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December 27, 2015 - We Love Satan Xmas Xtravaganza!

LEThis is one of our favorite nights, as we get to praise He who has inspired so much great music. And he did pay us a visit. EVD, at Nathan's request, Duct taped Randy to a chair. Nathan wanted this because he needed to get even with Randy for the previous night's 'Pantless Santa' dance on The Metallic Onslaught. Randy was nicely decorated. We weren't sure why EVD was taking orders from Nathan, but nevertheless, this worked in our favor. Last year, we summoned Satan into Randy, tickled him, and his head exploded. We got some tasty Satanic jerky out of the deal. We tried to recreate that, but Satan refused to make Randy's head explode. Instead he told Rick to kill Nathan. EVD intervened. We had no idea why. Satan then informed us that in the weeks that EVD had been missing, Nathan had been brainwashing him. Now the spell was broken. EVD grabbed Nathan and dragged him into the performance room, duct taped him to a chair (with Rick's help), and covered him in silly string. Afterwards Nathan managed to get free by throwing himself headfirst at the ground. Luckily Tim was there to slap Dave's disembodied Beard on him, just to make the scene complete. So after all this, I, Azkath, decided to see what lay a year in the future. Now, whenever I send Joe into the future, he sees killer bunnies. This time I sent Randy. One year ahead. Randy saw killer bunnies. He claimed they were eating him. Frustrated, I sent Nathan a year ahead, and he ended up WITH Randy, also being attacked by bunnies. They ran off, and eventually snapped out of it. No idea what is with the bunnies...

We started a new tradition, that of Takanakuy, which is a Peruvian Xmas tradition, where everyone puts on Ski Masks and can beat the crap out of whoever they want to settle their grievances. Seemed like something perfect for us. For some reason, Nathan got beat up the most...

I also decided to try an experiment. Long ago I created a trigger phrase in Randy, whenever I tell him there are 8 Owls in my Tree, he goes insane. I asked Satan to inhabit Randy so we could thank him for all the nice things he's done for us all year, and after we did that, I triggered Randy...  It was Randy / Satan, and it was insane. Then Tim had to take that home. 


HPLHS "Death to the World"EVD, Nathan, and randy
Babylon Whores "Errata Stigmata"
Mercyful Fate "Burning the Cross"

The Electric Hellfire Club "Unholy Roller"
Septic Flesh "Five-Pointed Star"
Turbid North "Stormblast"
Insane Clown Posse "Santa's a Fat Bitch"
Overkill "Deny the Cross"

Rotting Christ "The Sign of Evil Existance"
Dimmu Borgir "Spellbound (by the Devil)"
Sadist "The Devil Riding the Evil Steed"
HPLHS "I'm Dreaming of a Dead City"
Coven "Satanic as Hell"

Venom "In League with Satan"
Cryptic Wintermoon "SuperSatan"

Nuclear Assault "Stranded in Hell"
The Lurking Corpses "Bleed for Satan"
Diamond Head "Am I Evil?"
HPLHS "The Little Rare Book Room"
Punch Drunk Monkeys "Donuts"
BCT "I Love Satan"

Oz "Turn the Cross Upside Down"
Slayer "Evil knows no Boundaries - Live"
The Lobster Quadrille "Evil Bones - Live"
Goat Ov Hell "In Conspiracy with Satan"
Deicide "Crucifixation"

Samsas Traum "Satanas"
Ned Calls the 700 Club
Laibach "Sympathy for the Devil"
Entombed "That's When I Became a Satanist"
Behemoth "The Satanist"

Worm Quartet "Bunny Bunny Wop Wop / What Your Parents Think All Your Music Sounds Like"
Belphegor "Lucifer, Take Her"
HPLHS "Demon Sultan Azathoth"
Satanic Mojo Manifesto with Black Acid Intro
Dayglo Abortions "Fuck Satan to Death"
Mercyful Fate "Come to the Sabbath"

Morbid Angel "Brainstorm"
Cirque Du So What? "How to write Parodies"
Fox 45 "Urinal Acid"
Year of the Goat "Pillars of the South"

Cemetery Lust "Black Angels of Hell"
Deathhammer "Satan is Back"
Them "Forever Burns"
Ned's Storytime - Jesus
Emperor "Thus Spake the Nightspirit"

Morgoth "Descent into Hell"1227150215a
Carnivore "God is Dead"
Mikey Mason "Another New Year"
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus "The Child Must Die"
Dr. Know "Satan's Black World of Doom"

Adrian Van Oyen "Thunderstruck"
Stephen Lynch "Beelz"
Wooden Stake "A Feast of Virgin Souls"
Grimoire of Exhaulted Deeds "Medley of Kookiness"
Sabbat "Hosanna in Excelsis"

Sinergy "The Number of the Beast"
Guerra Total "Nuklear Black Goat"
Towpath "Desecrating the Grave"
Mercyful Fate "Nuns Have No Fun - Live"
Night Conquers Day "The Perseverance of Ignorance"
Cradle of Filth "The Rape and Ruin of Angels (Hosanna in Extremis)"

Dark Angel "Leave Scars"