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February 26, 2017 - Sanjuro Fields Live in Studio

Sanjuro FieldsPresent were, EVD, Nathan, Just Joe, Justin. The band Sanjuro Fields were there near the beginning of the program. They performed live in The Performance Room. They rocked. They were interviewed, updating us on what's been going on with them lately. Thanks, as always, to Nathan, for doing such a good job running the sound. Just Joe told us that his dog got sprayed by a skunk, and that now his entire house reeks of the odor, as the dog got in the house before they could get her cleaned up. 

- Recap by Fire Eater Wizard



King Diamond "A Mansion in Darkness"
Sanctuary "Die for My Sins"
Hellwell "Necromantio"

Pony Death Ride "Your Cats are Crap"
Arthemis "Warcry"
Cirith Gorgar "The Luciferian Principle"
Beyond Fallen "Return of the Sky Gods"

For the Dead Travel Fast "Forshadow of a Tragic End"
Take Two "Hearts Will Remain"
Tumourboy "Bitch Holocaust"
Deathrider "Heavy Metal Deadride"
Gammacide "Fossilized"

Anacrusis "Wrong"
Biohazard "Wrong Side of the Tracks"
Skyclad "The Wrong Song"
Suicidal Tendencies "Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right"
Birth A.D. "Wrong Again"

Sanjuro Fields Live in Studio
* All Descending
* Corona

Palace of Worms "From the Ash"
Achiote "Desert Sun"

Sanjuro Fields Live in Studio
* Hey Jon
* Today is a Hand Grenade
* The Beagle and the Bulldog
* Sunny Watermelon Doom
* Again

King Diamond "The Family Ghost - Live"
Amniac "Matriarch"
Infernal Majesty "Signs of Evil"
Ethan Brosh "Downward Spiral"
Dead Harrison "She Dwells"

Sanjuro Fields "Pop Devil"
Bone Cage "Because I Love You"
Gra "Ramsvarta Tankar"
Sicocis "Beyond the Quantum Waves"
Deathwish "Watch You Burn"

Sunvoid "Memories Erased"
Sons ov Omega "Quetzacoatl"
Nighon "Lest We Forget"
Persefone "Spirals Within Thy Being"

Lilitu "Only the End of the World Again"
Mahavatar "Open Your Minds"
Marble "Seven"
Lazarus "Lazarus"

Queensryche "Warning / The Needle Lies / Screaming in Digital"
Pleasure Void "Broken Mirrors"
Power Symphony "Gethsemane"
Sinergy "Return to the Fourth World"

Damnations Day "Colours of Darkness"
Helion Prime "Into the Black Hole"
Don Stagg "Black Mirror"
Xandria "Ship of Doom"

Worm Quartet "Eat Here and Die / Boning Away on the Ottoman / Entire Dog"
Devo Spice / Worm Quartet "Atari"
Sloth Herder "Inner Dissolution"
Spaceslug "The Great Pylon Collider"

The Sisters of Mercy "Alice (1993 Version)"
TNT "Deadly Metal"
Prong "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck"
The Organization "Been Nice"

King Diamond "Black Horsemen"


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