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January 10, 2016 - 50 Years of Metal!

Our Closet of MusicThis night we did something I had been thinking of doing for a long time. Starting with the 3rd song of the night, we track back, one song per year, going back to 1966, to explore how much Metal has changed and not changed in 50 years. It's hard to pick just one song for each year, and in many cases I picked some smaller indie bands, but I think it was an interesting experiment. And now Fire Eater Wizard covers the rest of the show...

Just Joe was claiming amnesia about why he had been absent for a month and a half. Azkath hypnotized him and sent him into the future, to the end of this year, 2016, to see if what he found there would match up with what Nathan and Randy had seen when they were there a couple weeks ago on our We Love Satan Show. Just Joe said he saw a car, a shack, some trees, and then Nathan and Randy running, with bunnies hopping after them. The bunnies eyes were glowing, and Just Joe began screaming and running. In fact, in his hysteria, he ran into the door several times trying to escape, and knocked himself out cold. He said that the bunnies had been eating Nathan and Randy, well, more like nibbling on Randy, it would take them A LONG time to do much damage to Randy, as there is a lot of him, unlike Nathan, whom they could probably polish off in about a minute. This is not the first time Just Joe has been traumatized in the future by cute little killer bunnies with glowing eyes. Then, apparently, Just Joe managed to bring Nathan back from the future with him, not Randy, just Nathan. Well, as I just said, Nathan was in a lot more danger of being finished off by hungry bunnies than Randy was, plus, as Just Joe pointed out, it was a lot easier to bring Nathan back, as he weighs like ninety pounds soaking wet, and Randy, well, lets just say Randy weighs quite a bit more than that. EVD was confused as to how Nathan could be here, when he has his body imprisoned in his basement, hooked up to his ass kicking machine, it was only Nathan's consciousness that had been left in the future. So, does this mean there are now TWO Nathans?! What might that do to the whole time space continuum thing, if the two of them meet? It's all too confusing for me to quite wrap my brain around, trying to figure out time travel, and all of it's paradoxes always makes my head hurt. Besides, it is possible that the Nathan in EVD's basement is dead, as EVD is kind of forgetful, seemed to forget he had Nathan there, and, thus, may have been neglecting to feed him, as little of Nathan as there is there already, it wouldn't take any time at all for him to starve to death, again, unlike Randy, who has enough reserves to keep him going for quite a while. The Nathan here tonight claims he has now given up being a Bronie. Not sure if you can just quit being a Bronie, the society may frown upon people leaving it, and possibly betraying their secrets. As with organized crime, it may very well be that, once you are in, you're in for life, you only leave one way, death, by natural causes, or otherwise. Azkath had gifts for EVD and Just Joe. Just Joe's was a "Herby Goes Bananas" book. At first Just Joe was all giddy, because he thought it was the movie, he was very disappointed when he discovered it was a book, that he might actually have to read, but was cheered up, a little, when he saw that there were lots of pictures, and that the words were very short and simple. He still would much rather have had the movie, but he did perk up a bit. EVD got a book of "Doonsbury" comics. There were segments of Movie Time, and TV programs were discussed as well. Most of the night, musically, was taken up with counting down fifty years of metal, so the last hour was new music, no Cover Set, and, of course, no Old School Hour, as most of The Count Down was older music... So, I guess we shall just have to wait and see how this whole possible two Nathans thing, one from the present, if there still is one from the present, that is, and one from the future, plays itself out. If you start to notice weird changes in the way things should normally be, that could be our fault, or, if you like the changes, then you can thank us, who knows, we may end up improving the universe! Stranger things have happened!


January 3, 2016 - Tornado Tag Show / Lemmy Tribute

0103160152a.jpgThis is a show we like to do at the beginning of the year. We take whatever co-hosts are present and everyone gets to pick music. This years it was myself, Azkath, along with EVD, Tim, Rick from The Metallic Onslaught, and Arydaea. For the first 4 hours (minus the first set) we each picked one song per set. We did a Tribute to Lemmy at some point therein, and later in the show we did a set of Motorhead cover songs, and no it wasn't the Ace of Spades five times. The last hour or so I alternated from new stuff to old stuff on vinyl. Quite an interesting contrast. 

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