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July 17, 2016 - Dee Returns, Jared Light Performs, and Genitor and Sanjuro Fields CD Debuts

Genitor, SF, Jared LightPresent were, Nathan, EVD, Just Joe, Tim, Rob, and, former co-host and vocalist for the band Chamber Law, Dee. Three bands were present for about the first half of the program, Sanjuro Fields, Genitor, and, Jared Light. Jared performed live, and the other two acts brought up their CD's, from which three songs each were played. They are all cool, and you can find them all on Bandcamp and Facebook, among other places. Rob told us a bit about the two bands he is actively in currently, both his metal bands are on hiatus, but he is in a hard rock band, Stranded With A Kiss, and a ska band, Viva The Mayhem. Dee had no voice, she had a bad cold, but she still made her presence felt, especially by Just Joe, because they would ask her questions, and tell her to answer by punching Just Joe once, if the answer was yes, and, twice, if the answer was no. Poor Just Joe got punched a lot this night. Also, Dee killed Hatty, Just Joe's tin foil hat, which he is very attached to, just like he was to Cuppy, back in the day. Dee crushed Hatty up and stomped on it. At the end of the night, they threw the remains of Hatty away, and made Just Joe cry. We spotlighted musically the year 1997. There were segments of Movie Time, some TV programs were talked about as well...

- Fire Eater Wizard


Dust Bolt "Empty Faces"
Jinjer "Words of Wisdom"
Allegaeon "Grey Matter Mechanics"
Xaon "The Soulcleaner"

Deadlock "Bloodghost"
Drudkh "Autumn in Sepia"
Elm Street "Heavy Mental"
Doro "All We Are - Live"

Genitor "Cause a Scene"

Sanjuro Fields "Pop Devil"

Jared Light Live Acoustic in Studio
* "Go Insane"
* "Still Holding Out"
* "Little Games"

Genitor "Not Even Close"
Temperance "Unspoken Words"
Night Verses "Connecting Hexes"
Jim Crean "Touch"

Sanjuro Fields "October"
Pain "Black Knight Satellite"
Psykosis "Driller Killer"
Q5 "Halfway to Hell"

Genitor "Gone to Far"
Genitor "Fossil Dome"

Sanjuro Fields "This Ship I Call a Skull"
Sanjuro Fields "Crustacean Migration - Live"
Zlatanera "Wired"
Marsh Dweller "The Dull Earth"
Letzte Instanz "Tr Nen Aus Stein"

Iron Fire "Tornado of Sickness"
Blood Red Throne "Martyrized"
Crazy Lixx "Riot Avenue - Live"
Cruenta Lacrymis "Mother of Sigh"

** 1997 Tribute **
Amorphis "My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise)"
Paradise Lost "Say Just Words"
Emperor "Thus Spake the Nightspirit"
Hanker "No More War"
Big Hair "Penising"

Ebony Tears "Moonlight"
Chants of Maledicta "Spirit Dance"
Crisis "Mechanical Man"

Point of View Secondhand "The Calling"
In Flames "Episode 666"
Old Man's Child "My Demonic Figures"
The Gathering "Nighttime Birds"

Sad Just JoeEvereve "The Bride Wears Black"
Septic Flesh "Shamanic Rite"
Mental Home "Pagan Freedom"
Lake of Tears "Lady Rosenred"

WASP "Little Death"
Gamma Ray "Somewhere Out in Space"
Clay People "Jump Around"
Girdle "Mailman"

Slo-Burn "Pilot the Dune"
Stavesacre "An Eclipsing"
Lacuna Coil "No Need to Explain"
Faith and the Muse "The Silver Circle"
Bruce Dickinson "Arc of Space"


One-Eyed Doll "Committed (2012 Version)"
Oracles "Canvas of Me"
Family "Floodgates"
Enrage "I Survive"
Howling Giant "Dirtmouth"
Post Mortal Possession "Skinwalker"
Clearly Guilty "Bad Nerd"

Kimberly Freeman "Overdose"

The Movie