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February 28, 2016 - Finger Lakes Metal Fest Announcements

Last ExitPresent were, EVD, Nathan, Justin, AKA Twelve Inch, R.J., Olivia from the band Undead Messengers, Rick from "The Metallic Onslaught", and, Dave Henninger, formerly of the band Spater. Dave has a new band, Spit Nickels. A couple of songs of theirs were played, they rocked. Dave also is the founder of the annual Finger Lakes Metal Fest, which will be coming up in a couple months, in May. He talked about that, and we learned the lineup of all the bands who will be playing over the two day, free, event, three of which had members present here tonight, Dave's band, of course, Undead Messengers, and Thirteen South. R.J. took Nathan into the bathroom, and Nathan came back walking funny, waddling. Um, ok, I don't even wanna know about whatever went on in that bathroom! There was a set of comedy songs. There was music played off vinyl, both new and old. There was an extended Old School Hour, beginning at 2:00. And there were segments of Movie Time. 

-Fire Eater Wizard


Dead to a Dying World "The Hunt Eternal"

Carnivore "Male Supremacy"
No Mercy "Waking the Dead"
Machine Head "Hallowed Be Thy Name"

Fox 45 "Urinal Acid"
Iron Mask "Black Devil Ship"
Magick Touch "Out of Reality"
Rotting Christ "For a Voice Like Thunder"

Spit Nickels "Life Can Kill You"
Bed of a Nun "Jesus on a Bicycle"
Psyche Corporation "Nine Lives"
Extermination Temple "Dissolve into Dust"

Fatal Embrace "Dungeons of Dread"
Ghost Machinery "Fatal"
Good Tiger "Enjoy the Rain"
Revival "Something to Believe In"

Sucker "Amphetamine Queen"
The Clan "Folk 'n Roll"
Textures "Shaping a Single Grain of Sand"

Anthrax "A. I. R. / Howling Furies (Live)"
Hexx "Beware the Darkness / Edge of Death"
School of Violence "U. S. B. S."

Omen "Nightmares"
Num Skull "Friday's Child"
Venom "The Chanting of the Priests"
Wasted Youth "The Gift of Death"

Fear of God "Diseased"
Warlock "East Meets West"
Detente "Shattered Illusions"
Znowhite "War Machine"

Metal Church "Fake Healer"
If Man is Five "Post Cranial Debris"
Walls of Jericho "Relentless"
Last in Line "Already Dead"
Wishing Well "Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul"

Millbastards "Mr. Hands"
Spit Nickels "They are Motorhead"
Droids Attack "The New Plague"
NilExistence "If Snakes Could Talk, My Words Would Slither"
Dino-Mike "Creepy Kind of Love"

Anvil "Zombie Apocalypse"
Beyond the Black "Beautiful Lies"
Game Over "Neon Maniacs"
Knockout Kid "Jurassic Park After Dark"
Scientist "Baptistina"

Axe Crazy "Angry Machines"
Manipulate "Beaten Path"
Martyr "Unborn Evil"
Melted Space "A God is Dead"

Kobi LaCroix "Look Directly at the Floating Polystyrene Head"
Bonecage "I can't Be Your Friend Anymore"
Bubba the Love Sponge "Chicken Clucker"
TV's Kyle "Eatin' Paste"
Cirque Du So What? "Stupid Cowboy Thing / An Open Letter to Shoebox's Waffle Iron"
Worm Quartet "Call Me Jennifer and Steal My Stapler"
Devo Spice "Earworm"

Redwest "Crimson Renegade"
Virulence "Wrapped Up"
Poison Tongues "Vagabond "
Killroy "April Fool's Day"
The Freeze "In their Dreams"

Nervous Eaters "Hot Steel and Acid"
Omnihility "Immaculate Deception"
Rats of Unusual Size "8 Million Dicks"
Red Eleven "Just a Game"
Wasted Youth "Tormented"

The Sisters of Mercy "Some Kind of Stranger"