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July 3, 2016 - A Quiet Night with a Clown

LE.jpgPresent were, EVD, and, The Person Formerly Known As, And, Occasionally, Still Known As, Crappy The Clown. Nathan wasn't there because he was attending a furry festival! And, next week, even though we cured him of being a Bronie, he will be attending Bronie Con! Dude(!), there is something seriously wrong with you! You should seek therapy! Azkath aired part of an interview he had conducted with the guitarist for the band HelionPrime, followed by one of their songs, it was cool. We spotlighted musically the year 1996. There were segments of Movie Time. Some other topics were discussed. Azkath read some more of those funny, but accurate, "ShowerThoughts", from Tumblr. The Person Formerly Known As Crappy The Clown serenaded me, singing "I've Had The Time Of My Life", from the movie "Dirty Dancing", as the Friday before this LE, July 1st, was My Birthday. Azkath ended the program by sending out a song to me, for My Birthday, one of my favorite songs of all time, in any genre of music, and I like a lot of genres of music, and it is also appropriate, as we just rapped up our Anniversary month, last week, because this song has a history with this program, as the first host, Jrrbbl, when it was called "Rockin' The Night Away", used to end the program every week with this song, Andy Prieboy's "Tomorrow Wendy". Thanks guys, I loved my serenade, and my song! I really appreciate it!

-Fire Eater Wizard


Poison Headache "Sin Eater"
Sucker "Can't Say No"
Eat the Turnbuckle "Get the Tables"

The Machinist "Sudden Death"
Nirnaeth "Nihil in Me"
Corrective Measures "Right Direction"
Curse the Flesh "The Shroud"
Thor "T.H.O.R."

No Jogging for Today "Body"
Pile Driver "Metal Inquisition"
Helion Prime Interview + "Ocean of Time"

Dead to Fall "The Eternal Gates of Hell"
Verwoed "Een Leven Aan De Oppervlakte"
Vanhelgd "Temple of Phobos"
Vale of Pnath "A Nightmare Phastasm"

Take Two "Castaway - Live"
The Browning "Fallout"
Apothesary "Woodland Critter Christmas"
Death Pants "Lava Death Song"

** 1996 Tribute **
Laibach "God is God"
Psychotica "Ice Planet Hell"
Skold "Chaos"
Android Lust "Ultraman"

99¢ Special "OK? Aren't We?"
Hate Machine "Everything"
Fledgling Death "Wyld Chyld"
Worm Quartet "Hair on the Soap"
Bent Peg "Fun Drab"

Poison Idea "Plastic Bomb"
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets "Diggin' Up the World"
The Freeze "We Make Sanity"
Wammo "This May Sound Kind of Weird"
Bile "Technowhore"

Crisis "Different Ways of Decay"
Pettypew "No Tomorrow"
The Great Kat "Rossini's "The Barber of Seville"
Arcana "The Song of Mourning"

Skyclad "Great Blow for a Day Job"
Moore "Why Do We Kill the Ones We Love"
Misery Index "Crotchpit"
Pleasure Void "Sore Reminder"
Faith and the Muse "Arianhod"

The Electric Amish "I Want to Hoe Your Land"
Einsturzende Neubauten "Wat Ist Ist"
Current 93 "The Blood Bells Chime"
Endura "When I was Dead"
Firewater "Bourbon and Division"

The Electric Hellfire Club "Prince of Darkness"
Bruce Dickinson "Solar Confinement"
Cradle of Filth "Queen of Winter, Throned"
King Diamond "Lucy Forever"

Jehova the Satyr "Dystopia"
Surgikill "Psychopathic Awakenings"
Lord of War "Suffer"
Methra "Hartley's Cult"
Mine Collapse "Zeroed"

Spellcaster "Night Hides the World"
Narnia "Reaching for the Top"
Mos Generator "Catspaw"
Flames of Fury Interview + "I Burn"

Necromancing the Stone "The Siren's Call"
Deadlock "Beserk"
Grave Desecrator "SxSxSx (Sex , Sin, and Satanism)"
Dust Bolt "Turned to Grey"
Nuclear Holocaust "Epicentre of Terror"

Grace Disgraced "Childhood of the Dead"
Castle "Hammer and the Cross"
Mizery "Absolute Light"
Stages "Destiny"
Curse the Flesh "The Shroud"
Die Choking "People Like You"

Andy Prieboy "Tomorrow Wendy"