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March 12, 2017 - RADII debut their new song, and Just Joe gets his Glam

Last Exit

Present were, EVD, Just Joe, Rick from The Metallic Onslaught, and Greg and Tony, from the band RADII. A track from their CD was played. They are cool. You can find them on Facebook, along with the other major social media sites. Now this was the night when we set the clocks ahead one hour, to go on Daylight Savings Time, so, at 2:00, it becomes 3:00, and LE is only five hours long, instead of it's usual six. Of course we get a seven hour LE, in the fall, when we set the clocks back an hour to go back on Standard Time. So, this night, from 2:00 to 3:00, we always have our Tribute To Glam Hour, which always makes Just Joe deliriously happy, because he never figures out that that hour doesn't exist. This is his fourteenth year here, and he still hasn't realized that. This year, Azkath finally took pity on him, and tried to explain it to him. But Just Joe wouldn't believe him. Azkath, instead of just playing just like one kind of glam song, like he does every other year, actually played about three sets of glam songs, because he finally felt bad for Just Joe, that he's not bright enough to get that joke and all. Well, it wasn't real glam glam, no Warrant, or Poison, or stuff like that, which would have made both Just Joe and I really happy, but bands like Motley Cruex, Dokken, Early Skid Row, and even Europe, from their first album. All of this was for Just Joe, and me. Tim and Lance would have also liked it a lot, if they had been there, but they weren't. RADII got tired of the glam, so Azkath let them pick some music. Rick announced the entire twenty seven band lineup for The Finger Lakes Metal Fest, a free, two day metal festival, which The Metallic Onslaught hosts, and it is fast approaching in May. There were segments of Movie Time, some TV programs were talked about as well... 

- Fire Eater Wizard


Sanjuro Fields "Today is a Hand Grenade - Live in Studio"
Debackliner "Rise of Angel"
Blood Divisions "March of the Machine Elves"

Tengger Cavalry "Battle Song from Far Away"
Tina Guo "Ghost of War"
Equilibrium "Born to Be Epic"
Dimmu Borgir "Perfect Strangers"

Lord Mantis "At the Mouth"
Cloven Hoof "I Talk to the Dead"
Stone Breath "Terrible and Beautiful"
Opera Diabolicus "Mythos Lamia"

Moonspell "Alma Mater"
Memoriam "War Rages On"
Ensnared "Antiprophet"
Cult of Eibon "The Dweller of the Woods"

Maniac Rise "No Lives Matter"
Iron Maiden "Die with your Boots On"
Tigertailz "Tear Your Fucking Heart Out"
Dokken "Don't Close Your Eyes - Live"

Motley Crue "Bastard"
D.A.D "Sleeping My Day Away"
Skid Row "Making a Mess - Live"
Kix "Midnight Dynamite - Live"
Europe "Scream of Anger"

RADII "Left Hand Path"
Crucify the Faith "The Strong Will Survive"
Obituary "Lession in Violence"
Hexa Mera "Divide Et Impera"
Sigil "Even the Gods Will Burn"

Nuclear Assault "Betrayal"
Overkill "Rotten to the Core"
Metal Church "Fake Healer"
Death Angel "Disturbing the Peace"
Kreator "Flag of Hate / Tormentor"

Pony Death Ride "Pony Death Ride Theme"
Krokus "Ballroom Blitz"
Tesla "Ez Come Ez Go"
Bang Tango "Sweet Little Razor"

Woe "No Blood Has Honor"
Influence "Illusion of Freedom"
Midnight Prophecy "Witch Hunt"
Nightrage "Affliction"

Clandestine "Philistine"
Vendetta "Religion is a Killer"
Sanctuary "Battle Angels"
Armored Saint "Reign of Fire"
Ate Bit "Natural Urges - Live in Studio"
Agresiva "Sent to War"

Lunar Shadow "They That Walk the Night"
Sanjuro Fields "Sunny Watermelon Doom - Live in Studio"
HP Lovecraft "The Lurking Fear"
Bug vs Earth "Don't Walk These Streets"
Pallbearer "I Saw the End"

The Company of Serpents "Crucible"