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November 6, 2016 - Russian Roulette Show

Last Exit

As this was the weekend that we set the clocks back one hour to go back on Standard Time, this LE was seven hours long. Present were, EVD, Just Joe, Nathan, Justin A.K.A. Twelve Inch, who was down to Seven Inch, but got a chance to gain those inches back tonight, more on that in a bit, Kevin, and Anna. The whole night was a Russian Roulette Show. Azkath had a bunch of tubes of twenty year old M&M's, every time a bullet played, everyone had to eat one of them. They made Justin sick, Nathan act all weird, hallucinating about cockroaches being everywhere, and seeing people at the door, for example, and, Just Joe, well he loved them, became addicted to them, wanting more and more of them. This may have been the first time that he kept trying to say there had been bullets when there were none, usually he tries to get out of bullets, tonight he was demanding them. By the end of the night, Justin had puked, and gone home, not sure if he gained back all those inches or not, Nathan was insane, and Just Joe, well, Just Joe wasn't looking too good, after having downed so many two decade old M&M's. I think a stomach pumping might be in order. Quick.

-Fire Eater Wizard

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Luciferian Light Orchestra "Evil Masquerade"
Esben and the Witch "Sylvan"
Sirenia "Ashes to Ashes"
Starkill "Through the Darkness"
Rivette "Arms of Lightning"

Civil War "America"
The Misfits "Mad Monster Party"
Hades "In the Mean Time"
Angkor Wat "Emotional Blackmail"
Cowards "Anything but the High Road"

Pitch Black Process "A Soundtrack for the Lonely"
Demon Eye "See the Signs"
Sanjuro Fields "Under the Floor"
Razor "The Pugilist"
Kreator "One of Us"

Just Joe loves his M&M's!Krokus "Screaming in the Night"
Danzig "Her Black Wings / Dirty Black Summer"
Slaughter "Fly to the Angels"
Alice Cooper "Elected"

Kyuss "Green Machine"
Zeno Morf "Our Own Worst Enemy"
Cognitive "Blood Hungry"
Wardruna "Heimta Thurs"
Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Train (Live)"

Worm Quartet "Entire Dog"
Punch Drunk Monkeys "King of the Monkeys"
2Cellos "Hurt"
Slow Burning Car "Man in Crisis"
Grip Inc. "Man with NO Insides"

Pony Death Ride "I'm a Cat Guy"
Eden House "Street Spirit"
Devo Spice "Mommy's Broken (Did Not Want to Picture That Remix)"
Clutch "Texan Book of the Dead"
Cinderella "Push, Push"
Bent Peg are Super Heroes
Sulaco "Brunt of the Joke"

Wolfheart and the Ravens "Eye of the Witch"
Fred Frees "My Country is of Thee"
Fields of the Nephilim "From Gehenna to Here"
Kenn Nardi "Dancing with the Past"
Annihilator "Human Incecticide"

Znowhite "A Soldier's Creed"
Hawaii "Call of the Wild"
Ragg "So Down"
Pleasure Void "Bell Jar"
Edge of Thorns "Yearning Has Begun"

Paradise Lost "As I Die"
The Newman Brothers "Put on a Seatbelt"
Numb "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood"
Solitude "Typhoid Mary"
Savage "I am the Law"
Manowar "Blow Your Speakers"

Damien Murdoch Trio "Jump Rope with Electric Wires"
Purson "Tempest and the Tide"
Bob Proposes to Chuck
Pictures of Pain "Deviator"
Vendetta "Brain Damage"

Graham Bonnet Band "Stand in Line"
DieMonsterDie "From Screaming Graves We Rise"
Halford "Heart of a Lion"
Robert Lund "Can't Find My Penis"
Exhorder "Homicide"

Carnivora "Razors and Rust"
Joe is Dumb
Flotsam and Jetsam "Suffer the Masses - Live"
The Sloth and the Monkey
Backhill Project "Power of the Night"
D*A*D "Jihad"
The Plankboys "Torment"

Watchtower "Arguments against Design"
Crumbsuckers "Longest War"
My Dying Bride "Sear Me"
Behemoth "Slaves Shall Serve - Live"
Worm Quartet "Vampire Penguins 2011 Re-Penged"

Pretty Maids "King of the Right Here and Now"
Wild Dogs "Streets of Berlin"
SubRosa "Cosey Mo"
Detente "Life is Pain"
Minier "Philosophy of Man"
Napalm Death "In Deference"
Fear Factory "Martyr"
Graveworm "It's a Sin"

Threatpoint "Deadend Machineland"
Lancer "Iscariot"
Babylon Whores "Errata Stigmata"

Savatage "Alone You Breathe"