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Oct 25, 2020 - Fidget's Revenge

Fidgets RevengeThis was close to Fidget's birthday, and I thought it would be cool to do a retrospective of her musical career. She also picked a lot of the music we played this night. I did throw in a bunch of new music, and a few older songs here and there, but mostly this show was about Fidget's picks, and diverse musical career. We are also joined by Matt for this week.


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Anthrax "Deathrider"
Dark Tranquillity "Identical To None"
Zeal and Ardor "Tuskegee"

Brainjob "Bug Eyed (Rocket Launch Mix)"
Mörk Gryning "Existence in a Dream"
Macabre "Your Window Is Open"
Neck Cemetery "King Of The Dead"
Slutvomit "Copulation of Cloven Hooves"

Brainjob "123"
Prodigium "The U.S.S.A."
Rïcïnn "Doris"
Nervosa "Guided By Evil"
Rudimentary Peni "The Only Child"

Bitchslap "Halloween"
Harakiri For The Sky "I, Pallbearer"
Molassess "I Am No Longer"
Shaidar Logoth "Anguish Cradle"
Amebix "Slave"

Bitchslap "Kinky Love"
Anima Nera "Too Young For Black Metal (Motley Crue Cover)"
Hjelvik "Helgrinda"
Mygrain "Haunted Hearts"
Bad Brains "Big Take Over"

Thee Hallowteens "Salem"
Salem's Childe "The Sin That Saves You"
Trollfest "Der Jegermeister"
Scary German Guy "Stigmata (Ministry Cover)"
Kyuss "50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up)"

Thee Hallowteens "Teenage Boredom"
Nuclear "Abusados"
Pulse "Major Tom"
Carcass "Heartwork"
Napalm Death "Scum"

Zero Mean "Unlucky Me - Live on The Last Exit"
Shores of Null "excerpt 1 beyond the shores"
AvantGarde "My Power"
Rabbit Junk "Relentless (Omicron Nu Epsilon)"
Gorgoroth "Om Kristen Og Jödisk Tru"

Zero Mean "Twenty Nineteen (Live on The Last Exit)"
Tines "Rock & Roll Witness Protection Program"
Utilitarian "Police Truck (Dead Kennedy's Cover)"
Murdryck "Hymnens Svarta Toner"
Nasum "The Real"

Hearse "Intro / Light of Time (Live on The Last Exit)"
Lizzy Borden "Psychopath"
Vhäldemar "Death to the Wizard"
Grotesque "Church Of The Pentagram"
Marduk "Hearse"

Killing Joke "Requiem"
Cursed Blood "Thorns And Nails"
3000AD "Cells"
Jesus Lizard "Killer McHann (Live)"
At The Gates "Primal Breath"

Undersmile "Lockjaw"
Today Is The Day "Marked"
Doom "Black Monday"
Bolt Thrower "What Dwells Within"
Deftones "Back To School (Mini Maggit)"

Handsome Pants "Rut"
Slayer "Disciple"
Death "Spirit Crusher"
Corrosion Of Conformity "Mine Are The Eyes Of God"
Shaark "Trip To Non-Return"

Putrid Offal "Necrotic Mutilation [live at Hellfest 2017]"
Pist.On "Grey Flap"
Belarus Beaver "Beavers Killed Jesus"
Mind at Large "Peeled and Deveined"
King Parrot "Blunder To Asunder"

Zeal and Ardor "Trust No One"