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March 20, 2016 - James and Eric are Back!

LEWe saw the return of both James and Eric on this night, as well Crappy, in one of his many personalities visited us with some fun and games. 



Oceans of Slumber "Winter"
Obsidian Kingdom "April 10th"
Alastor "Army of the North"
Darkend" II Velo Delle Ombre"

Walls of Jericho "No One Can Save You From Yourself"
Avenged Sevenfold "I Won't See You Tonight Part 2"
Hammer Fight "Into the Dark"
Inallsenses "The Anthem of Revolution"

Worm Quartet "I Can't Get a Job"
Crisix "Journey Through the Fire"
Murdryck "Swallowed by the Ages"
Sinstro "Reliquia"

Zamboni "The Greater Evil"
Lone Wolf James "Hypertension"
Chthonic "Takao"
The New Roses "Not from this Work"
Shotgun "I'm Your Love"

** OLD SCHOOL HOUR 1985 **
Cobra "Warriors of the Dead"
Axtion "Fury of the Tempest"
Ballantinez "We are the Rock"
Carnivore "Armageddon"

Warrior "Fighting for the Earth"
Atomkraft "Starchild"
Warlock "Earthshaker Rock"
Hawaii "Proud to be Loud"

Loudness "Crazy Nights"
Savatage "Power of the Night"
Snow White "New Messiah"
Possessed "Death Metal"

Overkill "Rotten to the Core"
Warrant "Nuns Have No Fun"
Accept "Midnight Mover"
VoiVod "Ripping Headaches"


Volker" Bitch"
P2TEN "End of Empire"
Skuggsja "Makta Og Vanaera"
Thunderstone "The Path"

Sourvein "Aquanaut"
RPG Music Composer "Sacrifice of the Ancients"
Chains / Sutton "Catodic Church Celebration"
Seventh Calling "Fate's Hammer"

EZO "Flashback, Heartattack"
Killing Time "Bright Side"
SOTO "In My Darkest Hour"
Rats of Unusual Size "8 Million Dicks / NJ and You"

Lake of Tears "Behind the Green Door"
The Dream Smashers "Bleach Zero"
Pictures of Pain "I Walk Alone"
Bride "Show No Mercy"

Babymetal "Karate"
Dead End "Night Song"
Fiction "In the Flat Fields"
Headpins "(You're Only) Afraid of the Dark"

Tiny Knives "Lights in the Sky"
Wasted Youth "On Fire"
Nihilistnen Barbaarisuus "Virgin Essence"
Sacrilege B.C. "Too Cool to Pray"

Forced Entry "Bone Crackin' Fever"
Stone Dagger "The Seige of Jerusalem"
Dead to a Dying World "Beneath the Loam"
Intrinsic "Pillar of Fire"
Dr. Know "War Theater"

Whiplash "The Burning of Atlanta"