missile "The Commercial"
Cannibal Corpse "Stripped, Raped, and Strangled"
Overkill "Bastard Nation"
Savatage "Handful of Rain"
Blink "Cello"
Clawfinger "Rosegrove"
Nine Inch Nails "Piggy"
Bent Peg "Figure It Out"
Creeper "Tribute"
Anal Cunt "Theme from the A Team"
Collapsing Lungs "Let's Play a Game"
Compulsion "Why Do We Care?"
At the Gates "Forever Blind"
Kyuss "Conan Troutman"
Mutha's Day Out "We All Bleed Red"
Marble "Tank"
L.A. Guns "Why Ain't I Bleeding"
Kratos "Inner Chaos"
HP Lovecraft "The Cats"
Treadmill "Tiny Tim's Crutch"
Maleficence "Pyre of Pentinence"
Bride "Evil that Men Do"
Khanus "Orgone"
Beowulf "Done Got Caught"
Winterhorde "They Came with Eyes of Fire"
Witness "Show Me What You Got"
Coffin Dust "The Living Coffin"
Lucifer's Hammer "Lucifer's Hammer"
Sinistro "Reliquia"
Necronomicon "Advent of the Human God (Heart of Darkness)"
Maelstrom "Face the Music"
Entheos "The Infinite Nothing"
Metal Church "Suffer Fools"
Soper Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows "Little Velveteen Knight"

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