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April 21, 2019 - Easter Extravaganza and Swollen Rooster Live

Swollen Rooster

Elmira, NY based Punk band Swollen Rooster visit and perform live, and we kill an Easter Bunny, because that's what you have to do on Easter. This was NOT our traditional We Love Satan Show, do to the fact that Azkath didn't feel he could out-do last year when he played all Christian Metal... Also, Tim and Olvia of Undead Messengers visit us and talk about the upcoming Finger Lakes Metal Fest. Videos below include the band performance and interview, and the killing of the Easter Bunny, in normal video and 360 format.

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Sol Invictus "Black Easter"
Pretty Maids "Future World"
Arch / Matheos "Wrath of the Universe"

Saxon "Just Let Me Rock"
Vexed "Elite"
White Skull "I Won't Burn Alone"
Suldusk "Aphasia"
Saint Chaos "Nothing is Forever"

Nocturne "Alibi"
Paladin "Divine Providence"
Sons of Kyuss "Isolation Desolation"
High Risk "City of the Dead"
Stormlord "Mediterranea"

Kreator "Pandemonium"
Forbidden Seed "Labyrinth of Scars"
Haggard "Incapsulated"
Malum "Sexual Demon"

Swollen Rooster Live in Studio
• You and Me
• Dead without You
• Admitted
• Pats-kill
• Hey You
• 'Cerated

Allegaeon "Exothermic Chemical Combustion"
Rage "Bottlefield"
Holy Moses "State Catatonic"
Mortal Sin "Voyage of the Disturbed"
High Risk "City of the Dead"

Swollen Rooster Interview

The Exploited "Anti-UK"
Katella "Sunset Rider"
Leather "The Battlefield of Life"
Pythia "Ancient Soul"
Firewater "Get Out of My Head"

Annihilator "Alice in Hell"
Manegarm "Slaget vid Bravvalla"
Pretty Maids "Yellow Rain / Lethal Heroes"
Enchantya "Near Life Experience"
Mettadone "Obscurity of Hypocrisy"

The Exploited "I Hate You"
Fractal Universe "Rising Oblivion"
Redwest "The Dreamcatcher"
Laibach "Kinderreich (English Version)"

Ars Moriendi "L'anachorete"
Nattfog "Yoni Usvassa"
Elegeion "A Rare Moment"
Samael "The Ones Who Came Before"
Rotting Christ "The New Messiah"

Pyogenesis "Still Burn in Fire"
Lux Interna "Threefold"
Dead to a Dying World "Cicatrix"
Will "Kingdom Come"
Paradise Lost "Eternal"
Tranquilatwist "Collapse"

Subrosa "Ghosts of a Dead Empire"
Current 93 "A Sadness Song"
Skinny Puppy "Cult"
Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas "The Wreck of the SS Needle"
Ashenspire "Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary"

RADII "Lucifer's the Light of the World"
Lethe "First Corpse on the Moon"
Cathedral "Ebony Tears"
Skold "All Dies"
The Sisters of Mercy "Nine While Nine"
Miranda Sex Garden "A Fairytale About Slavery"

Eyes of Fire "Anyone"
In Slaughter Natives "Blind Parasite"
The Nefilim "Zoon"




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