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April 16, 2017 - We Love Satan Show, with Poindexter and RADII live in studio!

Justin the Easter Bunny and EVDIt was Easter Sunday, so this meant, of course, that it was our semi annual We Love Satan Show, the other one being, of course, Christmas, which also fell on a Sunday last December. Just Joe has become smart enough, I know, the words Just Joe and smart aren't usually used in the same sentence, but, it took him a while, but he has finally learned to avoid these Easter Shows, because he knows they will make him be The Easter Bunny, and kill him, many times. As Justin isn't usually here on Easter, he's usually home, it was decided that this year, he would get to do the honors. Justin was excited about this, because he didn't know any better yet. When he put on The Bunny Ears, he did notice that there was something on them that looked like dried blood, but they assured him it was chocolate. And not to worry about the duct tape on them, that was only because they were getting old, and just needed some repair. They told him to go hide, and that, whomever found him would get to kill him, but that not to worry, because Easter is all about resurrection, that they would pour water on him, and he would come back to life again, and that he wouldn't even remember what had happened to him anyways. And this needs to happen, because, last year, for the first time ever, The Easter Bunny, Nathan, successfully avoided being killed, and hell froze over, and it required a virgin sacrifice (Kevin), to put things right again. Justin, however, hid so well that no one could find him. But we lured him out by pretending that there was an adorable little kitten in the room, Justin can never resist cute cats. He emerged from his hiding place, and EVD strangled him, and broke his neck. They left him dead for a while, because it's fun to look at a dead Easter Bunny. Then they poured water over him, and Justin came back to life, not remembering what had happened, and wanting to know where the kitten was. Azkath killed him again by bashing him over the head with a baking sheet, which now had Easter Bunny impressions on it. Again they left him dead for a while. Then brought him back. Justin now wasn't acting quite right, I know, he never did before, but now he was doing disturbing things with Easter eggs, putting them on his eyes, and around his neck and stumbling around. He said he needed to go home, and did, at least that's where he said he was going. Two bands performed this night. First up was Poindexter. It was their first time here. They performed for about a half hour set. They were interviewed, telling us about themselves, and a track from one of their CD's was played. They are cool. You can find them at and, Next, the band RADII performed some songs trying to summon Satan. It worked, but there were two Satans, as both of them became possessed, and no one could figure out who the real Satan was. They hung out for a while, then left, saying something about being needed at the white house. And, of course, all of the music played this night was about, for, and, inspired by Satan, Metal, and comedy, and some Easter songs as well, metal songs, with Easter in their titles. Thanks to Nathan for doing a great job as usual running the sound all night for two bands. Before they performed, and became possessed, RADII hung out as co-hosts. They are a cool band, you can find them at And thus went our We Love Satan Show for this Easter...

- Fire Eater Wizard


Listen to the Show...


Anton Szandor Lavey "Black Mass Opening Hymn"
Babylon Whores "Errata Stigmata"
Overkill "Deny the Cross"
Oz "Turn the Cross Upside Down"

Night Demon "Maiden Hell"
Rotting Christ "Law of the Serpent / If It Ends Today"
Liv Sin "Hypocrite"
We Ride "Do It All Again"

Poindexter Live in Studio
* I was Blind
* Alien
* Step into Light
* Failed Premise
* Love Hate Penetrate
* Sea of Mediocrity
* Cut You Loose
* It's Coming
* Whoa
* What Goes On in Your Mind

Debauchery "Rape (Easter Version)"
Coven "Satanic as Hell"
Legacy of Emptiness "Despair"
The Doomsday Kingdom "A Spoonful of Darkness"
Venom "Women, Leather and Hell"
Behemoth "Welcome to Hell"

Poindexter "My Kryptonite"

Novembre "Easter"
Morbid Angel "Bleed for the Devil"
Bathory "In Conspiracy with Satan"
Eviction "My Generation"

Arthemis "Black Sun"
Tankard "Arena of the True Lies"
Fates Warning "Kyrie Eleison - Live"
Dark Angel "Leave Scars"

RADII Live in Studio
* Lucifer's the Light
* The Future
* Soul on Fire
* Monstrance Clock
* Left Hand Path
* The Flesh Failures

Slayer "Darkness of Christ / Disciple / God Send Death"
Bill Hicks "Easter"
Sabbat "Hosanna in Excelsis"
Foetus "Dead Christian"
Night Conquers Day "The Perseverance of Ignorance"

Nuclear Assault "Stranded in Hell / Hang the Pope"
Satanic Mojo Manifesto
Grim Reaper "See You in Hell"
Cryptic Wintermoon "Darkness Forever"

Mercyful Fate "Desecration of Souls"
Medley of Kookiness
Holy Terror "Evil's Rising"
Entombed "Satan"
Dr. Know "Satan's Black World of Doom"

Synn "Bloodlust"
Mammoth Mammoth "Spellbound"
Sabbath Assembly "Ave Satanas"
Samsas Traum "Satanas"
BCT "I Love Satan"
The Electric Hellfire Club "I Dream of Demons"
Troll "Age of Satan"

Season of Arrows "Evening Lord"
Tombs "Cold"
Horehound "Sangreal"
Uneven Structure "Crystal Teeth"
Noumena "Metsaen Viha"
Sacrifical Slaughter "Bodies in the Basement"
Gruesome "Fragments of Psyche"

Shores of Null "Black Drapes for Tomorrow"
Carnivore "God is Dead"
Decide "Sacrificial Suicide"
In Silencio Noctes "Libre Satanas"
Sol Invictus "Black Easter"

Cradle of Filth "A Dream of Wolves in the Snow / Summer Dying Fast"


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