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April 6, 2014 - Zetro Souza and Armageddon Interviews

Present were James, Rick from The Metallic Onslaught, and, Dave from the band Spater. Dave is the founder of the annual Finger Lakes Metal Fest, a free event where Spater and nineteen other bands would be performing. The Metallic Onslaught hosts this event, which was fast approaching. Dave talked about, and promoted it. Two of the members, the vocalist/guitarist, and the drummer, of the band Armageddon, who would also be performing at The Finger Lakes Metal Fest, phoned in for an interview, bracketed by their songs. They rock. At 2:00, Steve AKA Zetro Suaza, from many bands, including Exodus phoned in for a half hour interview, a very good one, hearing him talk about his thirty years in the metal scene. His new project is the band Hatriot, which also features his two sons. Music from all the bands he has been in was played. There were segments of Movie Time. The last hour was The Old School Hour...

-Fire Eater Wizard 


Septic Flesh "Vampire from Nazareth"
Arch Enemy "War Eternal"
Holy Shire "Overlord of Fire"
Beats Antique "The Rift (feat. Alam Khan)"
Below "Bid You Farewell"

Triptykon "Tree of Suffocating Souls"
I Am Duckeye "Tea Baggin'"
The Drip "Rise to Failure"
Tusmorke "All is Lost"
Tool "Disgustipated" (R)

Armageddon "Strange Dreams"

Armageddon "Aftermath"
Armageddon "Relentless War"

Tencious D "The Last in Line"
Diabulus in Musica "From the Embers"
Aghori "Across the Earth"
I Declare War "Tomb Sleep"

Legacy "Burnt Offerings"
Exodus "The Toxic Waltz"
Dublin Death Patrol "R.I.P."
Steve "Zetro" Souza Interview
Hatriot "Dawn of the New Centurion"
Tenet "Watching You Burn"

Others "Blood Lust and Lunacy"
Requiem for Oblivion "Tortured"
Bonecage "I Can't Be Your Friend Anymore"
Coffinworm "Instant Death Syndrome"
Death Valley High "Undead Eat Lead"

Krokus "Long Stick Goes Boom - Live"
Ikillya "Bear Your Name"
Armonight "Night of Illusions"
Austrian Death Machine "I'm Not a Pervert"
Carcass "A Congealed Clot of Blood"

Threatpoint "Collapse"
Clutch "Milk of Human Kindness"
Cannibal Corpse "Nothing Left to Mutilate"
Tony Goldmark "Theme from Officer Down"
Retribution "Gobekli Tepe"

Contrarian "Libertarian Manifesto"
Prometheon "The Experiment"
Evilnight "Turbofuck"
Gholas "With Terrible Purpose"

Midnight Hellion "The Morrigan"
OFF! "Legion of Evil"
The Body "Alone All the Way"
Noctooa "Winter Solstice"

Scream Arena "Forever"
The Socks "The Last Dragon"

Judas Priest "(Take These) Chains"
L.A. Guns "One Way Ticket"
Omen "Nightmares"
Pyogenesis "Like Tears (In the Dust)"

Dio "We Rock (Live)"
Sabbat "Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares"
Rage "Talk to Grandpa"
Stryper "To Hell with the Devil" (R)

Heathen "Breaking the Silence"
Queensryche "I Don't Believe In Love"
Anathema "Scars of the Old Stream"
King Diamond "Haunted"