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2010 Show Archive

March 14 - Foul Mouth Girl's Birthday Show


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; As it had been Foul Mouth Girl's birthday on the Wednesday prior to this LE, it was FMG's Birthday Show. Happy Birthday, FMG! Genevieve, of the band Psyche Corporation, was there, as was Exit, Akiri, Ria, EVD, The Enforcer, TeeJay, James, and Dave, who hadn't been there in quite some time. Genevieve and Dave sang "Happy Birthday To You" to FMG, only they sang it backwards, which was Genevieve's idea. They had debate night, where half the people there would take one side of a question to debate, and the other half would take the other side, with the winning side getting to pick songs. They debated "Did the '80's Suck", and, then they debated "should People who commit Suicide be punished with death?". And this was our annual Glam Hour, where, most years, the hour from 2:00 AM, to 3:00 AM is a solid hour of glam music. Just Joe was sooo excited about this, and couldn't wait for that hour. Unfortunately for him, and the rest of us who love glam music, my self included in those people, this was also the night where we begin Daylight Savings Time, which means that, at 2:00 AM, the clocks move ahead one hour to 3:00 AM, which means, of course, that there is no 2:00 AM hour on this night, which Just Joe forgets, because he is too dumb to remember that cruel joke, and forgets every year. Only two glam songs were played, Cinderella, and Skid Row. Just Joe was all happy and rockin' out, as was I, and then, when they told him it was 3:00 AM and glam hour was over he got all sad, and confused, because he couldn't figure out how a whole hour could have gone by so quickly, he never did figure it out, he never does, next year he'll fall for it all over again...

Video Recap

Time Lapse

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Eluveitie "Otherworld / Everything Remains as It Never Was"
Finntroll "Galagsang / Mot Skuggornas Varld"
Bruce Dickinson "Accident of Birth"

Zno White "Do or Die"
Living Sacrifice "Unfit to Live"
Exhumer "Waking the Fire"
Illuminata "Story Seas"
Psyche Corporation "Part of her Design"

LAW "Brain Probing Relativism"
Triptykon "A Thousand Lies"
Celtic Frost "Temple of Depression"
Hellhammer "The Third of Storms"
High on Fire "Fire, Flood, and Plague"

Psyche Corporation "Whirring World - Live"
Omega Lithium "My Haunted Self"
Dreyelands "Pretending"
Psychostick "Beer"
Volumes "Through the Trees"
The Great Luke Ski "Gory Gory Hallelujah"

Pandora's Toybox "Down in the Mire"
julian's Lullabye "Eyes of Gray"
Fledgling Death "Rumspringa"

Cinderella "Night Songs"
Skid Row "Youth Gone Wild"

The Great Luke Ski "Anime Fan"
Van Canto "Master of Puppets"
Gronholm "Learn to Crawl"
Helloween "I Want Out"
Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction "I Come in Peace"

Shotgun Messiah "I Come in Peace"
LA Guns "Sex Action"
Iron Maiden "Caught Somewhere in Time"

Laibach "Final Countdown"
Queensryche "Suite Sister Mary"
Haggard "Of a Might Divine"

Psyche Corporation "Odanatan"
Beltane "Baby Gotterdamerung"
Gwynbleidd "Stormcalling"
The Breathing Process "Pantheon Unravelling"
Die Among Heroes "Forgive This Murder / Under These Street Lights"

Psyche Corporation "Get Down"
Clandestine "Philistine"
Omega Lithium "Angel's Holocaust"
Kimberly Freeman "Kill Me Please"
One Eyed Doll "Wheels on the Bus"

Psyche Corporation "Institute"
Broken Melody "The Beast Within"
Hades "Bloast"
Decide "Carnage in the Temple of the Damned"

Netherbird "As I Die"
Speed X "Flat Black
Aeon Zen "Time Divide"

Dark Fortress "Wraith"

March 21 - Mousetraps and Balloons


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Shane, the man that grew from a spare hand of Just Joe's, was there after not having been for quite a while. EVD was also there, and The Enforcer was there for a little while. For the Russian Roulette set... If no bullet played, Just Joe would get to play a glam set of music, as he was still upset over thinking there would be an hour of glam the week before and falling yet again for that setting the clocks ahead thing which causes that hour not to exist. However, if he got to do that, while his set was playing, if it angered Shane with it's glaminess, Shane could do anything he liked to Just Joe to vent his rage. If a bullet played... In our never ending expansion of cool, fun things you can do with balloons in combination with other objects... If a bullet played, Just Joe would have to hold a balloon in his mouth, and everyone there would get to throw mouse traps at Just Joe's face trying to pop a balloon. No bullet. So Just Joe got his glam set. As a glam girl myself, that was good to hear. However, the glam did indeed make Shane angry, and at the end of the set, oh, what a coincidence(!), he had shoved a balloon in Just Joe's mouth, and threw mouse traps at it 'til it popped, and the others threw mouse traps at him and popped balloons too. There was Movie Time, in four parts. Gorgar was there in the last hour...

Listen to the Show

Divinity Destroyed "For Those Left Behind"
Psyche Corporation "Get Down"
Sorrow of Batavia "Descent Charred and Blackened"
The Agonist "Business Suits and Combat Boots"
Brenda's Never Been "Soul Sick"
A New Dawn "Acension"

Triptykon "Goetia"
Death Angel "Disturbing the Peace - Live"
The Breathing Process "Starless: Eternal / Odyssey (un)Dead"
Amoral "Year of the Suckerpunch"

Keller "Sentenced to Death"
Minier "The Skeptic"
Tommy Ernolli "Taking Control"
Geezer "Beach Skeleton"
Steve Goodie "Ice Cream Man"

Julian's Lullabye "Just for a Day"
Omega Lithium "Snow Red"
Pandora's Toybox "The Big Fat Wallet... / Catching Waifs"
Ekotren "Light to Shine"
Netherbird "Nepenthe"

Blind Witness "Prologue / All Alone"
Volumes "Starstruck"
Vampires Everywhere "Immortal Love"
White Wizzard "Iron Goddess of Vengeance"
*Blackchords "At World's End"
Dreyelands "Room 2 - Can't Hide Away"

Phantom "Under the Gun"
Mean Streak "Roadkill"
Detente "It's Your Fate"
Warrior Soul "Punk and Belligerent (Rerecorded)"
Nitevigil "Break the Ice"

Tigertailz "Love Bomb Baby"
Europe "Stormwind"
TNT "Everyone's a Star"
Dokken "Just Got Lucky"
Faster Pussycat "Bathroom Wall - Live"

Hanoi Rocks "Intro / Obscured"
Van canto "My Voice"
Eluveitie "A Thousandfold"
Dark Fortess "Nemesis"

Andra Dare "Kyanos"
Stark "Wasting Air"
Armageddon "Winter Skies"
Sickhoose "TIA"
One Eyed Doll "Wheels on the Bus"

Others "Stitch"
Geist "Helike"
Bloodshoteye "There Will be Blood"
Requiem for Oblivion "Casting Shadows"
Gwynbliedd "Stare Into the Sun"

Mastermind "Desire"
22nd Century "Life in Space"
Fireball Ministry "Followed by a Fall"
We Came as Romans "Roads that Don't End and Views that Never Cease"
Die Among Heroes "In The Event I Don't Return"

Poisonblack "Buried Alive"
Vreid "Blucher"
High on Fire "Holy Flames of the Fire Spitter"
Hades "The Leaders?"

ZnoWhite "War Machine"

Amy Hendrickson and the Prime Directive "The Hydra"

March 28 - National Joe Day

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; It was National Joe Day, which is the day where everyone who wants to be is named Joe for that day, a day to celebrate Joe, so to speak. So Just Joe was banned from this LE, as he just gets too full of himself on that day, and is unbearable to be around. I know, I know, your thinking, "so what's new there?", but, trust us, it's     MUCH WORSE than usual! So no Just Joe on this night. Although there was supposed to be a Dave, he apparently went missing, and, with no Just Joe to send out to look for him, he would just have to stay that way for now. The band New Animal was supposed to be there to talk about their upcoming participation in the next The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show, and were no shows. EVD was there for part of the night, and The Enforcer was there for a little while. There was Movie Time, and, in the final two hours of the program, a lot of old music was played, which was great to hear. Azkath read some funny top eight lists of things, like top eight rejected names for super heroes, top eight reasons I'm unemployed, and, top eight bumper stickers...

Listen to the Show

Hanoi Rocks "Obscured"
Leatherwolf "Thunder"
Sickhoose "TIA"
Gwynbleidd "Canvas for Departure"

Heathen "Arrows of Agony"
White Wizard "Iron Goddess of Vengeance"
Ekotren "Dead Behind the Eyes"
Accept "Balls to the Wall" (R)
Dokken "Will the Sun Rise?" (R)

Jon Oliva's Pain "Death Rides a Black Horse"
22nd Century "509"
Chamber Law "Judge and Jury"
137 "Fight for your Right (to Party)"
Svartsot "I Salens Varme Glod"

LAW "Jeffery Dahmer / Brain Probing Relativism"
Psyche Corporation "Pretend"
New Animal "Hollow"
Zadoc... and the Nightmare "Long Way from Home"

Eluveitie "Kingdom Come Undone"
Van Canto "Tribe of Force"
Mortemia "The New Desire"
Amoral "Song for the Stubborn"
Steve Goodie "Ice Cream Man"

Triptykon "Myopic Empire"
One-Eyed Doll "Hoochie Mama"
Ambush! "New American Holocaust"
Hollenthon "Deathly Dirges"
Andra Dare "Swan"

The Breathing Process "Hordes"
Stark "Get It"
Slik Helvetika "Hafnium"
Black Breath "Eat the Witch"
Lair of the Minotaur "Goatstorm"

Automan "Back in the Sun"
Killer Dwarfs "Stand Tall (Stick to your Guns)"
Lethal Dose "Who We Are"
Geezer "Beach Skeleton"
Heidevolk "Dondergod"
Tom Smith "I Had a Shoggoth"

Hundredth "Willows"
Volumes "Starstruck"
Aeon Zen "Time Divine"
Netherbird "Alison Hell"
Paul Dianno's Battlezone "The Forgotten Ones"
Geist "Einen Winter auf See"

Sovereign Strength "War on this World"
Dreamscapes of the Perverse "World of Malice"
Darkness Remains "Aura of Despair"
Hysterica "Louder"
Echoes of Eternity "Buried Beneath of Thousand Dreams"

Hades "DamNation"
Herod "Assimilation"
Impelliteri "Tonight I Fly"
Vicious Rumors "Blitz the World"
Heretic "Time Runs Short"

Amoral "Year of the Suckerpunch" (R)
Holy Terror "Debt of Pain"
VoiVod "Brainscan"
Vio-Lence "Parapalegic"
WASP "Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the Rue Morgue)"

Warrel Dane "When We Pray"
Watchtower "The Fall of Reason"
Giant Squid "Neonate"
Warlock "Vorwarts, All Right!"

Slayer "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida" (R)
Suicidal Tendencies "War Inside My Head" (R)
Wench "Mercy"
Wrath "Sudden Death"
Manowar "Black Wind, Fire, and Steel" (R)

Hallows Eve "Lethal Tendencies"
Dark Angel "Never to Rise Again"

April 4 - We Love Satan Easter Special


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; It was Easter Sunday, so it was a We Love Satan Show, of course. And, as Dave's 3rd anniversary of being here had been 3 days prior to this LE, back on April 1st (isn't that just the most appropriate day to have been HIS anniversary?!), it was also a celebration of that. Just Joe boycotted this program, because he somehow figured out, I'm sure some traitor must have told him, he would never be able to remember on his own, that as he plays The Easter Bunny every year, he gets killed and resurrected multiple times. But then again, that's how we got Shane, from one of those killings and resurrections. Azkath also theorized that this may be why Just Joe has that weird terror of jellybeans, because they remind him of Easter, and his many painful deaths then. Well, so with no Just Joe we needed someone to be The Easter Bunny, and The Enforcer volunteered to do it, they put the bunny ears on him and all was good. Azkath bashed The Easter Bunny in the head repeatedly until he was dead. Then they poured water on him, which is always how we do the resurrections. Only it didn't work this time. Apparently Just Joe is the only Easter Bunny we can miraculously resurrect. Ah well, ya win some, ya lose some, easy come, easy go, and all that, farewell, Enforcer! So now there was this big dead rabbit, which EVD was charged with disposing of, in some far away dumpster. Loren, from the band New Animal, suggested via our chat room that Dave should be made to eat six hundred sixty six Skittles, in honor of it being We Love Satan night. Now for most people this would be impossible, and they did not have that many Skittles, so instead they made him eat an entire bag of pop-rock like skittles at once. EVD had brought multiple colored duct tape in lots of pretty Easter-y colors, yellow, pink, purple, blue, and three girls, Foul Mouth Girl, Genevieve, she of the band Psyche Corporation, and, Victoria, all wrapped Dave up in it 'til he was a lovely Easter Egg. Then Azkath took The Boomstick, and cracked the Easter Egg, Dave, and Skittles came out, a lot of Skittles. How very Easter, crack an egg, get candy! Azkath then told Dave that as it was his 3rd Anniversary celebration, he had a gift for him... Spikes. The three girls took Dave outside and crucified him, nailing him to a tree, so Dave got nailed by three girls, if you will. Dave, in his horror of trees, ripped himself free, apparently, because there was lots of wood (well, I guess if a guy's been nailed by three girls at once, there would be a lot of wood, now wouldn't there?!), a lot more Skittles, Victoria was gone, it was not known exactly what had happened to her, she may have just gone home, and it was thought that Dave ate EVD in his terror of the trees. At any rate, Dave, EVD, and, Victoria were all gone, and none of them were heard from any more on this night. Genevieve was there all night, and lots of her songs were played. and, are her websites. And, of course, as this was a We Love Satan Show, music for and about Satan was played all night long. No appearance by Satan this year on the program, but he did make an appearance in our chat room... So, once again, Dave, although it was a mixed night for you, on the good side, you ingested a ton of candy, made a lovely Easter egg, and got nailed by three girls at once, on the bad side, well there was the whole tree thing, and I know anything involving trees, for you that's a very bad thing, but, anyways, again, a very Happy 3rd Anniversary to you!

Listen to the Show

Babylon Whores "Errata Stigmata"
Abigor "As Astral Images Darken Reality"
Dark Angel "The Promise of Agony"
Hallows Eve "Lethal Tendencies"

Lair of the Minotaur "Attack the Gods"
Worm Quartet "The Laudromat of Sin" (R)
Morbid Angel "God of Emptiness"
Mindless Self Indulgence "Hail Satan"
Samsas Traum "Satanas"

Triptykon "Goetia"
The Great Kat "Satan Goes to Church"
Sacrifice "The Devil's Martyr"
Omega Lithium "Stigmata"
Pazuzu "The Churning Seas of Absu"

Psyche Corporation "Whirring World"
Eluviete "Idolminion"
LAW "Of Monkeys and Man" (R)
The Breathing Process "Grimoire"
Steve Goodie "Ice Cream Man"

Ov Hell "Invoker" (R)
Beltane "Satanic Reawakening MMVI"
Slayer "Hell Awaits" (R)
Carnifex "Angel of Death"
Rheinchaos "I Bring the Shadows"

Gwynbleidd "Stormcalling"
3 Inches of Blood "Axes of Evil"
Vindicator "Deathfront Demons"
Violence on Silence "The Silence Burns"
Venom "In League with Satan"

Psyche Corporation "Pretend"
Alice Cooper "Go to Hell"
T-Ride "Zombies from Hell"
Grim Reaper "Rock You To Hell"
Mercyful Fate "Devil Eyes"
Gorgoroth "Incipit Satan" (R)

Laibach "Sympathy for the Devil (Time for Change)"
Marduk "Sex with Satan"

GWAR "Gor-Gor"

Nuclear Assault "Stranded in Hell"
Lawnmower Deth "Satan's Trampoline"
The Misfits "Green Hell"
White Zombie "I Am Hell"
Transcending Bizarre "Dimension Hell"

Deicide "Crucifixation"
High on Fire "Snakes for the Divine"
Killing Joke "Hosannas from the Basement of Hell"
Cryptic Wintermoon "Supersatan"
Carpathian Forest "Submit to Satan!!!"

Psyche Corporation "Odonatan"
The Great Luke Ski "Everybody Get Lost"
Coven "Satanic as Hell"
Death Angel "Mistress of Pain"

Possessed "The Eyes of Horror"
Current 93 "The Descent of Long Satan and Babylon"
Andra Dare "Lilith"
Power Symphony "Lucifer"
Putrescence "Moonlight Illuminates Limbs Forced Into Impossible Positions"

Psyche Corporation "Beast"
Proscriptor "Devil Woman"
Chaotic Discord "Goat Fuckin' Virgin Killers from Hell"
The Rockin' Dildos "Hellish Metal"
Wrath "Hell is Full"

Vreid "Disciplined"
Mercyful Fate "Evil / Nuns Have No Fun - Live"
Indestroy "A.I.M.L.E.S.S."
Zubrowska "What a Wonderful World"

Dark Angel "Leave Scars"

April 11 - Just Joe Procreates...

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Dustin, from the band Thirteen South, was there in the first talk break. He updated us on the band, their upcoming shows, and the fact that they will very soon, for the first time, have a CD of studio recorded music available. They are a cool band. is their website. Just Joe was back after two weeks of absence. The week before had been Easter, and he had somehow found out that, on that day, he is The Easter Bunny, and gets killed a lot, so he had stayed away in protest. We thought some traitor had told him this, as he never remembers anything, and they tried to tell him it was a lie, but apparently he's learned how to navigate the Internet, and has seen the video proof on where you can see footage of all the mayhem that goes on here, as well as lots of other cool stuff, so be sure to always check that out. It's just highly unfortunate that Just Joe has learned how to access it! The week before that had been National Joe Day,so Just Joe had been banned from the show because he is so difficult to be around on that day, even worse than usual, much worse. So, in spite over being banned on his day... Just Joe... He procreated! He spawned. As in he now has an offspring. A KID!!!!! And, again, as an act of spite, he says he's going to keep this one, not sacrifice it to Satan or anything! Now I know April Fools Day was last week, but this is not a nasty April Fools Day Joke, much as we all hoped it was, there really is a Just Joe offspring and I guess it's here to stay! I guess Just Joe should never be banned on his special day again! Even putting up with his super obnoxiousness on that day, as bad as that is, and it's BAD, is still far far preferable to having him go spawn! So I guess Just Joe won that round. *shudder!* Movie Time occurred. Azkath threw Just Joe down the stairs for discussing a "the Family Guy" movie as one of his movies, and saying he liked it, as Azkath really hates "The Family Guy". Gorgar was there in the last hour. He was given the news of Just Joe's offspring, and was as disgusted as everyone else. Just think what we have to look forward to in the future... A world where Shoebox, Crappy The Clown, and, Just Joe's progeny are all grown up and helping run it! *ugh! shudder!*

Listen to the Show

Vreid "Alarm"
Lair of the Minotaur "Let's Kill These Motherfuckers"
Triptykon "In Shrouds Decayed"

Dark Throne "I Am the Graves of the 80's"
Hundredth "Betrayer"
Cancer Bats "Black Metal Bicycle"
Dead Man's Bones "My Body's a Zombie for You"
22nd Century "Life in Space"

inRed "Fun Beneath the Dying Sun"
Cirque De So What "The Bible, An Audio Book"
Synnove "Rhythms of the Apocalypse"
Eluveitie "Quoth the Raven"
Aeon Zen "Blinded Rain"

Barren Earth "Curse of the Red River"
The Dillenger Escape Plan "Room Full of Eyes"
The Deluge "Undulations"
Psyche Corporation "Whirring World"

Mongrel "Butterknife Suicide"
inRed "Stone Road"
Darktrance "Don't Want to Miss You"
Cirque De So What "Luke Ski Cereal"
Netherbird "As I Die"

Others "Julie Ann"
Chamber Law "Let It Out - Live"
Gwynbliedd "Nostalgia"
Sorrow of Batavia "A Hollow So Vapid"

Cirque du So What "The Track You Will Listen to the Most on this Disc"
Devo Spice "Disclaimer"
Bleeding Through "Anti-Hero"
Vio-Lence "Eternal Nightmare"
Flotsam and Jetsam "I Live, You Die"
Defecation "Time Folding Machine"

Van Canto "Master of Puppets"
Dreylands "Room 7 - Vain"
Makarus Pen "Sacrifice"
Faith and the Muse "Mercyground"
Tranqulatwist "Never a Moment / Time Capsule"

Cirque du So What "Name Pitch Meeting"
Worm Quartet "C is for Lettuce / Inner Voice"
If Man is Five "Transgressions"
Y3K "The Creeping Chaos"
Icewind Blast "Necropolis"
One Eyed Doll "Meth Monster"

Son of Aurelius "Pandora's Burden"
Shadows Sanctuary "Hailfyre"
Nassau Chainsaw "Behind Enemy Lines"

Beneath Me "While You Were Sleeping"
Survivor Zero "Scavengers of Christ"
Cirque du So What "Stoogefighter"
Witness "We'll Sleep When We're Dead"
Pandora's Toybox "Back Home to the Gallows"

Eudoxis "Metal Fix"
Jon Oliva's Pain "The Evil Within"
Heathen "Control by Chaos"
Ambush! "Anti-Thiest"
Cirque du So What "You Need Prozac, Charlie Brown"
Ekotren "Can't Stay"
Cirque du So What "Hidden Track #2"

Broken Melody "I Live Again"
Audio Transmission 9 "Winter"
Andra Dare "Iatromantis"
Cirque du So What "Meanwhile..."
The Breathing Process "Vultures"
Kauze "The Cure"

Cirque su So What "Mythbusters: The Cat Came Back"
Kimberly Freeman "Overdose"

April 18 - Others Visit

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Three of, or parts of three of, the bands who would be performing at the next upcoming The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show, were either there, or called in and were interviewed on the phone, the only one missing was Chamber Law. The band Others was there. Their new CD was played, and Mark performed two songs acoustically. Just Joe's Hugging Music played, and they got hugged. Two members of the band Gwynbleidd called in and were interviewed for several minutes, and their music was played. And one of the members of Sorrow Of Batavia stopped by for a while. His band's music was played, and he was interviewed. Dustin, of the band Thirteen South, was there for the first talk break. He talked about his band, they would be releasing their first studio CD soon. The Enforcer was back. He had not been seen since he got killed as The Easter Bunny and then could not be resurrected two weeks ago on our Easter, We Love Satan show. EVD had disposed of him in some far away dumpster. But now he was back. Azkath thought he was a zombie, and had Just Joe take the presumed zombie outside, promising it brains. But it turned out The Enforcer was not a Zombie after all. He had no memory of being The Easter Bunny, or of being killed. He said he woke up finally, on a garbage barge, smelling really bad, with a love note from Just Joe in his pocket. No one knew how that happened, as Just Joe had not been there that week, so they concluded that he must have visited Just Joe, why, who knows. Hopefully he won't be like Just Joe and access the footage of his getting killed here, because the memories never came back.

Pics from the Show - Listen to the Show


Triptykon "Goetia"
High on Fire "How Dark We Pray"
Dark Throne "Stylized Corpse"

Others "Incantation / So Comes the Darkness / Stitch"
Barren Earth "The Ritual of Dawn"
Lair of the Minotaur "Riders of the Skullhammer, We Ride the Night"
Hundredth "Desolate"
22nd Century "Let Me Be"

Others "Malevolent"
Plasmatics "The Damned"
Watchtower "The Size of the Matter"
Cirque De So What "He's Good"
LAW "Random Slaughter of 18 to 20 Bees - Live"

Others Live Acoustic "The Last Man / She Keeps Coming Back"

Fuck the Facts ".    . / Loss Upon Words"
Bitter Frost "Pagan Wheel / Novus Ordo Seclorum"
The Monolith Deathcult "The Haunted Ravines of Babi Yar / Origin"

Gwynbleidd "Nostalgia"
Others "Descention"

Gwynbleidd Interview & "Stormcalling"

Sorrowseed "Eldritch Hunger"
Dead Man's Bones "In the Room Where You Sleep"
Poolside at the Flamingo "If You Feel Anything Hit You, It's Just Me Flicking Boogers"
Semargl "Credo Bellictum Satanas"
Cirque du So What "Gilbert's Basket of Shoes"
Mastic Scum "Revelation of Mankind"

Sorrow of Batavia "Descent, Charred, and Blackened"
Chamber Law "Get Up and Die"
Ozzy Osbourne "Let Me Hear You Scream"
LAW "Sublimate / Bukakke - Live"

Ratt "Eat Me Up Alive"
Lair of the Minotaur "Let's Kill These Motherfuckers"
TrustNo1 "Satan in the Vatican"
Thyruz "Realm of Darkness"
National Suicide "Let Me See Your Pogo"
Deals Death "Live Your Death"
Cirgue Du So What "Hidden Track #2"

TV's Kyle "Stop Moping Around"
Paradox "Power and Glory"
Pretty Maids "Pandemonium"
Gorath "Doed over't Galgeveld"
Coheed and Cambria "Here We are Juggernaut"

Worm Quartet "Dear God / Vampire Penguins / Spatula - Live"
If Man is Five "Heartbreaker"
Mongrel "Scum"
Millbastards "Tranny - Live"

Hour of Penance "Thousands of Christs"
Woe of Tyrants "Singing Surrender"
Sick of It All "The Divide"
Cirque Du So What "Gilbert's Thing of Stuff"
Broken Melody "Breaking the Chains"
Andra Dare "Ourania"
The Deluge "Inverted Earth"

The Dillenger Escape Plan "Endless Endings"
Shadows Sanctuary "Hailfyre"
Beneath Me "Afterlife"
Cirque Du So What "Guess the Context #4"
Snow White "Prophecy / Darkness Falling'

Cancer Bats "We Are the Undead"
Rickets "Program the Dead"
Cirque Du So What "The Bible, an Audio Book"
Ambush! "out for Blood"

Carnivore "God is Dead"
Type "O" Negative "Kill You Tonight - Live"

April 25 - Peter Steele Tribute

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Brian, from the band Sorrow Of Batavia, stopped by. He was there for an hour or so. Movie Time occurred, in three parts, spaced throughout the night. EVD was there for about the first half of the night. In tribute to Peter Steele, who died recently, or at least it seems he may really have this time, but we're really not sure, but because of his apparent death, some old, rare, and obscure music of his in his various bands was played throughout the program. At the end of the night, Just Joe was given a mission for next week, find Dave, and show up at LE next week with him, or don't show up then at all, so, we would hear, next week, either both Just Joe and Dave, or neither of them. Just Joe said he could handle this mission, but he always thinks that, but he really sucks at tasks and missions, and hardly ever completes them successfully...

Listen to the Show

Carnivore "Jack Daniel's and Pizza / Angry Neurotic Catholics / S.M.D."
Type "O" Negative "Are You Afraid / Gravity"

Sodom "Agent Orange"
Dark Tranquility "Dream Oblivion"
Shadows Sanctuary "Diamonds and Souls"
Great Awakening "All Systems Fail"
Cirque Du So What "New Messiah"
Snow White "New Messiah"

Gwynbleidd "Thawing Innocence"
Others "Fear the Dead"
Lair of the Minotaur "Evil Power"
Warbeast "The Plague at Hand"
Axel Rudi Pell "Burning Rain"

Mongrel "Bored to Death"
Robert Lund "Hey, Old Stripper"
Skull Fist "Heavier than Metal"
Vendetta "War / Prepare Yourself for Hostility"

Soulfly "Rise of the Fallen"
Annihilator "WTYD - Live"
Circa Survive "Glass Arrows"
Audio Transmission Nine "Winter"
Steve Goodie "Ecstasy of the Bilious Waterpoodle"

Worm Quartet "Eskimo Pie is Not Pie and Contains Very Little Eskimo"
Zadoc and the Nightmare "Is it Me? - Live"
Critical Bill "Beam Me Up"
One Brick Down "A Letter to the Devil Within"
Bullet for My Valentine "Your Betrayal"

Worm Quartet "Carbonated Hamsters / What Your Parents Think All Your Music Sounds Like"
Wicca "Disneyland"
Veins Over Ice "Lost Souls"
Bitter Frost "Signs that Point to Nowhere"
Imagika "Scared to Death"

Sorrow of Batavia "The Wretched One"
Chamber Law "Judge and Jury"
inRed "Quistiny"
Cirque Du So What "Meanwhile..."
Sickhoose "SRJ"

Fallout "Rock Hard"
Carnivore "Thermonuclear Warrior"
Type "O" Negative "Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity"

Psyche Corporation with New Animal "Minor Demon"
Black Breath "Escape from Death"
Plasmatics "The Damned"
King Missile "It's Saturday"
Fuck the Facts "Time is a Dictator / Doghead"

Gloominous Doom "JFKFC"
Vio-Lence "Parapelegic - Live / Torture Tactics"
Abrogation "Sundenbock"
Cirque Du So What "Dumb Fanfic Awards"
Dagor Dagorath "The Call"

Requiem for Oblivion "Ominous"
Periphery "Jetpacks Was Yes"
Semargl "Credo Flaming Rain"
Beltane "North Sun"
13 Cent Kill "Cold December"

Emmure "Rusted Over Wet Dreams" (R)
Barren Earth "Ere All Perish"
Sacred Oath "Shadow Out of Time"
Karma to Burn "46"
22nd Century "Sawgrass Hill"

Fallout "Batteries Not Included"
Carnivore "Five Billion Dead"
Rikets "End of My Suffering"
Sodom "Ausgebombt"
Shadows Sanctuary "Upon the Wings"
Makaras Pen "Opus 6"

Type "O" Negative "Halloween in Heaven"

May 2 - Acoustic Psyche Corporation

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Just Joe was not there, and neither was Dave, so, as I predicted last week, Just Joe's track record of utterly failing at missions he's given (last week he was told to get Dave and bring him to the program or to not show up at all, he promised he could handle that, but he always thinks he can handle an assignment he's given then almost always fails miserably) is still intact. The Enforcer was there for the first few talk breaks. Genevieve, of the band Psyche Corporation was there for most of the night, as was Exit. Genevieve and Exit performed a couple of Psyche Corporation songs, she singing, and he playing the guitar. Psyche Corporation songs were played from CD as well. A member of the band Kauze called in and was interviewed. Kauze music was played. and, are his band's websites. Harley, from the band InRed, called in and was interviewed. In Red music was played. All these bands rock, so go check them out if you haven't already, and, even if you have already checked them out, go check them out some more, there just can never be enough of that kind of thing! :) A new segment was introduced on this night called Adventures In Listening, where a set of music is played that Azkath has not listened to yet, so it's a gamble if any of it will be any good or if it will be just awful, and we all get to find out together...

Listen to the Show - Pics

Gwynbleidd "Nostalgia"
Slayer "Hate Worldwide" (R)
Superjoint Ritual "Absorbed" (R)
Suicidal Tendencies "I Saw Your Mommy..." (R)

Sorrow of Batavia "A Hollow So Vapid" (R)
Pantera "The Underground in America" (R)
Warbeast "Born with a Blackened Heart"
Cirque Du So What "Hidden Track #2"
Cradle of Filth "Hell Awaits" (R)
Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalized" (R)
Lamb of God "The Faded Line" (R)

Psyche Corporation "Whirring World"
Lair of the Minotaur "We Are Hades"
Gojira "Backbone" (R)
Motorhead "Under the Gun" (R)
Van Canto "One to Ten"

Venom "Countess Bathory" (R)
Veloz Attack "Eyes of Creation"
Baldbox "Mixed Messages"
Others "countess of Blood"
Soulfly "Mega-Doom"
Zadoc... and the Nightmare "Save Your Tears - Live"

Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force "Prophet of Doom" (R)

Kauze "The Cure"
Kauze Interview
Kauze "Parallel"

Kauze "Diabolic Possession"
Bone Jar "Quest of Fate"
inRed "Stone Road"
Beltane "Chistlich Du Essen"
Sodom "Remember the Fallen - Live"

Hail the Villian "Try Hating the World"
John 5 "The Art of Malice / Ill Will or Spite"
Devo Spice featuring Insane Ian "Flight Check"
Cathedral "Death of an Anarchist"
Avantasia "The Edge"

Pandora's Toybox "Little Girls"
Sorrowseed "Demeter's Reckoning"
inRed "Paparazzi"
Psychotica "Ding, Dong Dead" (R)
Audio Transmission Nine "Winter"

Psyche Corporation "Wonderland"
Andra Dare "Lilith"
22nd Century "Nightmare on 6th Avenue"
Circa Survive "Get Out"
Spawnatomic "Brain Dead"
Great Awakening "All Systems Fail"

inRed "The Howling Caverns"
Yell-Rah "God is the Internet"

Psyche Corporation "Minor Demon - Live Acoustic"

99 Cent Special "Dying For"
A New Dawn "Ascension"
Dreamscapes of the Perverse "Whilst Eternity Burns"
Black Breath "Fallen"
Dark Throne "I Am the Graves of the 80's"
Shadow's Sanctuary "Upon the Wings"

LAW "The Slaughter of 18 to 20 Bees - Live"
Makaras Pen "Falling Deeper"
Requiem for Oblivion "Sorrow's Eve / Ominous"
Broken Melody "Dreaming of a New World"
Schizoid Lloyd "The Fall"

Worm Quartet "The Ballad of Dr. Stopp"
Overkill "Wrecking Crew" (R)
Mongrel "Bored to Death"
Skull Fist "Ride the Beast"
Veins Iced Over "Legion"

Pretty Maids "It Comes at Night"
Aeon Zen "Into the Night"

Dagor Dagorath "Wind Cry"

May 9 - Joe's Hands...

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Dave finally was there after a months absence. The last time he'd been there was Easter, when he got nailed to a tree. He said he'd been in the hospital all this time, because he now has a worm, from the tree, growing under his skin, on his face. The hospital finally gave up and released him with the worm still there, saying they didn't know what else to do about It. Dave was quite upset at having a tree worm in his face, although everyone else thought it looked pretty cool, Just Joe said it waved at him. Members of two bands called in and were interviewed. Both were Canadian bands, from different parts of Canada. First a member of Fuck The Facts. Then a member of the band 22nd Century called in. Both bands rock. A feature from years ago was brought back, when Show Listings were read, they had their own background music that used to be played long ago when Handy, The Hand Puppet Of Doom, was there. It hadn't been done since then, and tonight it was. Just Joe liked it. Then the segment that debuted last week occurred, Adventures In Listening, where we all get to experience a set of new music that Azkath hasn't heard yet, so we all get to find out together if it sucks or rules, or is a mixture. Movie Time happened. Because when Just Joe gets excited, like when he's talking about movies, he moves his hands a lot, talking with his hands, it's an Italian thing, being Italian also, I know about these things. So Azkath taped Just Joe's wrists together. He tried to get Just Joe to get excited about describing the movie he talked about, but Just Joe wouldn't, despite a lot of effort from Azkath. Later, after the tape was off, Just Joe reviewed the movie again, and now, with his hands free, he got very animated and excited, and went on, and on, and on, and then on some more, about the movie. Periodically Azkath would hold Just Joe's hands, and then Just Joe would go all monotone and listless in his description, then Azkath would let go and Just Joe would get all revved up again. Adventures In Listening, part two for this night, happened. More Movie Time was interspersed throughout the night...

Listen to the Show

Pandora's Toybox "A New Sanctuary in the Shadows / Evil and Other Pastimes"
Others "Julie Ann / Murder Squad"
Zadoc... and the Nightmare "Twisted - Live"

Skull Fist "Sign of the Warrior"
Gronholm "Life Is"
Thraw "A Piece of Madness"
Mortemia "The Chains that Wield My Mind"
Devo Spice featuring Insane Ian "Flight Check"

A Band Called Pain "Swallow"
Soulfly "Off with their Heads"
Desdemon "Jago"
The Right Wing Conspiracy "Hell in a Handbasket"
Eternal Mystery "Dismembering the Babylon Whore"

Spawnatomic "Hollywood Hijix"
Bloodwritten "Whore"
Dagor Dagorath "Maze of Madness"
Great Awakening "XIII"
Periphery "Ow My Feelings"

Nuclear Bubble Wrap "Raichu a Song"
Vio-Lence "Bodies on Bodies - Live"
Fates Warning "Nothing Left to Say - Live"
Judas Priest "Metal Gods - Live"
Darktrance "Dreams are Hollow"

Fuck the Facts Interview

Fuck the Facts "Time is a Dictator / La Tete hors de L'eau"
Hsu-Nami "Snake Skin Shuffle"

22nd Century Interview

22nd Century "509"
Black Breath "I Am Beyond"
Lair of the Minotaur "Goatstorm"
Chamber Law "Death Bound"
Broken Melody "Return Denied"
Beltane "Winter Forest"

Anew Revolution "Head Against the Wall"
Taproot "Game Over"
Beneath the Sky "Sorry, I'm Lost"
Abstract Essence "Harmony"
Abstrakt Algebra "Nameless"

Gangland "Gangland"
Audio Transmission 9 "Winter"
Kivimetsan Druidi "Chant of the Winged One"
Semargl "Dead to This World"
Dead Man's Bones "Flowers Grow Out of My Grave"

Beneath Me "World I Know"
Warbeast "Krush the Enemy"
Pandora's Toybox "Doll"
Andra Dare "Cruel"

Section A "Sacrifice"
Pangea "Shot"
Angelreich "In the Hands of the Unknown"
Ahrayeph "Lilith"
Artillery "Upon My Cross I Crawl'

Elusive Travel "To Last a Lifetime"
Sickhoose "TAF"
Murderdolls "People Hate Me" (R)
Mpiredown "Angel"
Julian's Lullabye "Just for a Day"

Requiem for Oblivion "Nemesis"
Bless the Fall "To Hell and Back"
LAW "Cows and Matt Barr - Live"
The Deluge "Variations"
Psyche Corporation "The Ceiling"

Dreamscapes of the Perverse "Rise of Self"
Bitter Frost "Astral"
Imagika "A God No More"

Nuclear Assault "Mother's Day"
NOFX "Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)"

May 16, 2010 - The Dave Show...

Dave hosted the first two hours and forty five minutes of the program, give or take a few minutes, along with EVD and James, because Azkath, Just Joe, and Foul Mouth Girl were away helping out the band Psyche Corporation at The Steam Punk World Fair. The Enforcer was also there for the first two or three talk breaks. Show listings had it's background music from long ago back again, it was from the original "Battlestar Galactica" TV program. Adventures In Listening occurred, Movie Time did also...
- Fire Eater Wizard
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