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July 24, 2016 - The Non-Existent Band

LEPresent were, EVD, Nathan, Becka, Bi-Coastal Tim, Tim and Olivia, from the band Undead Messengers, and a band. Oh, wait... There was no band, but Nathan thought that there was going to be, so he got The Performance Room all set up with new equipment that he had acquired, and was very proud of, even getting there two whole hours early, which he never does, only, he was totally mistaken in thinking that there was going to be a band there this night (except for the members of Undead Messengers, of course, but, they weren't there to perform). Poor Nathan's brain must be damaged from attending, first Furry Fest, and then, the next week, Bronie Con. I mean, that can really mess someone up. So poor Nathan had to spend a good portion of the night dismantling everything he had taken all that time to set up for no reason. Instead of spotlighting, musically, just one year this night, for one night only, The Wheel Of Doom was marked with years, people took turns spinning it, and the year it landed on, a set of music was played from that year. So, the years 1991, 1994, 1989, and, the decade of the 1970's were spotlighted, the 1970's was done as a whole decade, because there wasn't enough metal back then to do every year. Azkath played about five minutes of an interview he had conducted with Steve Handell, the vocalist, lead guitarist, and, rhythm guitarist for the band 7th Calling, you can find the rest of the interview on this web site. The interview was followed by one of their songs. It rocked. Becka was dressed up like Peecachoo, from Pokimon, which drew her a lot of unwanted attention, like suggestions that they play tug of war, using the Peecachoo as the rope. There were segments of Movie Time, some TV programs were talked about as well. Some more of those "Shower Thoughts", from Tumblr, were read. And, Nathan announced that he has started a GoFundMe account to raise money for new and better equipment, so that the bands who perform here, when there actually is a band performing(!), will sound even better than they already do, thanks to his running it, say whatever else you will about him, and there is plenty to say(!), he is very good at that! So, this is a worthy cause, the link is, if you can, donate whatever you can, every little bit helps, to a good cause! You'll also by doing so know you did something to help support local and independent music, by helping them to sound their very best! There was also a theme of summoning the rain since we have been going through a drought for the last few weeks...

-Fire Eater Wizard


Savatage "Handful of Rain"
Samael "Rain"
Atrocity "Calling the Rain"
Eternal Sadness "Rain"

Blast from Oblivion "Haunted Apparition"
Necromancing the Stone "The Old One"
Seventh Calling "Stand"
Sinaenum "Death is the Beginning"

Swamp Witch "Strange Cults"
Insane Ian "Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good"
Onera "Cold Hand's Caress"
Integrity "Judgment Day"
Asschapel "Carcass Bloody Carcass"

16 "The Absolute Center of a Pitch Black Heart"
Fake Idols "Mad Fall"
Dust Moth "Corrections"
Abominant "Iron Clad"

0724160256_HDR.jpg** TRIBUTE TO... **
Bang Tango "Dancin' on Coals"
Corrosion of Conformity "Vote with a Bullet"
Dead Horse "La La Song"
I, Napoleon "Perfect Absolution"
Kik Tracee "You're So Strange"

GWAR "Saddam A Go Go"
Killing Joke "Millennium"
Tiamat "Whatever That Hurts"
Type "O" Negative "Kill You Tonight (Reprise)"

Alice Cooper "Black Juju"
Budgie "Breadfan"
Scorpions "Pictured Life"
Judas Priest "Victim of Changes"

Sepultura "Mass Hypnosis"
Wrathchild America "No Deposit, No Return"
King Diamond "Sleepless Nights"
Heir Apparent "Crossing the Border"
Leatherwolf "Thunder"
Oliver Magnum "Silent Scream (Prelude to Death)"

Armored Dawn "Too Blind to See"
Asschapel "The Final Command"
Dischordia "The Curator"
Hard Knox "Feels So Good"
The Last Reign "Plight of the Lone Wolf"

Steve Handel Interview
Seventh Calling "Perfect Silence"
Quor "Let's Rise"
Cage9 "Everything You Love Will Someday Die"
Cilver "In My Head"

Banshee "We Want You"
Debauchery "Thunderbeast"
Todd Chappelle "OCD"
Deny the Cross "Religious Narcotic"
Destroying the Devoid "The Endless Cycles of Lunacy"

Oracles "The Beautiful People"
Kohti Tuhoa "Ikuisuuteen Merkitty"
Moon Tooth "Forgive Me Snake Ryder"
Smashy Claw "Deja Vu (Deja Vu)"
Jon Stickley Trio "Darth Radar"

Sustruga "Introverted"
Pain of Salvation "Chain Song (Live)"
Panzerbastard "Shaman"
Ghoul "Dungeon Bastards"

Shotgun Messiah "Rain"
Dyonisis "Rainy Day"