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July 10, 2016 - Is it the same Tin Foil Hat?

Just Joe and EVDPresent were, EVD, Just Joe, R.J., and Dustin. We revisited the year 1983 for three hours. Part of an interview was aired that Azkath had conducted with Rayman James, of the band Malice, followed by one of their songs. They're cool. Just Joe was still wearing his tin foil hat that he had been wearing the last time he was here, to protect him from Azkath using mind control on him. By the end of the night it had a name, Hatty. Hatty got passed around by various people, and crumpled. Near the end of the night, Just Joe had it back, but they kept confusing him, asking him if he was sure it was his Hatty, maybe they had crumpled it up and thrown it in the road, and replaced it with an impostor? also, Azkath said he had a message to read from a sponsor. It said, "This edition of "The Last Exit For The Lost" was brought to you by the three spiders hiding on Just Joe's body". Just Joe freaked out, looking frantically for the spiders, even throwing Hatty on EVD's head to do so. At the end of the night, Just Joe was still confused about if it was his Hatty, but then he asked Chuck, of "The Salt Creek Show" if it was the right one, Chuck said it was, an that was all the convincing Just Joe needed. There were segments of Movie Time, some books were discussed as well. Topics were discussed like the Poki Mon To Go game, and, a particularly bad wrestling match between The Hardy Brothers in TNA. Some more of those "Shower Thoughts" from Tumbler were read. Too bad The Late Not So Great Zoltan wasn't there, he would have been in his glory, three hours of metal from his absolute favorite year, 1983! But, a clip from a "The Best Of The Last Exit For The Lost" was played, where he talks about 1983... Nathan was absent because he was attending Bronie Con, even though he is no longer a Bronie. Last year he spent $500 there! Nathan, again, Let me take some of that money off your hands, you obviously have plenty of it to waste! I'm sure we will hear all about Bronie Con, and the event he was at last week, Furry Fest, when he returns. Nathan, you freak!

- Fire Eater Wizard


Cradle of Filth "Dusk and Her Embrace"
Khaotika "In the Shade ov Night"
Hellevate "Street Reaper"

Oracles "Body of Ineptitude"
Ruin "Reopen"
Shades of Mourning "Law of Talion"
Stars that Move "Witchtower"

EVDZephyra "Virago"
Svlfvr "Wish to Drown in an Abyss of Water"
Tanzut "Chaos"
Nunslaughter "Kill Your Enemies"
Adam Baum "I Don't Know Shit"

Asenblut "Helden Des Ewigen Sturms"
Brain Drill "Boundless Obscurity"
Bus "Forever Grey"
Cancerous Womb "The Shrieking of Idiots"

White Knuckle Riot "Nightmare"
Inter Arma "The Summer Drones"
Nox "Atavesando El Umbral"
Assassin "Sanity from the Insane"

Shatter Messiah "The Mad Man Lies"
The Faceless "Coldly Calculated Design"
Clearly Guilty "Bad Nerd"

** Tribute to 1983 **
Queensryche "Blinded"
Dokken "Breaking the Chains"
Europe "Scream of Anger"
Exciter "Rising of the Dead"

Allies "Warzone"
Raven "Take Control"
The Rods "Another Night on the Town"
Motorhead "Marching Off to War"
Hanoi Rocks "Until I Get You"
GBH "Big Women"

Hellhammer "The Third of Storms"
Thin Lizzy "The Holy War"
Sortilege "The Amazon Warriors"
Steeler "Cold Day in Hell"
Leather Angel "We Came to Kill"

Black Sabbath "Children of the Grave - Live"
Alcatrazz "Horishima Mor Amour"
Dio "Holy Diver"
Alien "Cosmic Fantasy"

Krokus "Long Stick Goes Boom - Live"
MSG "Into the Arena - Live"
Scorpions "Holiday - Live"
Judas Priest "Freewheel Burning - Live"

Just JoeAxe "Heat in the Street"
Quiet Riot "Breathless"
Black Flag "Wasted"
Circle Jerks "Bad Words"
Destructors "Electronic Church"
UK Subs "In the Red"

Scraping Fetus Off the Wheel "Water Torture"
Wrathchild "Twist of the Knife"
Brocas Helm "Here to Rock"
Destiny "Yesterday's Child"

Vandenberg "This is War"
Motley Crue "Knock Em Dead Kid - Live"
Rox "Dressed to Kill"
Manowar "Revelation (Death Angel)"
Znowhite "Bringin' the Hammer Down"


Kick Axe "On the Road to Rock"
Rayman James Interview
Malice "Fight"
Giraffe Tongue Orchestra "Blood Moon"
Devo Spice "The Comedy Music Life"
Poison Headache "Death's Design"

Dust Bolt "Mass Confusion"
Dawn of Disease "Through Nameless Ages"
3 Kisses "Go Away"
Fall of Man "Lullaby"
Sucker "Getaway"

Katatonia "Passer"