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September 25, 2016 - Code 10-56 Live in Studio

Code 10-56

Present were, EVD, Nathan, Kevin, Anna, and Daryl, Olivia and Tim from the band Undead Messengers. The band Code 10-56 was there in the first part of the program. They played a long set of songs in The Performance Room. It sounded great, again, props to Nathan for running the sound. They are a cool punk band. After their performance, they were interviewed, updating us on what they have been, and will be, up to. The only two tracks they have recorded at the moment were played. They rock, you can find them on Facebook. And, Happy Birthday to one of their members, who's Birthday it was this day. We revisited musically the year 2002. And, there was a reason for that... September 22nd, of that year, is my 14th year Anniversary of joining LE. 14 years! It feels like just yesterday, and, at the same time, it also feels like a long time ago. But, I'm glad to be a part of it, and it was great to hear the music that was playing when I first got here again, brought back a lot of good memories. Azkath played a couple of country sounding songs for EVD, with banjos, because we all know how much EVD LOVES "The Salt Creek Show", which follows LE. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to join that program, he is such a huge fan of the music they play! There were segments of Movie Time... 

- Fire Eater Wizard



Vanlade "Riding on the Wind"
Winterfylleth "The Dark Hereafter"
Serpent Crown "Vengeance of the Witch"

Bloodride "War in Me"
Steve N Seagulls "Aces High"
Inanimate Existence "Shore of Rising Shadows"
Barishi "The Great Ennead"
Taiga "Track 3"
The Pine Box Boys "It's Comfy in My Coffin"

Asphyx "It Came from the Skies"
Neurosis "A Shadow Memory"
Oddland "Penumbra"
Medevil "An Empty Glass"
PG.Lost "Monolith"

Code 10-56 Live in Studio
* Genius of Me
* Fuck With Us and Find Out
* She Stole My Shit
* Haters Will Love Us Too
* What Doesn't Kill You
* Kick Em in the Nards
* Cum Pirate
* No Trick Pony
* Fucking a Squirrel
* Limp Richard

Sumerlands "Blind"
Hell Fire "Sirens of the Hunter"
Helleborus "Colored Spheres of Yuggoth"
Morkobot "Kologora"
Trees of Eternity "Condemned to Silence"

Code 10-56 "Kick Em in the Nards / Haters will Love Us Too"

** 2002 Tribute **
Manowar "House of Death"
Nightwish "End of All Hope"
The Electric Hellfire Club "I Dream of Demons"
God "You're Everything"

Fozzy "To Kill a Stranger"
Rain Fell Within "Torn Apart"
Nocturne "My Bitch"
Witchmaster "Blood Bondage Flagellation"

Nine Inch Nails "March of the Pigs - Live"
Ministry "Theives - Live"
Einstrurzende Neubauten "NNNAAAMMM - Live"
Welle:Erdball "Commodore C=64 (C=64)"

Fields of the Nephilim" One More Nightmare"
King Diamond "Spirits"
Lewis Black "Heaven's Gate"
Rage "Dies Irae"
Lux Interna "Hunter of Echoes"
Hecate "My Mirrors are Black"

Slayer "Darkness of Christ / Disciple / God Send Death"
Vader "Lukewarm Race"
Toxic Narcotic "We're All Doomed"
Atom and His Package "I'm Downright Amazed at What I Can Destroy with just a Hammer"
Cradle of Filth "No Time to Cry"

Skyclad "Still Spinning Shrapnel - Live"
Hammerfall "Angel of Mercy"
Pathian "Mists"
The Great Luke Ski "Bender Roboto"
NOFX "Electricity"

Jealous Bitch "Cody"
Entombed "Black Juju"
Maximum the Hormone "Nigire Tsutsu!!"
Excrematory Grindfuckers "Your Wife is a Guy"
Guttermouth "Gusto"

Flowing Tears "The Carnage People"
Persephone "Immersion"
HPLHS "The Shoggoth Prayer"
Spiritus Mortis "The Mighty One"


In the Woods... "Blue Oceans Rise (Like a War)"
Dead End Finland "Inside the Void"
Wang Wen "Red Wall and Black Wall"
Halshug "Void"

Cross Vault "A Hand Moving Mountains"
Crator "The Ones Who Create, The Ones Who Destroy"
Captain Crimson "Black Rose"
Walking Dead on Broadway "Pitchblack"
Decivillize "Red Pill"

Johnny Cash "Hurt"