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March 27, 2016 - We Love Satan Easter Show

We Love Satan Easter ShowThis was our traditional We Love Satan Show. Plenty of Satanicly Inspired Metal was played, and Nathan was our Easter Bunny. He was really good at it. Or Really Bad. We're not sure. But he thwarted everyone...



Mercyful Fate "Satan's Fall"

Never The Voiceless "The Devil Loves Me"
Ihsahn "Pressure"
Child Bite "Euphoria Saturation Point"
Tombs "Last Days of Sunlight"
Whitney Houston "That Doesn't make Sense"

Black Sabbath "Sweet Leaf"
Dead Kennedy's "Buzzbomb"
Circus of Dead Squirrels "Bible Thumpers"
Bat Castle "Satan's Bitch"

Robert Lund and Spaff "The Donald Trump Club March"
Messa "Babalon"
Serpico "Zombie"
Dope "Die MF Die"
Cloudkicker "Seriosity"

Coven "Satanic as Hell"
Overkill "Deny the Cross"
Oz "Turn the Cross Upside Down"
Ancient VVisdom "We are Damnation"
Faith No More "We Care a Lot"

Girdle "Cocknocker"
Mikey Mason "Drinking with Satan"
Pervis "In League with Satan"
Ruins "Baptised in the Name of Satan"
Semargl "Credo Inner Evil"

Graves at Sea "This Mental Sentence"
Amon Amarth "On a Sea of Blood"
Talamyus "Blood Eagle"
Matianak "Domesticated Sacrifice"
Poured Out "American Justice"

Apocalyptica "Cortege"
Cradle of Filth "Queen of Winter, Throned"
Old Man "Man at Work"
Burnwiller "Piss Pie"
Slayer "Evil Has No Boundaries - Live"

William Shatner "No Tears for Ceaser - Live"
Worm Quartet "I bit William Shatner"
Lacuna Coil "Stars"
Fall of Humanity "Dreams in the Shadows"
Apocalyptica "Cohkka"

Exodus "Bonded by Blood"
Nuclear Assault "Sin"
Behemoth "O Father O Satan O Sun!"
Anton LaVey "Satan Takes a Holiday"
Satanic Mojo Manifesto

Mercyful Fate "The Oath"
Venom "At War with Satan / Welcome to Hell"
Dark Angel "Leave Scars"
Danzig "Her Black Wings"
Old Man's Child "My Evil Revelations"

Blackshine "The Inferior"
Pictures of Pain "Out of Control"
Pestilence "Deception"
Mama's Boys "Gentleman Rouges - Live"
Wasted Youth "Gang Violence / Missionary Imposition / We Were on Heroin"

Belphegor "Sexdictator Lucifer"
Carpathian Forest "Submit to Satan"
Cryptic Wintermoon "Darkness Forever"
Manowar" Bridge of Death"

TV's Kyle "There's no Link Between All of this (and Cheese)"
Grim Reaper "Rock You to Hell"
Babylon Whores "Errata Stigmata"
Mercyful Fate "Come to the Sabbath"

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