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March 6, 2016 - Nathan becomes a Man!

0306160111The Thursday before this LE, March 3rd had been Nathan's Birthday, so this LE celebrated that. Present were, Nathan, EVD, Just Joe, Justin, Kevin, and, The Old Man. Nathan got presents, from Just Joe, Nathan's own keys, from Justin, adult diapers, from Kevin, a My Little Pony pillow, from The Old Man, a lap dance. While he was getting his lap dance, Nathan kept asking for help. None came, of course. But, after it was over, Nathan said that he had actually liked his present, and he had asked for help because he was out of singles. Everyone was quite taken aback by this. The Old Man has some songs out, all parodies of songs from the '80's, all about how it is to be old, very gross, lots of talk about bodily functions and fluids. Then they put Nathan in The Demon Box, where he would be Idosed, to face his inner demons. When they asked him what he had seen, he said, ponies. Azkath injected him with DMT, and told Just Joe to put him back in the box. When he came out, he still said he had seen ponies. He didn't seem very upset about it either. They told him he had one last present, The Old Man was his, and he had just been given DMT. Nathan seemed happy with his present. Um, Nathan, Dude, you are SERIOUSLY MESSED UP, I suggest you seek therapy, RIGHT AWAY! The Old School Hour was all music from the year Nathan was born, 1995, he is now 21 and legal. 

-Fire Eater Wizard


Pictures of Pain "Time"
Arryan Path "The Distorted Looking-Glass"
Yidra "Reign of Terror"

Zierler "Dark to the Bone"
Twins Crew "Show No Mercy"
Tiny Knives "Magic Xians"
Savage Master "With Whips and Chains"
Ravinia "Into Oblivion"

Rimfrost "Beyond the Mountains of Rime"
Votum "Spiral"
Signum Regis "The Voice in the Wilderness"
LA Chinga "White Witchy Black Magic"

DVDA "Now You're a Man"
Wicked Maraya "Lifetime in Hell"
Nightkin "Fear of the Light"
Spire "The Myside Bias"

Eluveitie "Celtos"
Human Fortress "Rise or Fall"
Conquest "Wrathchild"

Die Krupps "Bloodsuckers (Remix)"
Floater "Cinema"
Waltari "Color TV"
Thought Industry "Watercolor Grey"

Skinny Puppy "Hardset Head"
At the Gates "Blinded by Fear"
Grip Inc. "Hostage to Heaven"
Nature "Cometh"

Strapping Young Lad "Goat"
VoiVod "Insect"
Therion "Lepaca Kliffoth"
Foetus "Take It Outside Godboy"

Bent Peg "Both Sides"
Forward Now "Coward White Man"
Punch Drunk Monkeys "Earthquake"
Evil Twin "Down"

Old Man "Nickelback / Shitfart"
Doomsday Ceremonies "Voice of the Darkness"
Black Shape of Nexus "Sand Mountain"
God Syndrome "Five Acts of Deception"

Old Man "Words / Host Shave / Man at Work"
Sturmovik "Saint of Chains"
Dalit "Departure"
Howls of Ebb "Cabals of Molder"
Fox 45 "Remain - Live in Studio"

Babymetal "Karate"
Inverloch "From the Eventide Pool"
Cadaveric Fumes "Exstatic Extripation"
Crimson Moonlight "The Suffering"
Diviner "Kingdom Come"

Piss Vortex "Bug Chaser"0306160504
Universal Mind Project "The Bargain of Lost Souls"
Blynd "Phobos"
Severed Heads "(Come Visit) The Big Bigot"
Vindicator "U. S. S. A."

Oxymor "Fuerur Inteieure"
McRad "Weakness"
Meth Leppard "Speedbeater"
Doggy Style "Donut Shop Rock"
Screeching Weasel "I've got VD"

Transmission 0-0 "vs Vampire"
Hyts "Lady of the Night"
Occult Burial "Black Adoration"
Narada (Margot Day) "Never Die"
Tombstone "Brainwashed Since Birth"

Fear of God "Drift"